Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Okay so I really thought that spring was going to be better then winter but hello, no one told me all the bugs would come out. In Hawaii, the bugs are always out but I was used to it. But in Kentucky, they went away. Like I saw nothing. Zilch, nada, until today.
Today, I open my front door and there are bumble bees on the frou-frou spring flower wreath I put on my door to replace the red berry one I had for winter.  Stupid bees, do they not know the difference between real flowers and fake ones? And I screamed like the girl I am and it was dumb. But two is a lot of bees at one time right? And I got my very first sting last year and had a reaction. I called my sister because she has a PHD in Biology and so I always figure, she'll know.
"A bee stung me."
"And  a bee stung me!" I was freaking out at this point.
"Okay," she started being soothing because she knows I'm melting down and she's known me all her life and I love her like mad and so she gets that I'm on the verge of a complete panic attack."Did you get the stinger out?"
"Yes, I think so. It was like a teeny black thing."
"Yes, good. Now go home an put ice on it."
"This really hurts. What if I die?"
"You'd be dead already." She said dryly.
"What if I go into anaphylactic shock?"
"Again, this would have already happened."
So I calmed and went home, took a pic and sent it to her.
"Wow that is big."
"You're not dying."
It took like a week to go away so the whole "bee thing" freaking me out.
So I leave the house, (darting by the way), and there is a wasp buzzing around the bottom of the stairs. What the... when I get home after picking up the kids and going to the store, I open the trunk and waaaaaah bee on the grocery bag. For crissakes! So now I'm stuck there, waiting for the bee to move, its on the eggs, and I finally get up the guts to kill it because it's threatening my children with starvation if cooking does not commence. I feel very motherly and valiant and I crush the honey bee to death with my shoe.
"Mom its totally dead."
"I killed it!"
Neither of them were impressed. So yes, its warmer. I am no longer freezing but allergies are back, and man, the whole bug situation is lame.
Okay so in other news...(bee rant over), it looks like Still will actually be out mid-May, but my Daily Dose story, Heart of the Race, will be out June 1st along with all the others. The Daily Dose has a sports theme this year. I can't wait to read the others. But yeah, I'm happy. Its a small 20k novella but I really loved writing it and my cover is completely awesome. Is it not the coolest?


  1. Yes I do love the cover. Can't wait for Heart of the Race and Still. I'm with you on the bees. I love to read outside and it gets problematic during spring. But at least it not winter.

  2. Very cool cover!! :)

    We had a couple of inches of snow this morning. *sniff*

  3. Agh! I'm going into withdrawal waiting for "Still" to come out! >_< But it did make me start re-reading all your old books and a thought occurred to me while I was reading "Nexus". Are we ever gonna find out if "Tarin" and the wolf make it out of Nebo? Will they become "real" boys and find their own happily-ever-afters? Please note, I include the mysterious and intriguing wolf in all of this speculation. =P

  4. Looking forward to the new stories! <3

    As for the bees, I understand. (I'm in TN.) I don't like using wasp spray, so when I go after one that has gotten inside I usually use something like Windex or hairspray in a pinch. Do you have a flyswatter? That's my step two in getting rid of wasps.