Monday, May 21, 2012

End of the hop and the winners

Well the hop turned out fantastic! I was so happy to see how great it went. I visited quite a few blogs and was so impressed. I wish we wouldn't have to do it next year, I wish a year from now it would all be fixed and perfect with sunshine and rainbows and everybody married who wants to be and driving a hybrid. Let's hope so. If not, we do it again next year, vote in the meantime, and raise our voices for what we believe in...Love.

As for my winners: Congratulations to Marleen, who won a signed copy of Acrobat, and Tami B who gets to pick whatever she wants from my backlist. By the way, I never used that randomizer thing before, it's way cool. :) So email me offline at so I can get you your books. Thank you so much everyone for coming by and visiting me and for participating in the
Hop Against Homophobia.

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