Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Installment of Booyah Books!

I am so happy to welcome the wonderful Lisa, of
The Novel Approach to my blog today for what I hope will become her monthly feature on her favorite books:

Booyah Books! A Happy Girl’s Guide to Fabulous Fiction

In case the title of this post wasn’t enough of a clue already, I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret: good books make for a happy me. They just do. I mean, I’m generally a pretty happy person to begin with, but when I run across a really good read, or better yet, a really good read by an author I’ve never heard of, well, that’s just better. And what better way to spread that happiness than for me to share some fantastic fictional finds, right?

Well, Mary has invited me to do just that here on her blog, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here. So rather than ramble on and on about these great books I’ve read recently, how about if I share instead? And if you’ve already read any or all of these books yourselves, you go ahead and spread the good word about them too. J

My first book was a lucky find called Shattered Glass by Dani Anderson. This was one of those books that dialed the WOW! factor up to at least eleven for me, A.) because, if I’m not mistaken, this is Dani’s first published novel and B.) because, if I’m not mistake again, it’s self-published.

Shattered Glass is the story of Austin Glass, a trust fund baby whose relationship with his family puts the function in dysfunction. Austin is a police detective with very definite career goals: he wants to work his way up to the FBI, but all those carefully laid plans go a bit awry when he discovers he’s gay and becomes fascinated with Peter Cotton, a man with a decidedly chequered past, a man who wears bunny slippers and still looks as irresistibly delicious as the whipped cream on top of the CINN-A-STACK pancakes at IHOP, and a man with secrets so dark and complex it takes a flashlight, a roadmap, and every bit if Austin’s investigative skills to maneuver through and around them.

Their road to romance is about as full of potholes as a dirt road in the middle of March, but the bumpy ride is all a part of the fun of this book. Austin is missing that self-editing gene, the valve that filters what pops into his brain and comes out of his mouth, which often results in some pretty funny and uncomfortable moments for him throughout the book. If you love snark, then you’ll love the smartass that is Austin Glass. If you love a good mystery, tension, angst, conflict, lies… well, you get the hint. Give this one a go.

A whole host of side characters help to tell the story and, as this is only book one of the series, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the next and the next, which, based on the end of this book, promises to be just as exciting and entertaining.

You can buy Shattered Glass”>HERE

I confess I’m not usually a great fan of anthologies, but in the case of Irregulars, a compilation of stories from authors Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Astrid Amara, and Ginn Hale, I can honestly say that I’ve never read an anthology quite like this one before.

The thing that makes Irregulars unique is that it’s a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. These incredibly talented authors didn’t just write four separate stories that complement one another. These authors wrote four separate stories that weave together into a single and superb world of Urban Fantasy, overlapping characters and magicks that require these stories to be read in order.

The NATO Irregular Affairs Division monitors and maintains order in a world where demons, faeries, pixies, brownies, witches, vampires, goblins, and all other manner of mystical creatures reside. It’s a world where anything can and does happen, where murder, intrigue, and secrets lurk to draw the reader into an incomparable world of mystery and romance that begins with a bang and never lets up till the very end.

I confess I bought this book because I worship at the altar of Ginn Hale, and she didn’t disappoint, but Astrid Amara stole this show, in my opinion. It’s all relative, though, because each of these stories rocked.

You can buy Irregulars”>HERE

The final book on my list this month is one I’m going to call a Challenge Read. First off, it’s not romance, so be forewarned. Second, this is a collection of stories that takes a dark and twisted and humorous and sometimes slightly disturbed look at the human condition.

The book is The Infernal Republic by Marshall Moore, and it’s a collection of short stories and flash fiction, some fantasy and some not, that reflects upon the concept that we’re all merely pawns in a preternatural game of chess, as well as delves into the desensitized nature of the society that we’ve become. Mr. Moore offers a slew of terrific tales of death, suicide, hatred, obsession, madness, vengeance, lost love, accountability, and children who can be taken apart and reassembled at the whims of the adults who only want them to acquiesce to their demands.

By turns caustic and unsettling, moving and provocative, The Infernal Republic is a masterwork for the disturbed, for those of us readers who want to turn out the lights and see what resides behind the fa├žade of the well adjusted.

Information on where to find The Infernal Republic can be found”>HERE

And that’s it for this month. Until next time, happy reading!

Lisa J


  1. Oh, shiny new header - nice! :)

    I loved Shattered Glass. I have Irregulars, but haven't read it yet. Not sure about that last one...

    1. Hi Godfrey!

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you love Shattered Glass. :)

    2. Hi Chris!

      I hope you love Irregulars. I love UF and thought those 4 authors delivered in a big way. :)

  2. Thanks Mary for hosting Lisa. Lisa, thanks for the intro to these new books. They sound wonderful, and I hadn't read any of them. So now I'm off to buy Shattered Glass. My bank account does not thank you.

  3. Reading "Shattered Glass" now, it it very good, bought "The Irregulars" cuz I love all the authors, the last book sounds interesting also.