Sunday, September 2, 2012

The newsy bits

So there is a contest at
Stumbling Over Chaos for my latest release, (click the button and you'll be there), which comes out on Wednesday the 5th which is Steamroller. If you have a second, pop over there and put your name in the hat. While you're there check out Misadventures in Stock Photography. I love that so much.
On September 8th, next Saturday, I am doing a Facebook chat in Spanish on the DSP Spanish page. I will have a translator, Saura, there with me and I hope it will be fun.
Things have finally calmed down a little, I found that the six weeks of being homeless and in transit and not having a desk put me further behind then I first thought. SO I am wrapping up Domin's book along with two other projects. I have found that too much coffee is killing me so have become quite the tea drinker. I never knew.  But I tried that 5 hour energy stuff and fell asleep a half an hour later. My husband says that to my junkie system, coffee, No Doz, Vivarin and whatever else just aren't going to cut it. But sleeping does not allow me enough hours in the day. The energy drinks don't work either. I need something that will not kill off braincells and give me a heart attack AND keep me up. If anyone has any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them. The Revive Vitamin Water doesn't help either.


  1. Fidgeting & discomfort? I find that driving long distances makes me drowsy, so it helps to be constantly doing something -- sipping from a cold drink, messing with the window or the music or something, singing along...

  2. I know you don't have enought time in your day as it is but exercising first thing in the morning really gets you going and keeps you going all day. Follow that with a protein shake and you'll be buzzing all day!

  3. Thanks for the mentions! :) Here's the link to the Misadventures:

    When I work from home and manage to get away for a walk over lunch, I am more alert and my afternoons are much more productive.

  4. Ooo!!! Excited for Domin's book to come out (after Steamroller and But For You)~ :) Thanks so much for the update!

  5. Yes, diet and exercise are 2 keys to energy. I have hypothyroid which steals my energy. If you haven't had a blood test in awhile, you might get one just to rule out a physical cause.

  6. Always waiting on a new Mary Calmes. Can't wait for this one, and Domin's


    Hope you are getting settled finally. Welcome stateside!

    1. Hi Mary, I purchased empty capsules from an online health store and started filling them with house hold spices that are suppose to contribute to energy and overall health. I am not a huge tea drinker so I cut open green tea bag and fill capsules, I also take cinnamon, fennel seed, tumeric, and cyenne pepper. Doing this at least you know what is in each capsule, not only do I feel better but I have lost some unwanted pounds.
      Take Care , youe are still #1