Friday, December 30, 2011

Plans and the New Year

I hope everyone has a fantastic (and safe!) New Years. I appreciate you all so much and wish prosperity and happy on all of you. As for me, I have big plans for the new year, 2 novellas, 7 novels, hopefully I can get it all done. I also have personal goals, like losing weight, eating better and managing my time so that three am is not my normal bedtime when my kids have to be up at six-thirty. Zombies are cool in the movies and on TV but shuffling around like one as I go through my day is not in everyone's best interest.
It seemed like 2011 went by fast but maybe it's just me. I am looking forward to 2012, for the chance to have the spotless year of making no mistakes. We'll see. Everyone keep stopping by, checking in with me, and telling me what you think. Like I said, I can't thank you all enough.:)


  1. I can't THANK you ENOUGH. I love your work and look forward to the new year and new stories.


  2. Here's to a wonderful new year for us all. :)

  3. Making mistakes is how we learn.

    I think you are awesome :)

  4. Happy New Year! It looks like your plans for the new year will be good for me also :)