Friday, June 11, 2010

What I was doing instead of writing

I was supposed to be writing. I came home from having my belated anniversary dinner with my husband last night, (couldn't go on the real night, last Friday, I had to work), and instead of writing I did everything but. I checked the review sites and the blogs of friends, answered email and looked for pictures of Gale Harold. Everyone has one, the star they love, whether it's the boys from Supernatural, (men, I meant men), or Viggo or Sean or Orlando. Mine, ever since I fell in love with QAF, has been Gale Harold. I LOVE Brian Kinney even though he's just evil. I own the series on DVD and have favorite episodes I watch over and over. I tried to watch him, Gale, on Desperate Housewives but couldn't wrap my brain around the new character. It's sad but true. But I now I have Gale Harold wallpaper on my laptop and not a flippin' word to show for last night. I wrote this morning before work, and will be nose-to-the-grindstone tonight but still, zip for last night.
Maybe one day of veg is okay though. Maybe.
I just had a new novella accepted my Dreamspinner and will post up cover art the minute I get it.
Now c'mon, look at the cute picture, who can resist Gale Harold and Randy Harrison together. Give me a break.


  1. Belated happy anniversary! Congrats on the novella!

    And, um, I'll have to google Gale Harold when I get home, because I've not seen QAF.

  2. Gale is just sooooooo gorgeous! And smart, snarky, and talented!

    And congrats on both the anniversary and the book!

  3. Thank you Chris!
    And you must rent the series or watch it on Logo, though on Logo they cut stuff sometimes. Better to get the DVDs. You will love and hate Brian Kinney by turns but OMG you will love the series. QAF is a must.

  4. Chadmom,

    Oh agreed! Gale Harold is gorgeous but even more, it's the snark. And anniversaries are funny, you realize how fast time actually does fly. All that time with the same man and he's not crazy yet. Amazing.

    :) Mary

  5. Congrats on the anniversary...and as for QAF, I am also in the minority of people that haven't seen an ep yet...but it's totally on my wish list to buy the series;)

  6. The Year 2010 was the Year I Discovered QAF.

    *moment of silent awe*

    It is Teh Awesome.


  7. Oh, Gale *___*. I have loved him to pieces in QaF - I think his character was beautiful, divided between those moments in which all he deserved was a punch in the face, and the ones when his vulnerability shone through... and he interpreted it beautifully. Utter and complete love!