Sunday, November 27, 2011

December releases

So this is the cover for Cherish Your Name (if you look close, it says Dylan on the small skinny stocking and Malic on the big burly one), and it will be out on the 28th of December. I have What Can Be out on the 1st (part of the DSP advent calendar), so I have one at the very beginning of the month and one at the almost end. Sort of bookending the month, I like it.

Here's the blurb:
Malic Sunden is in hell—only not literally... yet. As a warder, Malic is used to fighting demons and squaring off against all kinds of creatures from the pit, but this year he’s facing a new and terrifying prospect: Christmas holidays with his much-younger boyfriend and his family.

He loves Dylan, his hearth, but Dylan’s parents, the Shaws, are another story. They think Malic is a cradle-robber, among other things. At least their neighbor, Brad, seems to like him. Then again, maybe not. When Malic gets offered to a demon who wipes his memory of everything but Dylan’s name, it will take all Malic has to escape his new life in a hell dimension and return to the man he calls home

But it's just so cute, and the sword in the corner... I mean really, what's Christmas without a demon? I'm excited about this one, I hope revisiting the bright bubbly hearth and his grouchy ass warder will be something you all look forward to as well.

Update: The link is up and the novella is on the DSP website!


  1. Why the white box around the words? Because its blogger that's why. Who. Knows. But see, who has trouble with this, just me. So. Not. Techy. Meh.

  2. LOL! You aren't the only one who has trouble with blogger. I know it messes with people's attempts to load photos, etc. Did you mark that text as a quote/blockquote? That could be the reason.

    ANYWAY - December 20 sound good to you? :)

  3. You are, of course, very welcome!

  4. I am really looking forward to this coming out, as I do with all of yours.

  5. Malic needed the bigger stocking because I can see Dylan going crazy and buying him lots of things. And Malic? Getting one special thing for Dylan. Perfect for them both.

  6. It's up on the website and the picture works now and the box around the text is gone. Yeah!

  7. Finally! An excerpt on the Dreamsoinner website - can't wait for the release of Cherish Your Name to read more.