Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yaoi-Con weekend

Just gorgeous.
 Let me just start by saying that I love Yaoi-Con so much. Its the only place where I can get things for me and find things that are not yaoi for my kids. It's like perfection in a con. I love seeing my fellow authors, (Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont, EM Lynley, Zee Kensington and my bestie Amy Lane), seeing DSP staff I adore, (Anne Regan and Julianne Bentley), all the amazing costumes, and finding the booths of my favorite online web-comics. This year was awesome, where the DSP table was, we were right across from Starfighter (which I read slavishly and helped fund the Kickstarter for), four down from Teahouse, and on the other side was Alex Woolfson who is responsible for Yaoi 911, Artifice and The Young Protectors. He signed my book  so graciously even as I demanded that he get The Annihilator and Kyle back together. He probably thought I was a crazy woman.
All my Teahouse keychains.
 I enjoyed talking to my fans, Kelly, Mary and sign books for their sister Amy who was not there but who apparently is just as picky about her books as I am about mine. No bent corners please. If I jack up my own books, that's okay, but no one else can. Its always so much fun to talk about books and other writing projects.

Young Protectors, Starfighter and Teahouse
I'm so glad that Yaoi-Con came back this year, they took a hiatus last year in 2013 so I haven't gone since it was in Long Beach in 2012. I hope I can go next year too as I always enjoy it. I so love setting up the DSP table and having people come and ask what we have. Talking about books I love by authors I love makes me think I missed my calling and I should have worked in a bookstore. But all in all a wonderful time. I didn't buy as much actual yaoi as I normally do but Jo Chen wasn't there and sadly I buy so much during the year and I've gotten pickier about who I collect since my bookshelf space is getting smaller. But I'm sure I will next year and I already can't wait. For a con where the early bird registration fee is only $45.00, you really can't go wrong. Hope so see a lot more folks there next year in San Francisco in the fall.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

All the news

Happy Sunday all. This is the gorgeous cover that the amazing Reese Dante made for me for my latest novella Blue Days. It will be out in November. Here's the blurb:

Falling for a coworker is rarely a good idea, especially for a man getting a last chance at salvaging his career. But from the moment Dwyer Knolls sees the beautiful but socially awkward Takeo Hiroyuki, he seems destined to make bad decisions.
Takeo’s life is a string of failed attempts to please his traditional Japanese father. Unfortunately, succeeding in business turns out to be just as difficult for Takeo as changing from gay to straight. In fact, the only thing Takeo seems to truly excel at is taking notice of Dwyer Knolls. 

When Dwyer and Takeo head to Mangrove, Florida on a real estate buying trip, their tentative friendship combusts and becomes much more. Is their sudden connection real enough to bank their futures on, or should they chalk the whole thing up to the daze inspired by the blue ocean breeze?

I'll be interested  to hear what you all think. In other news, I'll be at Yaoi-Con for two days this coming week. The event goes through Sunday, but I'll only be there for Friday and Saturday. So if you're in the Bay Area, please pop over and see me and Amy Lane. We'd love to visit with you and Amy will be there through Sunday. I hope everyone has an awesome new week.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Booyah Books! Our Top Picks for the Month of August

Greetings, everyone! Many thanks to Mary once again for allowing me to bring another edition of Booyah Books to all of you. We've got another great and varied selection of titles that make our top choices for Book of the Month in August. Whether you've read all of them, some of them, or none at all, I hope you'll find a book or two on the list that you loved as much as we did, or will consider adding to your TBR lost to love in the weeks to come.

Happy reading!


Tina – Bliss by Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau – “The amazing skill with which Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau develop these characters and let them reveal and see just the tiniest glimpses of truth, which enable them to realize all may not be as it appears, is a beautiful thing. I loved Rory and Tate! I wanted to see them triumph over the evil and prove that appearances ARE deceiving.

The secondary characters are as loveable and loathsome as they are intended to be. Rory’s boss is just the polar opposite of what he initially appears to be. It is rare that a bad guy is written to be as bad as this one and doesn’t read like too much of a caricature. This man felt real, and I wanted him to get the same treatment he had inflicted on so many others.

Bliss had all the ingredients in just the right measurements to make a delicious read. I read it in one sitting and would happily have had more. Riptide Publishing is keeping its stellar reputation alive by continuing to publish great quality, well-written books by amazingly talented authors. This is one I strongly recommend for everyone.”

Full Review & Buy Link HERE

Jackie – Names Can Never Hurt Me by Wade Kelly – “Wade Kelly did a fabulous job with this story, and I loved most of the characters by the end of the book. The ones I didn’t like weren’t meant to be liked, and I loved how she made these characters unlikable but realistic. Once Nick realized which friends were good for him and which ones were leading him down the wrong road, he had a decision to make and some serious soul searching to do. I completely believed the struggle he went through, and I believe he is well on his way to redemption. I don’t think he has finished his journey, but for this story I believe he did all he could.

Out of all the secondary characters in this book, Corey Parrish was my absolute fave. I will just be devastated if Ms. Kelly doesn’t give Corey his very own HEA. If anyone earned one in this book, it was Corey.

I would highly recommend this book, and I double dare you not to love it!”

Full Review & Buy Link HERE

Lynn – Once Broken by Kol Anderson – “As with season one, this first story in season two starts out with a bang and keeps on going. I can’t say it enough times, Mr. Anderson has a way with bringing you into his stories and captivating you with his technique of emotional storytelling. I’m not gushing too much, am I? Well, it’s how I feel, not apologizing for it. I am in awe of this author.

We meet Carter, who we briefly met at the end of Season One. He becomes another victim in Vincent’s dark, vicious world and, unbeknownst to Carter, Aaron’s ‘replacement’. The brutality and torment Carter goes through is atrocious. The author brings us into the depths of Carter’s mind. We feel his pain, confusion, and fear. We see the horror that is Carter’s life now. Instead of the author focusing on the torture used in training the slave in Aaron’s story, the author fast forwards to what happens after that. He takes us to the brothel where the sex slave victims are at the mercy of others with their sick perversions. If the training wasn’t bad enough, the brothel itself was on a whole other level of abuse. What really left me with chills – now it was crystal clear – this isn’t just a handful of sickos. This was a lucrative, no holds barred, successful business made possible by the kidnapping and deprogramming of innocent people against their will. I was also left thinking, can this be happening right now in the real world? How are they getting away with this?”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Lana – Pride and Modern Prejudice by AJ Michaels – “Pride and Modern Prejudice is loaded with superb supporting characters. The originals are all here and give an extra life to the story. Now, back to Liam and Darcy! The sexual chemistry between them was palpable. While Darcy is gay and makes the first move thinking Liam is too, Liam is straight but feels this connection to Darcy. Thinking his emotions are hate and anger but realizing that it’s lust and attraction instead. Liam comes to grips with his sexuality. Darcy, ever the gentleman, steps back and let’s Liam make his own conclusions. There is no sex in this book, which made me very disappointed. LOL. It’s only alluded to that they spent the night together. There are, however, a couple of hot kisses that will leave you hot and bothered. I guess the author wanted to stay true to the original and leave it at that. But boy, the sex between Darcy and Liam would have been Hot. Darcy, the more experienced lover, showing Liam all the ins and outs!

I love Pride and Modern Prejudice!! Get it, and don’t be prejudiced because it’s an old fashioned story. It’s worth it.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Sammy – Filthy Acquisitions by Edmond Manning – “Edmond Manning’s story, Filthy Acquisitions, is an act of forgiveness written in the guise of a sweet, innocuous story. When Keldon comes face to face with someone he really wants to be worthy of, his past roils up within him, forcing him to look closely at not only how he normally becomes a chameleon, taking on any and all characteristics to please his lover, but that he has stooped to doing a job so heinous he can barely stomach it.

Filthy Acquisitions takes aim at the feelings of longing and self-doubt within us all and exposes them to the light. But this is not a harsh, condemning illumination; rather, it is the softer glow of forgiveness and its residual warmth. Through a clever little story, Edmond Manning speaks to that place inside us that has acquired that little bit of filth, and assures us that those who love us can look beneath it and see who we really are and, in doing so, help us free ourselves from being shackled to guilt over past mistakes. It is a story that says we must learn to love ourselves for there is so much within each of us that is worthy to be loved. I highly recommend it to you.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Chris – Breaking Free by Cat Grant – “This book is actually the prequel to Guarded. In this story you get not just Robert and Renee’s complete story, but see Jase and Eric’s story and how Jase became a Dom. The focus, though, is on Richard’s transition to Renee, how those choices affect both Robert and Renee, and ultimately, are they able to work through their issues. Cat Grant handled what is a very hard decision in any person’s life with a great amount of care and a healthy dose of reality.

Instead of just showing that making the decision to transition from one sex to another was all lightness and roses, she showed that it’s not and that it affects not just the person transitioning but everyone around them. Jase didn’t see anyone other than Renee when Richard started transitioning in just the clothing aspect. Robert, on the other hand, took it very badly. He could only focus on the gender aspect at first. Being a gay male, now in a relationship with a woman, well, that wasn’t who he’d intended to be with the rest of his life. In his mind he entered into a long term relationship with Richard, and he loved Richard with his whole heart and soul. Renee wasn’t Richard, even though she’s actually the most important part of Richard.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Taz – Crimson Mate by Nikki McCoy- “This book was an amazing read, one I couldn’t put down, although I had to because I would have otherwise been incredibly antisocial. The immediacy of the action was palpable throughout the story. Each scene dripped with emotion and visceral description. It was as if Ms. McCoy wasn’t present at all, not even as an author. The characters lived on the page, and I could feel and experience their emotions as if I were there.

The world-building was phenomenal. Simple, yet elegant. Similar to our own world, I could imagine living alongside these races, not even knowing they were any different than me. But the rules governing each and the history of their conflict was seamless, enough detail woven in to keep us firmly rooted in the challenges these characters faced.

The sex was jalapeño-hot, but also emotional, just the way I like it. The need and desire radiated off the two main characters, although both showed remarkable restraint for fear of hurting the other.” 

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Jules – A Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira Andrews – “I don’t want to say too much about the story itself – you can read the blurb, and I hate to give stuff away – however, I will say that while talking to a friend about what I was reading, I dubbed it #AmishAngst. Now, don’t let that scare you, folks…One person’s angst is another person’s Dr. Seuss…But, man what a ride this book was. Honestly, just the lives that these guys have to lead is exhausting enough without any extra complications. Add in having to hide their relationship from everyone, when there are so many prying eyes, and that they both have reason to question the beliefs and morals that are all they have known for their entire lives, and you have the makings of a pretty intense drama.

I do want to talk a little bit about Isaac and David, though. Individually, they are very different. Where Isaac is naïve and timid, David is much more worldly and aware of what he wants out of life. Where Isaac is just learning and trying to understand his sexuality, and how he is going to reconcile all the feelings he is having, David has no question about the fact that he wants Isaac. Ordnung be damned. Together, though…Together they are strong and sure and beautiful. They are so wonderful together – and, damn are they sexy! – I couldn’t get enough of their love and support of one another.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Kim – Dirty Secret (Audio) by Rhys Ford – “Greg Tremblay is Cole McGinnis! Since there’s seemingly no rush to make a movie of Dirty Secret, this audio version is, by far, the best route to my imagination, and to how the scenes should play out. Mr. Tremblay also gets a well done for Jae’s fabulous voice characterization, as well as his narration of the secondary voices. I’d also like to add that there were parts of the story that had me sad, tense, shocked, amazed, and, at one point, gagging. Sorry, I’m a sympathetic vomiter. Even though it was funny as all hell, Rhys and Greg, you did too good a job of describing that particular part of the story.

I love both the book and audio versions of Dirty Secret, but I truly enjoyed Greg’s performance. Bravo! ::hand clapping to a standing ovation::

I’d rather give the audio version of Dirty Secret a 10 Star rating, but I’ll have to settle for a 5 Star rating instead.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Kathie – When Love Takes Over (Audio) by Jacob Z. Flores – “Jacob Z. Flores’ When Love Takes Over was well worth the time and money when I first read it in book form back in August of 2013, and now it’s out on audio (July 2014). If you loved the book, I believe you will not be disappointed. Jacob and TJ bring you into Zach and Van’s lives. And the magic of P-Town does change lives and gives us, the listener, a Happily Ever After. Sigh………
#mamacass, #daisyduke, #marypoppins, #lizadoolittle, you just have to read the book or listen to the audio to see why I included the hashtags.

And now on to Jacob’s Chasing the Sun, the second book in the Provincetown Series! Same narrator so it’s going to be good!”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Traci – Double Up by Vanessa North – “This book takes you on a journey of love, heartache and possible heartbreak. The characters are forced to deal with their biggest fears and demons without destroying their new found love. There were several characters I fell in love with in this book. Of course, the first was Ben, he was my favorite. I loved the way he loved. It was unconditional, and he put everyone’s life and feelings ahead of his own (which almost bit him in the butt). Next was Eddie, owner of the shop, flaming queen, wealthy man, ex-lover of Ben and still best friend to him. His character was hilarious and his friendship to Ben was beautiful. Tina, transgendered ex-wakeboard professional who used to be on the circuit with Ben and her dog, was another favorite in the story. (I wish the author had given more of Tina’s backstory. The little that was described seemed like its own possible book). Amber (bisexual Double-up queen) was cute, and I would love to see a book develop with Tina and Amber. Dave grew on me as the book progressed, but I tend to fall for the underdog, so Ben took the prize.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Lisa – Resurrection Man by KZ Snow – “Resurrection Man is not the story of the knight in shining armor who storms the gates of Elijah’s castle to rescue him from his own demons. This is the story of a man who quietly enters Elijah’s life and simply by being there, makes Elijah want to rescue himself. This is where K.Z. Snow takes a novel that could have been filled with overworked stereotypes and tired clichés, and transforms it into the story of a young man who has faced some of the worst life has to offer, and gives him the courage and strength and power to rise from the wreckage of his circumstances and, yes, his own choices, to want to live for himself, to be the sort of man who can stand on his own two feet while standing beside Michael as his partner, and to live for the sake of lifting up those who are even less fortunate than himself.

If there is anything at all typical about this book, it’s only that it’s written in a style that’s quintessentially K.Z. Snow. Every sentence brings the story to life, there’s not a superfluous word or scene throughout the narrative, nor is there a single moment in Resurrection Man that feels gratuitous or disingenuous.”

Full Review and Buy Link HERE

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Poppy Dennison is here talking about her newest release!

In honor of Coconut Cove’s release, I thought I’d stop by with a list of my favorite things about summer. I don’t care if it is the end of August, I’m holding onto Summer for as long as I can!

5- Flip Flops!  Okay, so reality is, I’ll wear flip flops at any time of the year, but there’s nothing more fun that flip-flapping my way around town in my favorites! I have a collection--don’t judge me!--and I can’t wait for it to get warm enough to wear them!

4- Summer Candles! I love having my house smell like the beach, especially when I can’t actually go to the beach! My current favorite is Caribbean Escape from Bath and Body works, followed closely by their Aloha Waikiki! If nothing else, I can make my house smell like an exotic beach location!

3- Arnold Palmers! Okay, for those of you who don’t know what this is, let me explain. You take sweet tea, then you mix it with lemonade. The result is deliciousness in a glass! There’s nothing better on a hot summer day!

2- Garden Vegetables! No matter how much I whine about the work, I absolutely love the results of our garden! Summer means fresh vegetables at our house, everything from tomatoes, to green beans, to corn. Nothing better!

1- Vacation! Every year I get to spend a couple weeks with my oldest nephews when they’re out of school! Last year we went to Universal Studios in Florida. This year, they wanted to hang out at the pool! I’m all for that! I’m just glad they aren’t too cool to spend time with their aunt! LOL

So that’s it for my 5 favorites what are yours?

If you want to have a little more summer, take a peek at my new release from Wilde City Press. Coconut Cove: Life’s A Beach is the first book in my new series with M.J. O’Shea.

Two Contests!
Leave a comment below with YOUR favorite thing about summer and you’ll be entered to win a Caribbean Escape 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works.

Then, take a quiz to find out which Coconut Cove character you are! If you post the results on Facebook or Twitter (and tag me!) you’ll be entered to win a Grand Prize of some of our favorite beach themed products! http://www.whichblankareyou.com/q/what-coconut-cove-character-are-you-3

Welcome to Coconut Cove where you’ll always find oiled beach bodies, palm trees, tropical drinks, and plenty of drama!

Coconut Cove is the hottest new sensation to sweep the nation — a gay teen drama filled to the brim with hot stars and even hotter action. It’s catching the public’s attention and winning their hearts. But all the drama, heartache, and life lessons aren’t just for the characters on the screen. The fledgling actors behind the scenes have more than their fair share of love and catastrophes. They may only play teens on TV but when it comes to romance, these twenty-somethings still have lessons to learn.

From the scheming ex determined to cash in on a rising star, to the hunky high school crush resurrected from ancient history—from the nice guy with a naughty past, to the snarky diva with attitude—there’s plenty of scandalous hidden affairs and seriously sexy demons hiding in just about everyone’s closet on Coconut Cove.

You just have to be ready to drink it in. Bottoms up … or should we say off?


A sassy southern lady, Poppy Dennison developed an obsession with things that go bump in the night in her early years after a barn door flew off its hinges and nearly squashed her. Convinced it was a ghost trying to get her attention, she started looking for other strange and mysterious happenings around her. Not satisfied with what she found, Poppy has traveled to Greece, Malaysia and England to find inspiration for the burly bears and silver foxes that melt her butter. Her love of paranormal continues to flourish nearly thirty years later, and she writes steamy love stories about the very things that used to keep her up all night. If her childhood ghost is lucky, maybe one day she’ll give him his own happily ever after.

Visit her on her web site: http://poppydennison.com/

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GRL News

Here's the latest info from DSP for ordering books for GRL:

If you plan to attend GRL in Chicago this October, you can preorder paperbacks on the DSP site between now and September 21 to be picked up at the event, and if you use the code GRL2014, you won't have to pay shipping! Any orders using this code will only be available for pickup at GRL. You can order books from any author, even if the author isn't attending GRL.

 The code is valid on all in-stock paperbacks and good for multiple orders. DSP will have a special GRL preorder sale Sept. 17-21 where ALL paperbacks will be in-stock for preorders, so if something isn't available now, you can check back then.

 There are several I need from authors I know and I have to say that the no shipping charges is pretty awesome. I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Booyah Books To Celebrate For The Month Of July

Hi, everyone, it's us again, the team from The Novel Approach back to hijack Mary's blog and share our favorite books for the month of July.

These are the even dozen books we each chose as the very best, and we're excited to share them with you.

So, here they are, the best of the best for July.


Tina: The Art of the Heart by Dan Skinner - While heart-warming, The Art of the Heart also does what we are coming to expect from Dan Skinner. It makes us cry. For Zac’s loneliness, his rejection, his fear and anxiety about being found out. His pain just about comes off the pages in waves as he sees Rory with one girl after another. But then something magical happens. I won’t tell you what, because reading it will turn you into a big puddle of goo, and I don’t want to take that away from you.

Dan Skinner has done it again with The Art of the Heart. He has written something that touches every reader on such a soul-deep level, you remember what it was like when you were thirteen and found out for the first time what your dick (or clitoris) is capable of. The awe Zac feels, the confusion at his sexual awakening just…it really made me FEEL. There just aren’t the right words to describe it. Well, there are, and Dan used them! And the ones he used are just so, so… insert your choice of adjectives here. I can’t choose just one. The words Dan uses are just right. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with a heart.

Find the rest of Tina’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Sammy: Head-on by John Inman - The true genius of John Inman is that he takes an incident, a habit of our own, everyday life, and gives it just that small twist to create the most devastating of circumstances. His hero is our every man. Gordon Stafford could be you or I, and the idea that we might very well be in his place within the blink of an eye makes his story all the more gut wrenching. I have said this before about this author but it bears reiterating: John Inman builds characters that live and breathe and, in doing so, resonate beyond the page into our very lives. They take up residence there and leave behind indelible marks on our hearts and minds that subtly change the way we think and the way we view life. I dare you to read this novel and then text while driving ever again. It is the combination of this powerful portrayal of visceral events and uniquely real characters that make this novel, Head-on, simply outstanding.

Find the rest of Sammy’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Traci: Running Wild by SE Jakes - SE Jakes can write the hell out of a tortured soul with a horrific past, all tied up with a perfect bow of guilt. Her stories are fast paced, with hot men and hot sex, but can also be tender and heartbreaking. You cannot help but fall in love with her characters. She is one of the few authors whose books I can read again and again and again.

This story has everything you would want in a m/m book. It has hot, sexy men with tortured souls who are too stubborn and scared to trust or love. The only reason I gave this book a 4.5 vs. a 5 star rating was because it took me a good 20 to 25% to get hooked into the story. Remembering back to her past series, the first book lays out a lot of groundwork for future stories and characters, and it took me a while to wrap my brain around the storyline, but once I passed 25%, I could not put it down until the end. I am now a Rush and Ryker fan and have new book boyfriends (like I need another)… This is a great start to a new series! I cannot wait until the next book. Hopefully the next will be about Casey, Sweet, or maybe Linc and Gypsy. So many possibilities and so excited!!!!!! Enjoy!

Find the rest of Traci’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Jules: Going Up (Audio) by Amy Lane - Going Up has such wonderful, multi-faceted characters – our MCs, Zach and Sean being the most prominent, obviously – and Woodson does a great job of bringing them to life. From steady, businessman, Zach, to his wonderfully vibrant assistant, Leah, to the quirky, charming and lovely Sean…it was such a pleasure to listen to this book. The inflection, tone, and pacing were all fantastic. I was laughing out loud in all the right places!

I checked to see if this narrator had done any other M/M romances, and it doesn’t appear that he has. I hope Dreamspinner has the opportunity to sign him on for some other works – because I, for one, would certainly give them a listen!

Find the rest of Jules’ review, along with the buy link HERE

Lana: Not Quite Shakespeare Anthology - Not Quite Shakespeare has something for everyone, from old friends reconnecting and finding that time doesn’t diminish feelings to a man dialing his boss by accident and telling him what he wanted—and the boss fulfilling the request, as well as a really cute story about roommates who find that a mutual love of bread can create a relationship. Olive oil plays a major part!

All the stories were fun to read. They were cute and heartwarming, but let’s not forget the sex. Some stories had more sex than others but all had the right level of sexiness and hotness. For me, British men are a wet dream and the authors did not skimp on the Britishness or the sexiness. Just the accent alone is drool worthy, and I was reading them in an English accent. LOL

If you’re having England withdrawals, pick up Not Quite Shakespeare! It’s just as satisfying as scones and clotted cream but not as fattening, and will leave you hot and bothered!

Find the rest of Lana’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Lynn: Home the Hard Way by Z.A. Maxfield - The pacing and flow of this story was smooth. Just when the author has you wondering what’s going to happen next, another layer is peeled back and the answer is revealed. The mystery element to this story was genius. While reading this, I never knew who was responsible for the mayhem running amok around the town. I believe the author did a fantastic job laying out the clues and hints to give the reader just enough to wet their palate and wanting more, and boy, does this author give us what we need. With twists and turns as only a good mystery can have, the conclusion to the “whodunit” question is just perfect. I’m not going to give anything away, but it was a person I least expected. Kudos to the author for not making it obvious.

The secondary characters definitely added some flavor to this tale being told. From Finn’s dying aunt to Dare’s co workers and the people we meet along the way, they were all very interesting and added a little something to an already wonderful read.
Overall, I enjoyed this very book very much. I highly recommend Home the Hard Way to those who love a good mystery with a nontraditional love story and a little BDSM on the side.

Find the rest of Lynn’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Jackie: The Ex Factor by RJ Scott - I feel that RJ Scott did a great job of showing the devastation that occurs both during and after living in an abusive relationship. She also showed us that no matter how bad things may seem there is always still a chance at a happily ever after. I loved the way Ben was gentle with Daniel when he needed it, but forceful when he had to be. I can’t recommend this book enough. If I didn’t have a TBR pile a million feet high, I would be rereading this one immediately. The Ex Factorcould very well be my favorite RJ Scott book to date. You won’t want to miss this one.

Find the rest of Jackie’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Kim: Boystown 6: From the Ashes by Marshall Thornton - As usual, Mr. Thornton weaves a very tangible mystery that keeps one guessing until the very end, and it’s also a chance to look back at the 80s, to a time when a little known virus was hitting the gay community. I’m giving Boystown 6: From the Ashes a high 5 Star rating and would also highly recommend reading all the previous Boystown mysteries, in their given order, to really appreciate this latest installment.

And yes, Mr. Thornton, I want more Nick!

Find the rest of Kim’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Chris: Let Love Live by Melissa Collins - Let Love Live is a beautifully written, very emotional book for this author’s first M/M story. She was able to get all the nuances and honest emotions of the characters just right. How what happens in the story shapes who Dylan is, how Conner has realized he wants more from life after his accident, and even dealing with Shane’s depression, self doubt and the final consequences of his actions. All of these pieces intertwined into one very well crafted story. I have to admit that Dylan has quickly become one of my favorite characters after reading this book.

This is the fifth book in Melissa Collins’s Love series; however, it can be read as a standalone without losing any storyline. The story is divided into three parts Before, After, and Forever. I will give the readers a warning that you’ll definitely need a box of tissues when reading this book. Now, don’t let you scare that off reading Let Love Live because it’s an absolutely beautiful love story with a HEA. I look forward to many more stories from Melissa Collins in this genre in the future.

Find the rest of Chris’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Rena: Mending Him by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon - There’s no emotional wallowing in this book, which can be the downfall of historical gay romances, given the outlaw nature of same-sex relationships. Part of the book’s strength lies in the authors’ masterful use of restraint in laying out the complications and the triumphs not only of the lovers, but also of the Chester family, whose loving relationship with the two men shapes painful choices they all make along the way. The resolution to the problem of gay lovers in the 19th century is also plausible; modern readers might grieve over the lack of an out and proud relationship, but in their practical and emotionally rewarding way, Robbie and Charles prove to us that men in their position can carve out a happy life together, regardless of society and, especially, family. There’s defiance tempered by prudence and vice-versa, and one can’t ask for anything more.

Find the rest of Rena’s review, along with the buy link HERE

Kathie: Behind the Curtain (Audio) by Amy Lane - The narrator makes all the difference. Mr. Bradley brought to life Dawson, Jared and Benji. He gave them each their own distinct voice, and it was immediately obvious that he understood the character and their motivation. An example would be Jared’s Voice; as you read the story, you learn that Jared has had to endure a lot of pain for his craft, but I knew that from the minute Jared first talked to Dawson. You could hear it in his voice. If a narrator is good, you, as the listener, will become part of the story. You will share in the pain—Dawson’s as he struggles to understand Jared , of loving someone so much but not being able to protect them all the time; the friendship between Benji and Dawson , as they taunt each other and always have each other’s backs; and Amber with monosyllabic conversational skills, with such a rough exterior and a vulnerability that Dawson will protect to the end; you get to be a part of it and it’s an amazing journey. And that, my friend’s, that is why you buy the audio version of this book. Mr. Bradley doesn’t just tell us the story, he brings us with him on the journey.

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Me: Wicklow’s Odyssey by R. Cooper - The timing of this book couldn’t be more perfect, and you don’t have to be a Civil War history major to appreciate the events that build up to one of the more tension filled and action packed climaxes I’ve ever read in a book. You need only know the motives for the war, who fought it, and its outcome to understand how beautifully R. Cooper has twisted it to suit this clockwork, steam driven adventure, where a great iron beast is the Trojan horse that, if not lamed, could bring victory to the South. Every single anachronism purposefully woven into this novel does nothing but add to the sense of intrigue, every single character introduced along the way not only adds to the adventure but also exposes more about Wicklow Doyle, revelations that are sometimes frustrating, sometimes heart-tugging as he tries to understand what he’s feeling, but each and every one is a new layer peeled away from this complex man’s prickly exterior.

I am so thoroughly infatuated with Wicklow’s Odyssey, with every nuance, every word the author shaped and finessed to tell the story through a vivid narrative and lush dialogue, that I want to bask in my love for it again. Just as Rhoades is the voice in Wicklow’s ear, a voice that soothes, directs, touches Wicklow without touching, R. Cooper directs us through this exquisite journey. I could likely write a second and third review of this book and come up with something new to love about it each time, that’s how rich Wicklow’s Odyssey is and I can’t begin to recommend it enough.

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