Monday, February 8, 2010

The Guardian is out!

Today is Monday February 8th and The Guardian is out and ready to be loved!


  1. *loves*

    Already bought a copy for my kindle and am halfway through it. (I'm trying to savor it instead of devouring it in a single sitting!) :)

  2. Just finished it! Another great story....thank you!

    Sherry F (from the Midwest)

  3. HI Mary,
    I LOVE your books. I've read everything you've published so far. I love a Matter of Time 1-4 and Change of Heart. I just purchased The Guardian and can't wait to read it! I want more books from you. :-)
    Also, will you be continuing with your story "Right Time, Right Place." I hope so.
    Take care.
    Beth (NYC)

  4. I just finished The Guardian. It was ultra fabulous. Your characters, even the fanatsy ones, are so realistic. I can almost hear them talking.

    I loved A Matter of Time 1-4 and Change of Heart. Are you planning more books set in these worlds?

  5. I bought Change of Heart via and I am enthralled ! Keep up the good work !


  6. Congrats on the new release!

    I'm not finding a way to contact you via email... Could you pretty please send me an email either via the gmail account connected to this username, or via my blog? Thank you!!

  7. I just finished The Guardian and had read A Change of Heart....they were both AMAZING and I loved them....they are now in my to-be-RE-READ list! I bought all 4 A Matter of Time books and can't wait to sink into them. You have a wonderful way of telling a story and I love your guys! Thanks for sharing your wonderful world(s) with us, and can I ask for more, more, more?

  8. Beth, I didn't think anyone was reading Right Place, Right Time at all. I do have more of it but not sure how long it will be. It might be a Novella and that would be interesting as I have never written one before.

  9. I just figured out how to answer these posts. Hello, computer challenged to say the least. Thanks everyone for bearing with me. I am currently hard at work on the sequel to Change of Heart.

  10. Mary, as long as you can operate your word processor, I think we'll be more than happy! :)