Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I just finished making the last of the edits to my story that's in the Dreamspinner angel anthology, A Brush Of Wings, and can I just say how exciting March is going to be? Timing is out on the 15th, the anthology on the 22nd and I get to hear if a story that I submitted for another anthology will be accepted. Thrilling all the way around. Plus I am hard on work on sequels.

I don't know if everybody knows about the widget for buying stuff on Amazon to help GLBT bookshelf? If you do, just ignore me, if you don't, you should add a link on your favorites bar, which I have on mine, so that any time you buy a book, (or whatever, for me it's books, way too many books), on Amazon, you just click the widget and then buy stuff. I did all my Christmas shopping this way etc. For a big breakdown of it check out Mel's explanation and save the link:

I'm a big fan of helping without thinking about it. I just click the link, I don't pay anything extra, just a portion of what I spend, 4% or something, goes to support the Wiki which we all love. There are other benefits too but like I said, Mel's explanation is SO much better than mine. I was never great with facts, more creative. Imagine that. Also, if you check the bottom of my blog, the bookshelf is having a sale plus there's some new fiction there from some of my favorite writers so everyone should check it out. Just click the banner on the bottom of my blog and you'll be there.

Counting the days until the's possible that I'm a little obsessive.


  1. Sounds like it's going to be an exciting month - I'd be a bit obsessive it it was me. :)

  2. I absolutely cannot wait for Timing to come out!

    (and sequels? *perks up*)

  3. There is no such thing as too obsessive when it comes to anticipation for a book release. Or at least you are in good company talking about obsessions here. ( I am assuming I am not the only reader who obsessively checked this blog for updates especially for installments of "A matter of time")