Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Author Trivia Contest

Contest happening at Dreamspinner, here's the info:

We’re celebrating at Dreamspinner Press because we’ve signed our 200th author! And because we like to share our joy around, we’ve designed a trivia contest for our readers. Each day for the rest of September, we’ll post a trivia question or quote from one of our authors’ bios for you, our readers, to go searching for. If you find the author in question, email your answer to Ariel at dreamspinnerpress dot com. At the end of each day, Ariel will draw a name at random from all the correct entries and the winner will receive an eBook copy of their choice of any title by the featured author.

Authors have been selected randomly from all authors that meet the following three criteria:

1) Authors must have at least three titles published through Dreamspinner Press.
2) Authors must have at least one title published in 2010.
3) Authors must have at least one title that isn’t part of an anthology or collection of stories.

Here's the link so everyone can check it out:


  1. I suck at trivia, but I just wanted to stop and wave "Hi". :)

  2. Oh Chris me too, unless it's like Pop Trivia or something. Then I'm better.

  3. I suck at trivia too..unless it has anything to do with the 80's, which I seem to be stuck in *snort*..but maybe this is a golden chance for me to find new authors....and spend some of my stash of birthday money lol!