Sunday, December 23, 2012

Me and Christmas

The Glitz

One of the gallery rooms
My mother-in-law's fabulous tree
It is no secret that Christmas is NOT my favorite holiday. All the things about it that stink like the scramble for gifts, the crowds, the shipping and the worry all add up to a time of year that I sort of loathe. People use to tell me that once I had kids, it would all change and the wonder of the season would return. Hmmmmmmm. But that didn't happen. So I have sort of been wallowing in the holidays and then yesterday everything changed.

My family started a brand new tradition and we went to Irish Acres, Gallery of Antiques and had lunch at their restaurant there, The Glitz. It is in Nonesuch, Kentucky and the drive to get there was lovely with miles of handmade low rock walls. My hubby and I had been once before when we were engaged so 18 years ago was the last time I was there.
The thing is, it's not, on the surface, my kind of place. Three stories of antiques with rooms that look like, (well you can see them), so you get the idea. I don't like clutter, I don't like frou-frou things but while there is a lot of that there, that's not the important part. Everyone is so nice and walking through three stories of antiques and decorations with my kids was a lot of fun. Of course my kids, being mine, started thinking up horror stories that could occur in the gallery when they close it. Dolls coming to life, going after the poor security guard, etc. It was funny. The best part though was just being with them. Also, I have been very blessed to have a mother-in-law who thinks her grandchildren are hysterical and even though she herself decorates like a pro, (as is evident), she thinks my many eclectic ornaments on the miss-mash tree are beautiful too. So really, it wasn't lunch or buying more Christmas ornaments yesterday, but instead realizing that after all the hoopla, it's the little things that make the holiday. 
My mess.
More mess
Mamaw's house.
I hope everyone has an awesome holiday and I appreciate you all for being part of my life. :)


  1. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday too, and I thank you for being such a bright part of my life as I do love all your guys and your amazing imagination! Enjoy!

  2. Merry merry to you! :)

    I think we have similar feelings about this holiday... Glad you had such a great time at that antique store tour!

  3. Amen Sister. Christmas is my least favorite holiday. But for my kids and husband, it is their favorite so I grin and bare it. (bare it..haha) never mind, a little too much eggnog. Anyway, you hit it right on the nose. It is the little things that make it special, those things that you least expect but when you look back you remember the most. Here's wishing you and all a very safe and happy holiday season and new year.