Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heart In Hand

If you all have a moment, would you vote for Heart In Hand please:

Heart in Hand has been nominated by TRR reviewers for Best GLBT Paranormal Romance – Angel and Demon (2011) at The Romance Reviews (“TRR”).

Voting takes place here! (Or just click the button there)

Voting officially started November 16, until November 30. Results would be announced on December 1. Thank you everyone, it would be such a thrill to win.:)


  1. congrats Mary, and Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you all, I appreciate the support most of all. :)

  3. Thanks Linda, I hope I win too. It would feel good especially for that warder book which is the middle one and not the one with the biggest, boldest characters. Leith is a quiet guy and so is Simon. But I love them together. Amy said that what she loved about them was "Simon Kim's yearning for the man that only he knows" was what made it special for her. I liked that and so pleased that all of you understood that too. That only Simon really gets Leith.