Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things on my mind

I worry that I don't do chats. I have tried to do chats, I would like to do chats but things like my yahoo account get in the way, my comments get delayed, technology has never, ever, been my friend. I had to post to the DSP blog once and I had help trying to muddle through it and it was rough. But the biggest problem with chatting is, let's face it, I'm just not quick.

I wish I could shoot comments from the hip and be funny and witty, my dear friend Amy Lane can talk to anyone at anytime and I am in awe of this power. People email and we talk and I'm good. One on one I'm good. I can chat on my blog here with any of you but in the big forum...I'm going to date myself here, (who cares, I'm old), but eons ago Micheal J. Fox (I think it was him) was on SNL and he was like the last guy getting the joke yanno, the one with the lame ass comment so he gets in a time machine and goes back to earlier in the night and then he's on it, there with the one-liners and his friends are astounded and he gets the girl! This is me, I would need the way-back-machine to keep up. At Yaoi-Con people were talking and I was just listening because it's like ohmygod ZAM is talking to me! Belinda McBride is talking to me! Clare London, Andrew Grey, Maire Sexton...ah-mazing. And I met so many great fans and hugged as many as would let me and it was just...oh. And you know how in school you had the choice to either write ten pages of a book report or stand up and give an oral report for like a minute and a half? Guess who wrote the ten pages?

I think it comes down to (a.) not wanting to stick my foot in my mouth and (b.) not being sure that I really have anything new to add. So I would like to do chats but I end up just lurking, listening, taking it all in. It's just so amazing to have authors I admire talk to me, have my wonderful fans say they enjoy my work and have new writers as me for advice. Me? It's mind-blowing. So I will have to try and chat, it's on my list to work on this year.

In other news, the third warder book is due out in May and the fourth in June. I am working on the fifth one now as well as a non-sequel. I was supposed to be writing yesterday morning before work but I got sucked into reading The Captive Prince by Freece because Marie Sexton mentioned it on her blog that she co-authors with Heidi Cullinan
Cup o'Porn (that I am addicted to) and there went my morning. It's so good, I have to know how it turns out now. But since Saturday is my day off, now that I've finished cleaning my house and talking to you guys, I will get back to writing. Happy Saturday everybody. :)


  1. I think chatting favors fast typing, shoot-from-the-hip people. I can do it, but I hate it - I don't like group chats (too crazy!) and I don't even like one-on-one chats, other than for work.

    Like you, I prefer email - I find it less stressful and more convenient. Maybe it's because I'm so introverted? I might've APPEARED extroverted at YC, but then I went and sat in a quiet corner and read so I could recuperate from all that human contact! :D

  2. I'm an extrovert in small groups, introvert in big. I liked the list you attached and you did seem extroverted at the con but you also had friends around you(me included)so I'm sure that made all the difference. Have to say, I do love the human contact, I would love to go to GayRomLit in New Orleans but just the plane fare from Hawaii is CRAZY. Are you going to go?

  3. Not sure - YC was kind of cozy feeling. RLC is going to be so much bigger...

  4. I am the same way...but in reverse...yeah that makes sense. I can talk to anyone face to face and I'm very good at the spontaneous, shoot-from the hip, but when it comes to emails I respond, then I erase, then I rewrite, then I pare down, and before too long my email is the exact OPPOSITE of what it was originally, atleast when I'm writing under my pseudonym, Veronica Victorian, as opposed to my real name, ShaKira Burrowes, it's easier because then it's not really me (does that make sense?). So Mary, maybe you should try that, adopting a pseudonym when you do the chats, it's liberating.

  5. I totally understand. It's feeling like this which makes me withdraw online from everyone. I have a tight group of friends in real life.

    I hate having to work at belonging in a group so I tend to just avoid them all together. That is the only upside to being chronically ill. I can beg off at a moment's notice if I'm feeling uncomfortable (but most of the time, I'm not fibbing)

  6. Hehe I'm like that as well.
    Having no self-esteem at all, I often prefer to shut up out of fear to look like an idiot.
    I've always made mine the quote "it is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt" xD
    And OMG Captive Prince IS amazing, glad you're liking it too :D

  7. See, this is what I mean. Thanks you guys for all your wonderful comments, I feel better.