Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home Again

As usual, Yaoi-Con was awesome. I got to hang out with the wonderful Dreamspinner authors, meet incredible fans and visit all the tables I wanted to in the dealer room. I got to see Jo Chen, bought 3 pictures that I had her sign but as for books, I have everything and Chapter 7 of In These Words, as I whined about before the con, is on pre-order. Hamlet Machine was there and I got my favorite print (the one above) signed so that was fantastic. The ladies from Teahouse weren't there, which was sad, but I hope E is feeling better and I look forward to seeing them at next year's con. And may I say that even though I missed San Francisco, I have fallen in love with Long Beach where the con was held. And maybe it was where we were but the architecture, nightlife, and just general feel of the area was fantastic. All the charming restaurants and cute little stores were just awesome. Walking around at night, there was an Art Walk going on, was a lot of fun. I think I will have to add Long Beach to the list of places that my characters live.


  1. It's good to hear that Long Beach is cool - the San Francisco airport location didn't exactly take advantage of that city.

    Are you going to GRL next year, I hope??

  2. I live near Long Beach, and I like to think that it is a great place, and a great place for same sex couples. Two years ago, I saw a very romantic thing in Long Beach. Two very fit senior men sitting at a park bench holding hands. I about melted when one gave the other a peck on the cheek. My inner yaoi fan girl all but cheered!!!

    West Hollywood rocks too! I was there for the opening of West Hollywood Library and I was moonstruck at all the attractive and library--supporting gay couples. It was nice to get autographs from the LGBT authors too.