Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Stuff

So Yaoi-Con was awesome! I loved meeting my fans and passing out the bookmarks I made and signing books. It was a thrill. And the Dreamspinner table was right across from the DMP table so guess what I did, I bought books. Holy crap did I get a lot of yaoi. Got the Finder series 1 & 2, and Yellow and so many more. The bag was heavy, holy crap. But it was just amazing. I got the pictures I wanted from Jo Chen and she signed them (she was SO nice) and I waited in line for an hour and a half to get the book on the left here, The Devil's Secret, signed by Hironaga Takanaga. I didn't get to see Ayano Yamane like many lucky others but I got more of her books so it worked out okay.

The biggest thrill of all was meeting my fans and my internet buddies like Kris and Chris and Tam and all the other authors and Elizabeth and Lynn and Ariel from Dreamspinner and rooming with Amy Lane. I can see how going to cons can become very addictive. Seeing everyone and talking to everyone and the hugs! The hugging was my favorite part.

In more news, Change of Heart is out of the running in the cover contest and so is His Hearth. Sigh. There are still some very pretty ones in the contest but all mine are gone. I can't wait to see what the cover for Trusted Bond will look like and as soon as I get it I will post it up here for everyone.


  1. I was especially sad that Change of Heart dropped out of the running. :(

    It was so wonderful to meet you!!! And thank you so much for the Lucky Black Cat - he's overlooking my living room now. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your covers :( I love them both, but was not even aware that there WAS a contest! :(
    I was so surprised and so excited to see my favorite authors at yaoi-con! I wish your appearance was advertised more. Actually, I don't think it was advertised at all :( SUCH a mistake!

    However, the entire event was amazing! I will make every effort to make to the next one, even if Yamane-sensei skips it. The whole atmosphere of yaoi-con was indescribable! People were so open and friendly and - boy! - was it fun to watch other guests of Hyatt, "what the hell" written all over their faces - LOL

    Once again - it was such a pleasure meeting you!
    Can't wait for more of your fiction... **bounces with anticipation** :D

  3. Hi i was so sad that I missed seeing you at Yaoi con as change of hearts is one of my favorite book from dreamspinner. I was luck for Ayanos autograph there was only 200 people they were allowing; you had to go to her focus group and get a raffle ticket and hope that you were one of the ones drawn.I was luck i was a winner and got her Finder series art book signed ,she was supper nice.

  4. The hugging was my fave part too. :)

    I also need to order the hard copies of A Matter of Time and send them your way. So peeved that I missed out on getting them at Yaoi Con, but super pleased they were so popular. :DDD