Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's out!

His Hearth is out now as it's 7:00pm in Hawaii and since the DSP server is on GMT I think it's like two in the morning on the 28th or something there. So, I will say that I have opening day jitters, always scary when a new book comes out because the hope is that everyone, the awesome people that read my books, will like it. And Julian's special. Do we like "J" names, Jory, Jin, Julian, Jude...maybe. But it's out and ready to be loved. And Monday my baby will be out in print. Yeah! A Matter of Time in print. I think I'm gonna hyperventilate.

Monday, July 19, 2010

His Hearth

Here is the cover for my new novella from Dreamspinner His Hearth due out on July 28th. Here's the blurb:

Julian Nash should be excited: he’s just earned a huge promotion at work and is going out to celebrate. But his happiness fades when he discovers his date cheating on him an hour before. Suddenly alone when everyone knows he’s supposed to have a plus one, Julian is set for a long night until longtime acquaintance Ryan Dean bails him out of the embarrassing situation. During dinner, they discover they have more than just friendship between them: there is mutual admiration and heated attraction. But getting to know Ryan better—and finding a place in his life—will bring Julian surprises and danger he never expected or dreamed existed.

I hope you all fall madly in love with Julian and Ryan!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This n' that

My blog is up at Kris N' Good Books about one of my favorite things, YAOI, so I hope everyone will pop by and tell me what their favorites are.

Also, it looks like A Matter of Time Vol.1 and A Matter of Time Vol.2 will be out in print August 2nd. I am very excited and, as everyone saw, the covers are gorgeous.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My First Ever Guest Blog!

This Friday I am blogging at Bookwenches about how Change of Heart came to be and in honor of that I am sharing with you Anne Cain's gorgeous pencil sketch of what Jin and Logan looked like before there was color.
It was so wonderful of Bobby to invite me and I appreciate it so much. It was my first guest blog anywhere!