Sunday, November 11, 2012

A slice of Jin & Logan

So this is the second ficlet I wrote for the  
mmarvelous group and this one is between books. Just a typical Saturday at Jin and Logan's house.

         I wasn’t sure what to say so I just kept quiet. As soon as I came up with something reasonable, I was going say it. The problem was was that nothing was coming to mind.
    “Tell me again,” Logan ordered Avery Cadim the new sheseru of our tribe.
    Well, new wasn’t really all that accurate. He had been in the position for six months already.
    “Me, Artem and ten of your khatyu were escorting Jin, your parents, Delphine and Markel to the mating ceremony of the Calloway girl.”
    “I know that part,” he said and his voice was flat and cold.
    I saw Delphine wince and Markel bump her with his elbow.
    She turned to look at him and he widened his eyes.
    “You two have something to share?” Logan’s voice got loud.
    “No my semel,” Markel said quickly.
    “Logan,” Delphine began patiently. “It’s not a big deal. No one was hurt and––”
    “No?” He barked at her, turning whip fast and moving over to his mother, her mother, and lifting up Eva’s hand that was wrapped in gauze. “This looks hurt to me!”
    “Honey,” Eva began, reaching for her son. “It wasn’t––”
    “Enough!” Logan growled and the room went silent again.
    It would have been funny if he wasn’t so mad. We were all sitting around him on couches and loveseats like children waiting to be punished. And normally he would have never raised his voice to his mother but he was the semel now and not her son.
    When the front door opened and Peter Church, his father walked in, I groaned and leaned back against the couch. Artem Varda, Avery’s second in command, was sitting beside me. He had a black eye and a split lip and was holding an ice pack to the left side of his face. He was one of the first to go down.
    Technically the whole mess was my fault because I had gone to the mating ceremony. If I hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any interest in seeing me so the jostling to get close, the first shove that occurred followed by a thrown elbow and then a fist, would have never happened. It was me, in attendance, the reah, the nekhene cat, that had turned a regular engagement party into a riot.
    “Eva!” Peter called to his wife.
    “Oh for goodness sake,” she sighed heavily. “I’m fine. When I fell there was some broken glass and I cut my hand. No one stepped on me or punched or hit me...none of that happened. Jin was right there on top of me making sure I didn’t get––”
    “Jin,” Logan said ominously, cutting her off.
    Her head turned to me and I gave her a wincing smile.  She was really not helping.
    “Nice going Mom,” Delphine muttered under her breath.
    Realizing her mistake, she closed her eyes.
    “Jin saved you,” Logan snarled out before turning to face Artem. “Jin dragged you out of a pile of people as well right?”
    He cleared his throat. “Yes my semel.”
    “And you,” Logan rounded on Markel.
    “I uhm––” Markel coughed, “––would have helped but I had to take care of Delphine.”
    “As well you should,” he agreed his tone even more frightening for the calm infusing it. “She’s your mate. That’s what mate’s do. But you see me, as the semel of my tribe; I don’t have that luxury. I find myself unable to attend every event that my mate must. So I have to be able to put the care of my mate in the hands of others. I have to make sure that my sheseru and my sylvan are always able to protect and defend my mate.”
    The way he kept enunciating my title at the same time his voice got louder and louder, was making his intent and frustration clear to everyone.
    “My semel––” Avery began.
    “No,” he stopped him cold. “It’s hard, I know. Yuri himself failed in this very house to keep my mate from harm. So it’s not as though you have failed where he did not. I just realize now that I allowed something that I should not have. This is on no one but me.”
    My eyes met his and I saw the pain there as he stepped in close and then knelt down on one knee.
    I smiled at him as his hand went to my cheek, his palm warm as I leaned into it.
    “I can’t bear to see bruises on you,” he said quickly and I saw how brittle his control was as his eyes narrowed to raw slits of burnished gold. “I will end up hurting those who mean only to offer you their best intentions. I want to be a man who is caring and kind but I won’t be if this ever happens again. Do you understand?”
    I nodded before I turned my head and kissed his palm.
    “Good,” he said softly, gently, taking my hand and lifting me from between Artem and Avery to stand beside him. His arm curled around my shoulder, drawing me close. I wrapped mine around his waist and heard him take a breath, the first, it seemed, since he’d come home.
    “Logan,” his father began. “Jin must attend so many different functions, it violates all the rules of hospitality if he does not so how––”
    “Koren’s going to help me.”
    I turned to look at him as his brother walked into the room, so like Logan, the bearing and towering height, the blond hair and hard, heavy muscles. Where the similarities ended was when you reached the eyes. It wasn’t only the color, Logan’s gold instead of Koren’s olive green, but in what you noticed, or didn’t, behind them. All Logan’s spirit was right there in his gaze. You were held, like a moth on a pin, when it settled on you. The weight of it could make you squirm if you weren’t sure who lived inside your skin. If you were certain, knew who you were, what you believed in, who you loved, you could look back and hold the golden gaze. And he liked that, he admired strength in others because he so rarely found it.
    None of that sense of self was present in his brother. Koren was outwardly strong, and he was changing, growing, but there was more to be done and you could see it if you looked. Koren was so charming, and used it to his advantage, Logan was simply power and energy and heat.
    “What do you mean?” His father asked him.
    “Koren’s going to cut back at work as he’s hired several new brokers so that he can take on the duties of my maahen,” his voice rumbled, “as she takes over first Jin’s protection and then the protection of Jin and my unborn child.”
    Everyone turned to look at Yusuke Narae who stood by the mantle in heels, white slacks, and a black and white polka dot blouse accented by a strand of pearls at her throat. She did not look at all scary. Even the white eye patch she wore didn’t add to any feelings of menace. But I knew better. The woman was terrifying.
    “I don’t understand,” Avery said to Logan. “I’m your sheseru. I––”
    “And you’re a good one,” Logan assured him. “If your semel’s mate were a yareah, I would need no other protection but that’s not the case. The mate of your semel is a reah and as such even has their own companion named to them for counsel and protection.”
    “The beset.”
    “Then name a new beset for Jin and––”
    “No,” I blurted out. “Crane’s my beset and that won’t ever change.”
    “No it won’t,” Logan tightened his hold on me, rubbing his cheek over my hair, scent marking me without even consciously thinking about it. “But we will remedy it.”
    I looked up at him. “Logan?”
    “My house is in disorder because I strove to meet the needs of the new semel-aten. I wanted him to be safe, to have the best possible start. I made a mistake.”
    “What mistake?”
    “By allowing Crane to leave I created a hole through which you could be hurt. So now, Yusuke, because she’s the strongest after me, will fill that spot and Koren hers, until I can retrieve Crane Adams from Sobek.”
    You could have dropped a pin in the room and it would have sounded like thunder.
    “But you can’t. Logan you can’t,” I pleaded. “Crane’s the maahes of the first tribe, of the tribe of the semel-aten...he’s Domin’s right hand and––”
    “Domin has Yuri, Domin has Mikhail, he has Taj and probably others I don’t even know about. Crane is replaceable there, but not here, at your side. I suspect if you were to ask him what he wanted right now that coming home would be at the top of his list.”
    “I suspect you would be right my semel,” Yusuke agreed.
    I looked at her and saw the faint blush before her gaze dropped to the floor.
    What the hell was going on?
    “But Logan you can’t just––”
    “I can’t, it’s his choice because I made a mistake and allowed it to be. But I am going to Egypt to speak to him and Domin.”
    “Once he’s back, Koren can return and take his place as heir, Yusuke her place as maahen, but until he’s back, my house is not in order.”
    I turned to face him, my hands curling into his shirt. “Logan taking Crane away––”
    “Taking Crane away from something his heart is not in is not a bad thing Jin.” He sighed curling a long strand of hair around my ear. “I honestly thought that you were just friends. I mean, the best of friends, more like brothers, but still, I didn’t understand that he was vital. I wanted to be your only touchstone, the only one you needed.”
    I tried to say something but he shook his head.
    “For a yareah, I could be. I could be everything. But for a reah, a companion of your own is necessary. Crane offers insight, he calms you, he cautions you, and he nurtures you. I get it now because you know, I can grow too right?”
    God he was magnificent. “I really love you.”
    “And I love you back,” he said before he bent and kissed me.
    I wasn’t ready for him to turn a simple kiss into ravishment in front of everyone. But it was his home, he could do as he pleased, and stealing my breath and leaving me panting and clinging to him seemed to be what he was after.
    His rumbling laugher as he looked down at me was dear instead of teasing and as always I was putty in the man’s hands.
    “Would you like to go with me to Egypt?”
    My smile, I was certain, was huge. “Yes my semel.”
    “You know Domin might say no,” I told my mate.
    Logan arched one eyebrow for me just for fun. “He might.”
    But we both knew it was a lie.


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