Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some Domin & Yuri

Okay so awhile ago I wrote some free fic for the mmarvelous yahoo group that I'm in with Amy Lane, Ariel Tachna and Andrew Grey. It's fun, I'm the only M. We should have probably called it Three A's and an M. Sounds like a bad cover band. But so I wrote a short fic that was between the end of Honored Vow and the beginning of Crucible of Fate, which I'll share next and this one which is in the world of Honored Vow. It's from Domin's POV after he and Yuri retired the last night tht everyone was in Mongolia. Enjoy.:)

There was a layer of felt over the hard flat rock, then a thick area rug before the various animal pelts. It reminded me of a lair and the part of me that was an animal, liked that. Along with the scents of sandalwood and amber, there were faint traces of earth and smoke in the room, and that too was welcome. Pictures had been carved into the walls but still, there was something very primal about the home of the semel of the tribe of Khertet. Life was unchanged there in Mongolia and I understood, as I had even from the first, why the priest chose such a far removed place for the sepat. Sometimes we all had to be reminded that we were animals, as well as human beings. As I watched him though, the man I was going to make my mate, I realized that I saw him with the eyes of a predator. He looked good enough to eat. In the flickering candlelight, he was beautiful.
    His head turned when I moved closer and I realized he had not heard me behind him as he had been concentrating instead on pouring wine. In the low light, the thick red liquid looked black.
    “You order me to your quarters and then don’t show up,” he smiled lazily. “I thought perhaps you were taking Shahid up on his offer.”
    An old flame that he had seen me rebuff right there in front of him should not have given him a moment of concern.
    “You can have your pick now semel-aten.”
    The words were meant to be teasing, playful, but I wasn’t in the mood. I had no idea I could feel as I had hours earlier. Up until that moment I had thought that I was the one in control, not him.
    “What are you thinking?” Yuri asked softly, his clear blue eyes on my face.
    My gaze narrowed as I stood there, staring at him.
    “His scent is all over you,” I ground out. “Chuluun was aroused when he rubbed his chin over your shoulder and marked you.”
    He tried really hard not to look pleased but I saw the curve of his lips, heard the quick intake of breath and realized that I had just tripped myself up.
    “This is not––”
    “You’re jealous.”
    “No,” I snapped at him because of course I was.
    “And you surprised yourself,” Yuri’s voice was husky and low as he took a step forward.
    I took one back.
    “You don’t like me smelling like him... change it. Make me smell like you.”
    He had no idea how badly I needed to do that.
    My mouth had gone dry. I would not be in the same place I had been with Koren Church for all those years. The person who loved more had none of the power and––
    “You surprised yourself didn’t you?”
    Yuri Kosa did not get to read my mind; this was not how I had things planned. I would be cold and distant and would never let him see the depth of my feelings or know what simply seeing him did to my heart.
    “Say something.”
    I pointed at the two goblets he had been tending to. “Do I get any of that wine?”
    “No,” he shook his head. “I just decided you had enough. Don’t want you blaming anything on alcohol.”
    “Your feelings.”
    “I have no idea what you’re––”
    “You are so terrified right now,” his grin made his eyes warm, and unlike mine, did not look wicked or evil, just kind. There was never a doubt about Yuri, even when we were young. Everything you ever wanted to know was right there to see. It was very comforting.
    “You think you know me so well,” I was defiant.
    He chuckled. “Yeah I do, and if you could see your face right now...God, you’re giving me heart palpitations.”
    I felt my skin heat as I took another step back.
    “Come here,” he said, reaching for me.
    Again I moved back. I couldn’t fight with him; I knew that my beast, the one who lived in me, could hurt him. So my only option was the second one, flight. “I won’t have anything else taken from me.”
    “I know,” his voice soothed me. “You’ve had enough stripped away in your lifetime, family, tribe, love...but no more.”
    Nothing. Ever.
    “I’ll protect you and your heart.”
    He was so different from every lover I’d ever had. I didn’t have to guess if the words and the actions would match. There was no doubt.
    “Why are you worried?”
    “I’m not!” I said much too fast and far too defensively.
    “Love,” he sighed as his hands took hold of my face.
    The tremble was involuntary.
    “Tell me, it wasn’t simply Chuluun was it?”
    “I will rip out his throat and paint the walls with his blood if he ever puts his hands on you again!” I snarled at him, pulling free, my voice rising.
    He reached for me and even though I tried to maneuver away, I didn’t make it. The movement was fast and sometimes I forgot how quickly Yuri could react for a man so big and covered in heavy, meaty muscle. 
    I was yanked forward at the same time he stepped into me. We collided.
    “You’re forgetting who I am.”
     “Yes,” he nodded, lifting my chin, exhaling softly. “For just a moment you did.”
    I made myself breathe.
    “Everything here,” he said, putting his hand over his heart. “Is yours. There’s nothing left for anyone else and there never will be.”
    My eyes searched his.
    “You know me.”
    And I did. He wasn’t the problem, I was.
    He bent towards me and I lifted at the same time because I needed the kiss, needed him, more than I was even ready to confess. His taste was becoming familiar as much as I’d been mauling him lately and as my tongue slipped inside his hot mouth, I moaned deeply.
    We fell together down onto the furs and when I rolled him to his back, I had to break the kiss so I could see him.
    “You like looking down at me.”
    Yes I did.
    “Take off your robes semel-aten.”
    I rolled off of him and began frantically pulling and yanking until I was just as naked as he was. Both of us had been in a rush.
    Looking at Yuri Kosa, at his sharp, chiseled features, deep-set eyes blue eyes and pale skin was always a pleasure. He took my breath away.
    “I know what it is. I know why you’re scared.”
    I was barely listening, too caught up in staring at him, shivering with the idea that those strong, veined hands were going to touch me. 
    “You’re terrified that you’re going to fuck this up, being semel-aten, and then everything will be stripped away from you all over again.”
    He was the only one in the world I knew I could tell. “Yes.”
    “Well stop,” Yuri told me, rolling me over on my stomach, fingers stroking down the length of my spine. “You’re second-guessing my semel.”
    I looked over my shoulder at him. “What are you talking about?”
    “Logan Church,” he grinned at me. “He’s my semel.”
    “Yes I know that, but what––”
    “Logan knows his limits better than anyone. He knows exactly what he can and cannot do. So it stands to reason that if he thought he would have made the best semel-aten, he would have stepped up and done it. The man doesn’t know how to shirk responsibility.”
    It was true. “So you’re saying he actually thought I was the best one to do this?”
    “That’s what I’m saying,” he said, and I felt his lips on the small of my back.
    “Oh God,” I groaned, loving the way the man loved me. No one had ever made me believe that I was beautiful, and wanted, and more than anything, needed. He annihilated me.
    “You’re the one, Domin Thorne.”
    I rolled over to look up at the beautiful man above me. Yuri Kosa was a mountain of hard, rippling muscle, powerful and strong and every part of him, every piece, belonged to me; He was mine for the taking if I would just claim him.
    “Ride me,” I told him.
    “Yes semel-aten,” he smiled wickedly in the low light. “Pass me the lube.”
    “Above your head.”
    I reached back and it was there, stuffed under the pillow between the furs. “Are you always this prepared?”
    “I’m a sheseru; we leave nothing to chance in a fight.”
    “This is a fight?”
    “Oh yes, and one I plan to win so I can claim my prize.”
    I watched him as I handed him the bottle, saw him drizzle lube over my already hard, seeping cock, and stroke me until I begged him to take my length inside of him.
    “Domin,” he breathed out my name as he rose above me.
    “Am I your prize? Am I what you want to win?”
    “Oh yes,” he exhaled and I saw the flush spread across his skin, the blown pupils and savored the clutch of his rough hands on my chest.
    He was so tight and hot and the look on his face as he sank down over me, the shudder that consumed him and his head dropping back on his shoulders made me jolt up into him. How I had missed him for so long, not seen him, was beyond me.
    “Domin,” again he said my name, full of longing and love.
    Fully sheathed in his body, feeling the channel ripple around me, fist me in velvet heat; I was ready to fill him with my seed that fast.
    “Oh,” he moaned as he rolled his hips forward, seating himself deeper as his thighs pressed tight against me.
    I reached for his shaft, curling my fingers around it, thumb and forefinger unable to meet around the girth of his cock. “This is as massive as the rest of you,” I told him. “And soon, I want it inside me.”
    “Whatever you want,” he whispered, the eyes now locked on mine devoid of rational thought, only passion, only the edge of his orgasm mattering.
    As I stroked him, loving the feel of his dick throbbing in my hand, I felt his inner muscles tightening, clutching and I knew I was close to losing myself.
    “What will you say tomorrow?” He asked me, his voice cracking with the strain of holding his orgasm at bay. “To Logan, what will you say? Who will you ask for?”
    I didn’t answer, I bucked up against him instead, straining, pushing, and he was lost, neither of us able to speak anymore.
    I could have told him not to worry that I had already made a decision about what he would be, where he would go and who he would belong to. I could have, but I didn’t. The morning would come soon enough and then he’d know because really, I wasn’t the prize. It was him.

Update: The excerpt is up at DSP. :)


  1. I am so looking forward to this book. I love this world you created. Thanks for the sneak peak. Can't wait to read the rest.

  2. I can't wait for this book, I love the together this is going to be a great start to a new part of the series. These books from this series are the best and my fav. Mary you have done it again!

  3. This is truly my favorite series, I just love all the characters and the world-building is amazing. I can't wait for this book.

  4. Thank you all so much. I'm worried about Domin's book, it's different from Jin's but hopefully Domin can be loved as well. :)

  5. You are such a tease! ;)

    I welcome Domin's book being even vastly different from Jin's simply because Domin is not Jin. Domin's definitely a character who caught my attention from the first, so I'm really looking forward to his story.

  6. This was so many kinds of awesome. And hot. And Westbrooke Jameson is right. Domin isn't Jin or Logan. He's different and that's a good thing. He has his own style, personality, and way of looking at the world. Logan had it all, and quite easily. Domin had it stripped from him and worked to rebuild. I think it's great.


  7. I was late reading this series but I am so glad I found this fic. As much as I adore Logan and Jin, there is something about Domin and Yuri's story I connect with. I was sad to see the series end without any children for them, but I am such a fan of how you created their journey and let us see how they were doing in Crucible of Fate.