Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank You Sale at Dreamspinner Press

Okay so tomorrow, November 21st, Honored Vow is out (excited, terrified, like normal), and just in time for November sales at DSP.

There are three special events going on between now and the end of November that I need to let you guys know about:
First, there is a "We Are Thankful" Sale, 20% off everything on the DSP web site through Nov. 30.
Secondly, DSP reached 1500 fans again on the Facebook page after FB ate the old one. To say thank you, there's a code on the DSP page for 15% off one order of any size over the next year. So go to the Dreamspinner Press Facebook page, to get the code and use it.

Finally, every purchase between now and Nov. 30 enters you into a drawing for a Kindle Fire, to be drawn on Dec. 1.

So Honored Vow is on sale just in time for it's release and lots of appreciation for you from Dreamspinner. Don't miss out on the coupon code or the sale.


  1. I just finished Honored Vow and I'm in awe. This story had so many twists and turns and I cried at the end. I was happy with the relationships that formed, but was kind of sad as well. I'm interested in what you're going to do about Koren and Crane and the others. I know you said that this was the last Jin Logan book but it can't be the last book on the werepanther because there's so much more you can do. Well, I hope. But you're awesome and I love reading anything you write. You've grown so much since I first started reading you work and I feel that you make me a better writer. Thanks and keep it up!

  2. I just finished Honored Vow. What a wonderful book. My emotions were all over the place. I know that you said that this was the last Jin/Logan book, but I was wondering if we would get to see more from the werepanther world. I loved the twist and turns you took in the book. I would love to see more from Domin, Crane, Yuri, and the rest. With maybe Jin and Logan updated?

    Thank you for your wonderful writing.

  3. JS~
    That's such a wonderful compliment you gave me, thank you so much. And there will be another book, I started already. Domin's story is next, his further adventures, and don't think for a minute that Koren will be missing from the mix. There's no twists without him. And Crane and Mikhail and Taj and of course, Yuri. So yes, I have lots more to do. But again, thank you for your comment. Release days are a roller coaster ride of emotions and nothing beats positive reinforcement.:)

  4. Tiffany~
    Yeah! You liked it. I'm thrilled to hear it. And yes, there is much more werepanther world to be written. Domin's book is next and there will be news from home and more twists and more Koren and more Yuri and more everyone. Thank you for dropping by and letting me know you liked it, it means so much. :)

  5. Mary-
    I loved it. I adore all the Jin Logan books. This was a terrific ending to their story. I was slightly sad about Domin and Koren but then very happy for Domin and Yuri. I'm excited to hear you'll be giving them a book. And although I definitely want Koren to get his happy ending, I think Id be pissed if Domin went back to him after hes jerked him around all this time. On the other hand I've always loved however you wrote things so whatever happens there, I'm sure it'll be great and when the book comes out Ill rave about it just like here. Looking forward to your Christmas story.

  6. Dear Ms. Mary,
    Honored Vow was amazing, there are no other words. I have taken an amazing journey with Jin, and I am happy to know that we will have more with Domin, Crane, and Yuri.

    While I mourn Koren and Domin, Yuri and Domin is the best part of this book. I pray that Domin does not do to Yuri what Koren did to him.

    It was just amazing, I laughed, I cried, and I will miss Jin and the family he had, but things change, sometimes for the better. Thank you for giving Domin his birth right back, it was one of the best moments in the book.

    I am a huge fan who can not get over just how brilliant you are, not just with your writing, but with the way you make your characters come to life.

    I can not wait for the next werepanther and warder book. Thank you for writing these stories.

    P.S. Have you ever given thought to letting others write about your werepanther universe?

  7. tenisunoelito~
    Glad you enjoyed Honored Vow as well as my warders. I have Dylan and Malic's Christmas story coming out in December and as soon as I have the date, I will post it up. :)

  8. avatarminx~
    Thank you for checking in and letting me know what you thought of Honored Vow. Koren will definitely be in the next book and I appreciate your continuing faith in me. I hope you like my Christmas story, let me know. :)

  9. I think I liked this 3rd book the best. On the verge of tears much of this story. My kids are giving strange looks. LOL

    It was a wonderful story thank you for sharing. NOW hurry up with what evers next. ;)

  10. Mary,

    I purchased and read Honored Vow!
    Truly beautiful, love it and if you're really honest that this was the last-I have to say I am so going to miss these characters. Jin and Logan, Domin and Yuri, Crane and Mikhail..there are just so many terrific story lines there that I'd like them to go on forever.

    Well, well, well done!!

  11. I loved it so much I've since read it twice (good thing I had yesterday off work). I don't think I've cried that much over a book in forever. I really felt Jin's isolation so much & this story was wonderful and sad and I couldn't put it down. I think the stronger presence of Domin was a great thing, he was always my favorite secondary character, even though he was not featured too much in Trusted Bond, and while I was sad for Koren, I think Yuri deserves to be happy & I can't wait until the next book. Also I was so emo over the separation of Crane & Jin, I literally had problems answering phones while at work. Please please please I hope that Jin has a cameo in any future books, he's such a great character. It would be especially nice to see how others view his actions since the books so far have been from his point of view. Thank you for creating this wonderful world & please keep writing. I'll buy anything with you at the helm!

  12. ceagles~
    So glad you loved it and thank you for the dear words. And so you know, my kids always look at me strangely so you have company there.

  13. Stardrifter~
    It's the last Jin and Logan book but not the last werepanther book. Domin's book is next. He has a lot to do so you'll see Yuri and Crane and Mikhail and Taj and even Koren, soon. Not to mention hear news from home. Thank you for loving my guys. :)

  14. Robyn~
    I love Crane, he's one of my favorites and he and Jin being separated I think was important for Crane's growth, but was hard for me to write. But you know, Crane's voice is the voice of reason and Domin needs him now more than Jin does. So he had to go with him. We will have lots of friends in Domin's book, Koren returns as well and of course Jin has to be there and his semel. I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it.

  15. Oh I can't wait to read this.....but with company I have to wait *pouts* I think I will work in some time to re-read Change of Heart and Trusted Bond cause I love Jin and will for sure need some ME time in a few days *grins*

  16. Hey M

    Honored Vow was just great - and while it was sad to see the Church family separated I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the next books - though I am hoping you will take us back to Jin and Logan one day because let's face it, there is no way those two could ever look after their own offspring on their own!! Congrats again, you're one of my favorite authors and you just keep getting better! Riley

  17. Just finished Honored Vow and I am speechless! I absolutely loved it. A little sad that this is Jin and Logan's last story but am glad to here that the story line will continue with the rest of the family. (I'm secretly hoping you will reconsider and sneak another story in down the road! Lol!) I am so looking forward to hearing their stories. Thank you for writing them for us, you make them come alive! I actually feel like I am there experiencing everything they are, you are an amazing writer! Trisha