Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Reads Chat

So I am scheduled to have a Good Reads chat on Saturday October 8th between 7am to 12pm. I think it's EST which I think means I have to wake up at like one in the morning or two in the morning, not sure which. I don't remember if Hawaii is six hours behind or five hours behind, I will have to figure it out. But I'm gonna be there so if you guys have time, will you pop by and visit? I would appreciate it. The idea of talking to myself for 5 hours is not that appealing. We could talk about my guys or you all could give me some recipes since I'm trying to cook for my family here lately. It's scary since I stink at it which is probably why all my characters cook well, Jory, Jude, Ryan, Joe...I really do like J names. But anyway, I hope to see everyone there. :)


  1. Ack! Is this via the M/M Romance Group? If so, I should get reminders.

    Crazy - couldn't they schedule it at a more humane (from a Hawaiin perspective) time?

  2. Oh,
    I'll probably just lurk but...I hope I can make it. >w<//