Saturday, October 29, 2011

Release Date for Honored Vow

Honored Vow, my third werepanther novel, and the last of the books that will focus on Jin and Logan will be out on November 21st. I am excited, and a little sad, but mostly I hope everyone will enjoy seeing the two men grow in their bond. And didn't Anne Cain do an amazing job on the cover? I just love it.

Here's the blurb:

Jin Rayne is still growing into his frightening new powers as a nekhene cat and his place as reah of Logan Church’s tribe when he learns that a sepat, an honor challenge, has been called. Logan, who has never wanted to do anything but lead his small-town tribe, must travel around the world to Mongolia and fight to become the most powerful leader in the werepanther world.
Logan won’t be the only one making the journey. As his mate, Jin must fight with him to honor his commitment to Logan, his culture, and his tribe. But the trial is long, involving a prolonged separation between the two men, and Logan’s humanity is at stake. In order to make it through the nightmarish sepat, Jin and Logan must accept their fates, trust each other, and honor the vows between them no matter the cost.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nexus is out!

It's out! Nexus is out! It's release day, so everyone please let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

News, news, news...

So I got back from Yaoi-Con on Sunday and I had such a good time but I forgot a lot of really important things like telling everyone that the wonderful Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos is giving away Nexus (my fifth and final warder book in the series) which will be out this Wednesday the 26th. See...late.
Can I just say how awesome Yaoi-Con was? I picked up all 5 books of In These Words from Jo Chen, (does anyone know if 6 is out or when it will be out?), and Father Figure and Cruel To Be Kind. I also got another of those sleeve things and a Tiger and Bunny pin and postcard and a Buffy and Xander poster for Amy's daughter...and Jo Chen is awesome, she is kind and sweet and it's always like the best thing ever when people you admire turn out to be fabulous. She signed everything for me. Like Hamlet Machine, I was the first one in line to pre-order Chapter 2 in paperback. And she was super. I have a tote bag and a keychain and Chapter One in paperback and a print and stickers...just squeeee! I went all fangirl on her, hopefully she wasn't scared. The lovely Clare London went with me, both of us ducking away from the Dreamspinner table just for a bit. We went upstairs to see Jo Chen together too. Clare is wonderful by the way but I'm sure everyone knows that.
I realized I had everything from Teahouse that I wanted, (I ordered the comics and prints online), but I did get a key-chain. And then there were books to buy, lots of manga and print copies from DSP authors I love. Paperbacks make me happy. If I love a book, I will have it in print and getting them signed is thrilling. The best part of the con though is seeing friends, making new ones, meeting fans and rooming with Amy Lane. We have the best time. I love Yaoi-Con, I cannot wait to go next year.
I saw Ariel Tachna, Nicki Bennett, Andrew Grey, TC Blue, Lori Toland (it was her birthday!), Clare London, Shira Anthony, Pearl Love, EM Lynley, Julianne Bentley, Rhys Ford, Rowan McBride and of course Amy who I dragged to Starbuck's with me. So awesome that the Marriott had a Starbuck's in it. I know how Galahad felt when he found the grail.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A Celebration of Male Beauty & Passion in Anime & Manga

Yaoi-Con 2011 will take place October 21st through 23, 2011 at The San Francisco Airport Marriott hotel in Burlingame, California.

So I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Not only do I get to go buy more Yaoi, (which there is so much of in my house at this point that it's insane), but I also get to see my fellow DSP authors and hang out with my buddy Amy Lane, (seriously counting the hours until I get to see her), meet Lori Toland for the first time, gush over Andrew Grey and fangirl Ariel Tachna and Nicki Bennett. So excited! Jo Chen is going to be there so I'm psyched. Last year I bought a print that she signed that sits above my writing desk and this year I'm gonna buy her book of prints if I can get there before they run out. Also, Hamlet Machine is going to be there so I have to get Chapter One of Starfighter and pre-order Chapter Two. Seriously, I'm stupid with excitement at this point. Best part of all, last year I got to meet my own fans and sign some of my books and give away my bookmarks. Awesome. So please, if anyone is going to be at the convention this weekend, please stop by and visit me at the Dreamspinner table. If I'm not there, I'll be right back, I'm just buying... something. The Dreamspinner table was across from the DMP table last year, yeah, not good. I might need a bigger suitcase.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Even more Halloween fun at DSP

This weekend (October 15th and 16th, starting today the 14th), in honor of Halloween, Dreamspinner Press is offering 20% off on all Shifter stories of all varieties. So that means my werepanthers and all the werewolves and gargoyles and whatever else "were" that's there at DSP is ready to be picked up at a discount. If you've been waiting, not sure if you're gonna be into fur, now's your chance. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank you

So my chat on Good Reads this weekend was a lot of fun and extremely enlightening. I want to thank everybody who stopped by and kept me company, I can't thank you enough. I was really afraid that I was going to be talking to myself for 5 hours and that wasn't the case. We got some of my books cast and talked about Sean Crisden, (who did the audiobook of The Guardian and Timing), and I got some recipes to try out on my family. All in all, it was wonderful.

Friday, October 7, 2011

More Halloween Celebrating at DSP

As part of the Halloween celebration, all VAMPIRE stories are 20% off this weekend, (October 8th weekend), at Dreamspinner Press. There are a lot of great vampire stories there, like Ariel Tachna's Partnership In Blood series which I read all 5 books of and there's a new one I have to pick up at Yaoi-Con or Crying for the Moon by Sarah Madison or I Love You Asshole (love the title!) by Amy Lane. So go see what's out and keep checking back because there will be more paranormal discounts all month long.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011 Advent Calendar Daily Delivery - I'll Be Home for Christmas

It's the most fervent dream of the holidays: to have a life full of blooming romance and enduring devotion with love, joy, and even a touch of lust to warm the cold winter nights. No matter what holidays are celebrated, the idiom holds true: home is where the heart is.

Your Christmas present to yourself! A package of 31 stories, all with holiday flair. One story a day will be placed on your bookshelf. The full set is around 1,800 pages of romantic M/M fiction selling individually for a total $92.69. Buy as a set and save!

Check out the excerpt list for all the stories, my story, What Can Be, is in there too.