Saturday, February 11, 2012

Steve Walker

"I hope that my paintings inspire, entertain, provoke, challenge, and in a small way make this world a more beautiful place to live. I hope that they live on long after all of us."
Steve Walker (1961-2012)

One of my favorite artists, Steve Walker, passed away and I wanted to take a moment to say how much I was going to miss him. Not that I knew him personally, but his art inspired me every time I saw it. This picture here, titled Parallel Dreams, inspired my novel Acrobat which will be out in May. It has a quiet, sweet feel to it that really moved me when I saw it and that I wanted to capture not in the overall book, but in the romance between the two men, Nate and Andreo. I hope I did.

Anyone who has been on my blog has seen the picture on the left side and Steve's name and the link will shoot you over to his website. I wanted everyone to see his stuff so have had it up from practically day one. I hope you will take the time to look now if you have not before. They are truly beautiful. I will miss seeing what else he was going to create.


  1. Very sorry to hear about Steve - he was so young still! :(

  2. His art is beautiful, inspiring. I also hope it lives on long after we are gone.