Friday, October 12, 2012's out!

Jory and Sam's parting shot is out and on sale this weekend because all the authors who are at Yaoi-Con are. Yeah! I hope you all enjoy it, let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. It was perfect. I'm gonna sleep now then read it again then come back and rave about it. Now after yaoi-con you better get cracking on a book for Aaron and Duncan.

  2. duncan! duncan! duncan!... I wanted his story after acrobat, you cannot tease me no more...
    he needs his story...

    I loved it... another great one.. im sorry to see the series end though :(

  3. opps..sorry sleepy now after staying up to read it.. forgot to say..

    Thank you, Thank you for all your hard work..

    your books always take me away from my everyday and with 2 little ones..and a husband,thats a vacation :)

  4. It was awesome, though I am paying for reading it now. I ordered & downloaded once available and was up to 3am reading. Makes for an early start when getting the kids ready for school having to be up at 5:30am, but so worth it.

    It made me cry, laugh and gasp! I just loved Jory & Sam. It was nice reading about their family life and how their kids seem to have picked up their little personality quirks. It was also nice seeing how they interacted with the family and friends with the children they now have also. But the surprise was Aaron & Duncan :) You just gotta, and I mean gotta write their story. I have felt for Aaron in the series and was nice to see that he may have finally found his guy so I am hoping this works out. Duncan you just had to love and I can so see how they are perfect together.

    Thanks again for an amazing book!

  5. Firstly, thank you thank you thank you Mary!! The book was, as expected, absolutely amazing. I think one of the things i loved the most was that this book doesnt take place a year or two after the last one- its been a while and its so great to see how their lives have progressed- and the lives of the other characters- dane, jory's friends etc. and of course, jory and sam are such an amazing couple! Loads of twists and action and their kids-wooow!!! How awesome are they?! So excited to read it again but sad that their story is over. Would be amaaazing to read aaron and duncan's story-if there is one..? Thank you for your work Mary-i worship this series. Just perfect! :}

  6. YESSS!!! I am purchasing it right now! :) Thank you so much, Mary, for this release!

  7. My first book I read from was was "A Matter of Time" and I have been hooked on your books ever since! "But for You" was fantastic. I laughed so hard at parts, I darn near wet my pants. Keep writing, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ohmygod, thank you everyone for your wonderful, warm, supportive comments. I can't thank you all enough for making a very scary release day that much better. It means the world to me. :)

  9. Thanks, Mary! I bought it last night and I'm still reading it, but so far I like it. I love Jory & Sam's kids, they're just adorable.

    And BTW guys if you haven't bought BFY yet, on dreamspinner website, you can used this coupon: FB5000. It worked for me and since it's already on sale, I got it even less for only $4.19. =)

  10. OK, bought it as soon as it went on sale, stayed up WAY late reading it and can I just say...woohoo...loved it. Love Sam, love Jory, really love the kids. It's fabulous and I enjoyed it so much.

    Having said that, you ABSOLUTELY have to write something, even if its a short story, about Aaron and Duncan. You cannot simply leave us hanging like. I know you, you're not that cruel, you totally wouldn't do that to us, you wonderful, devoted fans who eagerly haunt your blog and buy and devour your books the minute they come out (was that enough guilt lol). Please, please, please at least one more story in the Jory and Sam universe...and you could even mention Nate and Dreo and Michael from Acrobat...they could have a big coming out party (or even better a wedding) and everyone could be there. Just think of the possibilities...

  11. In honor of the release here is a little poem - my ode to Jory...

    There once was a man named Jory,
    He made me obsess on his story.
    He was very beautiful and very kind,
    And always in trouble with his distracted mind.

    His skin was so golden and his eyes were so brown,
    There was no man who could resist him in the whole windy town.
    He had a knack for trouble and an eye for things pretty,
    He loved jazz clubs and good scotch and was always quite witty.

    Then he met Sam a big handsome guy,
    A cop who started off straight - but then maybe was bi?
    A detective with clout that was Sam Kage,
    His lust over Jory was clouded in rage.

    Sam was appealing - he looked like a god,
    No one could resist him or his sexy bod.
    Jory's friends tried to warn him but it was too late,
    Don't give your heart away to a man who is straight.

    Their passion was crazy and very intense,
    They were perfect together it really made sense.
    But Sam couldn't handle the way it was going,
    He freaked out on Jory and their love that was growing.

    The perils of Jory they just won't slow down,
    He’s kidnapped and beaten and thrown all around.
    His brushes with death are too many to name,
    He lives on the edge - his life is never quite tame.

    He meets pimps and drug-dealers and all sorts of foes,
    He is drunk and abandoned and left to his woes.
    He solves crimes and meets women who love him a lot,
    Too bad he is gay because he’s so freakin’ hot!

    Well, Sam does return to reclaim his man,
    Because there's no one but Jory for someone like Sam.
    Their adventures continue until death do they part,
    Because love wants what it wants and you can't fool the heart.

    1. Paisley...that poem is friggin awesome!!!! Great job!!!

  12. Oh Mary! What an awesome ending to all that is Sam and Jory! Loved every word of it and I think I will re-read it again tonight! Thank you for a WONDERFUL journey! I am a little sad but smiling VERY BIG right now! Wonderful!

  13. Today is a National Holiday in Spain and I was able enjoy reading BUT FOR YOU on its release day! It's an awesome book, and the perfect way to say goodbye to Jory & Sam, although I’ll really miss them. Maybe you could write an Aroon and Declan story for your devoted fans as some people asked for?

  14. Thanks so much for this series, it has been one of my favorites. Jory and Sam however are my favorite couple. I love them and will miss them now that you are done with their story.

    I have to say this book left me with a craving for a book about Duncan and Aaron. Do you have one planned for them? I will keep my eye out.

  15. Mary,

    I as everyone else would love a book about Duncan and Aaron. And can I just tell you I loved the book. (Not too surprising I love all your books.) It was fun to see more in the Sam and Jory world and see all their friends.

    And can I just say Paisley that was an awesome poem!

  16. Congratulations on bringing this amazing series to a beautiful and fitting close, Mare!

    I don't think there will ever be another Jory Harcourt and Sam Kage.


  17. Thank you Mary! I loved it, but I'm kind of sad that this will be the last Jory and Sam story. Loved the kids and the interaction with them. Loved the updates on everybody else in Jory & Sam's world and I'm hoping you'll write something about Duncan and Aaron so their story isn't left hanging (fingers crossed....hoping...)and maybe when you do that a little Jory and Sam will sneak in?? Pretty please?

  18. What can I say I loved the book. Once again you entertained me!! You never disappoint. Thank you!! I agree with most on here please Aaron and Duncan!!! They are so not done so please consider if you haven't. Thanks again!! You are awesome!!!

  19. Again, I can't say thank you enough everyone for the outpouring of love and support. And I'm with Tiffany Paisley, awesome poem. :)

    As for Aaraon, I couldn't very well leave the man without a hint of happiness could I? I mean, I've dragged the man through three books aafter all. It means so much to me that you all popped by to tell me what you thought. Thank you all so much.

  20. Loved. It. It's was the prefect ending to Sam and Jory's story. And when I saw Duncan's name? Squeed out loud. I love it when there's crossover like that! (Of course, I too, would love to read Duncan and Aaron's story). But For You was exactly what it needed to be; no more, no less. Thank you much!

  21. Adored it! I think i like the sam in this book the best! everything about this was super sweet! I would love love love love love to read more on duncan and aaron... I have to say that aaron has really grown on me! I actually felt so bad for him when jory dumped him. But overall this was the perfect ending to this series. Thank you soo much!

  22. Hi Mary, I am still amazed that I can get so emotionally invested in a book, but when Sam's ex came into the picture it made me feel mad and sad and made me feel ill for Jory. I just get so wrapped up in your books! Great job loved it but was sad when it ended knowing it was the book. I look forward to any new release frpm. That poem in the comments was so great

  23. Hi Mary, I absolutely LOVED Jory and Sam's finale! But then I've loved all of your books so that's not so unusual. ^_< I'm also in total agreement with the previous comments, please, please, PLEASE grace us with Aaron and Duncun's HEA? And perhaps, maybe even a little one for poor Milton too, if you've got the time? =^..^= Lotsa Love and Thanks for doing what you do!

  24. Hi Mary. Went and bought it at 12am and then sat down and read it in one sitting. Those guys are so zwesome. I'm going to miss them. This is a wonderful story. But I never had any doubt that it wouldn't be. Waiting with baited breath for your next story. Chris

  25. Mary, this was an INCREDIBLE book. My favorite of all 6 of them. Just amazing. I love Jory and Sam so much! So sad this is the last of them. But I'm begging, please, you have to write about Duncan and Aaron!

  26. Mary, as usual you wrote another incredible book. I have to say that I too am sad that there story is done. I will miss them a lot. But the thought of them maybe reappearing in Aaron and Duncan's story makes me smile. Thank you for making my cold and rainey weekend brighter.

    Also, I want to thank you. I was one of the lucky winners of this book from stumbling over chaos. It was like the icing on top of already super yummy incredible cake!

  27. Fabulous book. I love how much Jory has matured; the kids are wonderful!! Also tying Duncan from Acrobat into this with Aaron - mmm - does that mean a new story with them!! I would love it. Thank you for being such a great author.

  28. Mary, thank you so much for this wonderful book. It was great just l expected and I like how it ended. It saddened me though that this will be the last book of the series. I love Jory & Sam so much I don't think if I will ever get tired of reading their story again and again. I hope someday thou you still give us another Jory & Sam, either from Jory's POV again or they appear in Aaron & Duncan book. I will really miss them. Oh, I can't wait to reread it again.

  29. Hi Mary!

    It was really amazing meeting you at Yaoi Con! Thanks for not thinking of me as a raving lunatic when I was rambling on about how much a adore your writing and outlook on true love and taking a picture with you. I can't wait to reread my now signed copy of Change of Heart and and am also super excited to check out this continuation of Bulletproof. Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the Change of Heart world as I love your style of world building. Hope you had an amazing time at Yaoi con and thanks again for sharing your talent with the world.

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  32. This book was amazing! Hope it's not the last. I mean, what happens when Jory is 50something, Sam is 60 something and the kids are getting married? :)

  33. Love this book but so sad their story ended. I love Jory and Sam!!! Couldn't put it down after I bought it so I read it through the first day ;) Excellent!

  34. I love Jory and Sam & this was a beautiful conclusion to their story. I am sad that the series is over but hope you write about Aaron and Duncan and perhaps we will get little updates about J & S through their story. Will you be writing a third book to Timing with Stefan and Rand? I'd love to see them have kids.

  35. I was so worried. Thank you all so much. :)

  36. After reading the book, twice, I had to come here and beg you to write Aaron and Duncan's story but, it appears I'm not the only one doing that. I haven't read a single book from you, and I have bought them all, that I don't like. Your books give me a little happy-ever-after-crap-might-actually-turn-out-okay vacation from real life. Thank you so much.

  37. Is the Duncan in this book the same as the one in Acrobat?