Monday, September 26, 2011

Release Date for Nexus

Wednesday October 26th is the day that Nexus is out, the last of my five part warder series, 5 warders, 5 books. This is Marcus and Joe's story and is told from Marcus' POV. I hope you all enjoy the last installment. The wrap-up book is always fraught with danger. Want to get all those loose-ends tied up. So here's the blurb:

Marcus Roth is a top criminal lawyer by day and demon-slaying warder by night, but he is simply one of five warders—not really important to anyone but Joseph Locke, his hearth. Or so Marcus mistakenly believes.

On a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, to celebrate Joe’s grandfather’s birthday, that belief changes as Marcus unwittingly uncovers a paranormal dilemma and ends up revealing his identity as a warder to Joe’s family. Faced with a traitor, demons, and the return of an old enemy, Marcus must put his own needs aside to save his friends—though in so doing he may lose the man he loves forever. Even living through the ordeal might not be enough if Marcus can’t forgive himself and learn that his hearth and the rest of his clutch can’t do without him.

I hope you all enjoy the last book. Well, there is Malic and Dylan's Christmas story but it's not part of the series.


  1. How does October 18 sound to you? :) And it's now in Goodreads, too.