Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tune In

So tomorrow,  June 29th, Ellis Carrington's episode of Boxer Falls goes up and then the week after on July 6th, I follow her so I hope everyone will check it out. If you haven't started reading Boxer Falls yet, you so should. It's 10 kinds of fun. Join the M/M Romance group on Good Reads and start reading. There are 25 episodes already posted.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dreamspinner Sale

Hey everyone, head over to Dreamspinner, from
June 21-24
All ebooks 20% off.
All in-stock paperbacks 30% off.

Time to stock up on your beach reading. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012


I just finished a novella and am waiting to hear back on whether it will be accepted or not. That's always the hard part, the waiting, the nail-biting... I am currently working on Jory and a paranormal novella as well. Once Jory's done then I have to finish Domin's book. And that doesn't seem like much compared to others who write much faster than me but I'm moving too, (from Hawaii to Kentucky- big change), and have to pack. The packing is the hard part because there's no way I can take all of my books with me on the plane. They have to be packed. But which ones?
I have my favorites, the comfort reads, that I pick up again and again. And then I have my yaoi that I flip through and I just got my new Teahouse Chapter 3 and In These Words Chapter 6 and yeah they're small and most of my books are in paperback but we're talking about being away from them for at least a month...Funny how I'm used to having everything where I can just grab it and read it and the thought of being separated from it, for just a short time, is tough. I wonder how heavy my luggage will be?

The trip

View from my hotel room
Okay so a little catch-up here. BEA was really fun, it was so good to see everyone and very different form a convention. It's a trade show so people come and talk to you and ask questions and that was fun. I got to stand at the booth and show people all the pretty books but what makes it different is that you don't sell anything. So basically they can look at them but only look. That was a totally different animal for me. The highlights were of course being with Elizabeth, Lynn, Ariel, Anne Regan, Anne Cain, Damon, Michael Murphy (who came on the last day), meeting fans, one all the way from Norway, and signing books. The only sad part was that Andrew was sick so he couldn't come. He was missed by all of us.
My line to sign books
Okay, I'm sheltered, so as far as cons go, I've been to Yaoi-Con and that's it so when I was told I would be signing books I thought, cool, like in the movies. Yeah, no. Basically, you sit under a number and people come down the cattle chute to have you sing a book for them. As you can the left of me was a  lovely lady signing a YA book and to the right were the Captain Underpants folks so...and I had, blessedly, some very nice people who had me sign books for them. I was a little gushy and unhinged so I'm sorry if I scared anyone but God, I was so thankful that they were there. And I would have lost it completely if Tere Michaels, (yes, you can all squeeee, thee Tere Michaels), was not standing beside me and talking me down off the ledge. And the way I fangirled all over her earlier when she stopped by the DSP booth, you'd think she would have wanted a restraining order but no, she's awesome. It is the absolute best thing ever when people you love and admire turn out to be utterly fantastic.

Damon Suede and Tere Michaels
Tere had stopped by earlier to visit with Mr. Suede and so I got to meet her then. And look how pretty the DSP booth is. All the pictures are on individually sized pieces of black foam core and stick to the wall with velcro. I know I'm a geek but I worked at Kinko's for a long time so I can admire the work that went into it. So all in all, awesome four days.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

BookExpo America

So I'm flying to New York today for BEA, BookExpo America, which will be held from June 4th to June 7th at Javits Center. The time change from Hawaii to New York is amazing. I leave home on Sunday night and don't get to NY until Monday afternoon. It's as close to time travel (coming back) as I'm ever going to get. If anyone has time, please come by and see me and Ariel Tachna and Andrew Grey. Not sure who else will be there but I will update as soon as I know.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Warders In Print

 So here are the gorgeous covers for my print volumes. I love the rich dark colors, the deep red, the cool blue. I had been asked by a few people when  my warders would be in print and here they are. I love how they turned out. They will both be available June 11th.