Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saw these, had to share

I know but there really was a point to the pretty pictures and that was...

As I was writing the sequel to AMOT I saw these and thought yeah, they look them, Sam and Jory. Dont'cha think?


  1. They totally do!! ah! love it!

  2. i'm drooling for Sam,so HOT!!!!! and jory beautiful even though i imagine him smaller :p i can't wait for the sequel =) thank u for spoil us..'ur reader' =p keep writing,i love you!!

  3. I know you guys will turn on me but
    I'm not that crazy about Jory here. The guy looks pretty but in an effeminate way which i don't like.

    I'm just not into twink guys I guess. I like them masculine. I know few people like pretty boys but this is too much.
    I can't imagine someone like Sam falling for a guy who looks the guy in the picture.(Sorry I hope i didn't come off as ranty LOL)

    The whole time i was reading AMOT, I imagine Jory looking pretty but still masculine & a bit rugged like one of those Abercrombie & Fitch guys.