Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Booyah Books And A Tribute To An Author Who Left This World Far Too Soon

Last month, a man was laid to rest, at the age of 41. Rick McGranahan passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of complications from diabetes, leaving behind a husband, family, dear friends, and mere acquaintances whose lives he’d touched either deliberately or incidentally through the sharing of his journey. I’m not going to pretend like I knew Rick well, though I can say I do know some of the most very intimate details of his short but amazing life.
Rick and I met online because I’d been given his book, Visiting the Ghost of Puppyboy, to read and review back in September of 2010. The book is a memoir of the years of a life spent as a club kid, Go-Go boy, stripper, drug addict; you name it and Rick had probably done it. He lived hard and loved harder, and though this isn’t a romanticized version of a gay man’s life and struggle to find love, it does end in a happily-ever-after. Sadly, however, the final chapter has been rewritten and The End came all too soon for this bright and wonderful man.
The following is an excerpt from my original review of “Puppyboy”. If you haven’t read this book yet, I encourage you to do so. And please note that Rick's memories are published exactly the way he lived his life: Fully Unedited.
Visiting the Ghost of Puppyboy is a story that highlights the reality that there is a very real difference between being alone and being lonely, that there is a difference between being loved and being worshiped, and that there is a vast difference being loved and being used for a night.
This book is neither for the judgmental nor the squeamish. It is a book that should be absorbed and appreciated for its candor and its value to the author, as well as to those whose lives he touched. I was profoundly moved by it and am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have shared the author’s memories.
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I have a new reviewer at The Novel Approach. Bruce is a husband, father of three children, a doctor, and a great reviewer too! He liked SJD Peterson’s latest book Pup so much that he’s thinking about a lifestyle makeover. Here’s what he had to say about the book:
Now as a gay man, I must admit that I have played “dress up” in leather and even have dabbled with “role play” on occasion with my sexy husband. I view these times as visits to Disneyland and though I may enjoy visiting on occasion, living in Disneyland has never had much of an attraction to me. So, when I saw SJD Peterson’s new book, Pup, I was intrigued but not too sure if it was the right book for me. I had never read a BDSM novel but I thought, “What the heck, this may not be my cup of tea but since BDSM seems to be relatively prevalent in the genre right now, I might as well give it a try.”
Oh my goodness, was I ever wrong about me not wanting to live in Disneyland! I am in current negotiations with my husband to negotiate our own BDSM contract!!! This book is HOT and had me enthralled from about chapter 2.
Trackett Austin is a Dom in his mid 40’s wondering what he’s doing with his life. He’s never had a long time commitment and seems to be wandering somewhat aimlessly. A young mid 20’s bartender the character of Micah has been pursuing Trackett wanting to become the Sub to his Dom. Their story and how they forge a relationship is what this novel is completely about.
As a reader of the m/m genre, I at times get tired of the endless sex scenes that get injected into stories that seem to have little purpose in spurring the story along. Now I recognize these as a necessary part of the genre, but often they are not what keep me engrossed in the story. However, with “Pup” all the sex scenes are very relevant to the story and I found myself more than once a little breathless at the end of said sex scenes. I was amazed at how loving a BDSM relationship could be portrayed and watching the love between the two characters develop in the context of a BDSM relationship was titillating, to put it mildly.
Now this book is not without its faults. I found the multiple third person points of view in the same chapter, and often the same scene, a bit confusing. I also had a hard time picturing what the characters looked like. Now I admit that may be my own fault, as I was devouring this read rather voraciously, but a little bit more physical description for the rabid reader would have truly amped up the volume for me in this great book.
Overall, this novel was a great read and I applaud Peterson for her ability to make me want to sell my house and go live at Disneyland.
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Last but certainly never least is Jordan L. Hawk’s Master of Ghouls (SPECTR #2), the follow-up to the fantastic Hunter of Demons.
John, Caleb, and Gray are back and at it again, and by “it” I mean all the jinkies! and acks! that make me go EEP! in the night. This installment of the series is filled with some gut-clenching excitement amidst relationship tension, not to mention the ghastly bits and the parts that made me think, whoa, that Jordan L. Hawk’s imagination is kind of impressive in a very cool way. It’s an episode of twists and turns in which the hunter becomes the hunted in a game of avarice and mutiny, when the garden of good and evil becomes tangled with the thorny truths and prickly deceptions of betrayal and set-ups, when a former ally becomes the enemy because he covets, blurring the lines of whom the true monster is.
Jordan L. Hawk has done nothing but deliver another fresh and fantastic book to add to her repertoire. It’s filled with plenty of action and suspense, top notch storytelling, not to mention how very skillfully she baits the not-so-fast-dear-reader hook, offering just enough to lure you in and then leaving you dangling, and doing so happily.
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And that’s it for the April installment of Booyah Books! Until next month, happy reading.

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