Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who knew?

Isn't it funny that you start off thinking that it would be really great to win something and then somewhere along the line a key turns and you like REALLY want to win? Maybe it's simple human nature but when I saw my covers in Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards Cover Contest I was excited at first and now that it's getting to the end it's like OMG I want my last two books to stay in there! Change of Heart is still there and so is His Hearth. The others all fell off which was sad but those two are still in it. If you guys get a chance, could you go over there (I don't have a Live Journal account so I have to log in with my Facebook one) and vote. That would be awesome. Who knew I was this competitive?

And it looks like along with my fellow Dreamspinner authors and my friends that I will get to see a lot of other authors as well. It's this week! Can't wait! Really getting excited and nervous, very nervous. And I want Ayano Yamane to sign some of my books and it looks like you have to get a ticket to stand in line, I'm confused. And I want to see Jo Chen...have to figure out how to do all these things without a time machine.

1 comment:

  1. Cool that you still have two covers in the running!! I've been voting. :)

    I'm getting really excited for the con now. My Matter of Time pbs are packed!