Monday, July 29, 2013

Love In The Heart Of The Summer - The July Edition Of Booyah! Books

 Lisa and the staff from The Novel Approach are back for another edition of Booyah Books!

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to this month's edition of our Top Reads for July!

We've got another great list to offer up, and hope that if you haven't read any, or all of them yet, we'll have at least helped you find some great books to round out your summer reading list. So, here they are.

The first of the bunch comes from Lynn, with Allison Cassatta's Pride: Dear Diary Book Two:

"Dear Diary: Pride is the sequel to Dear Diary and picks right up where the first one left off. We last saw Josh and Chris as they were going to the prom. But what happened after that?

I believe Allison Cassatta gave us a perfect balance of sweet romance, brutal honesty, and a dose of reality that we all need from time to time."

You can read the rest of Lynn's review and find buy links HERE

Jackie's picks for July include a debut novel, as well as a Young Adult Paranormal romance.

Here's a little of what she had to say about Lane Hayes' Better Than Good

"There is a HEA, but it is hard fought. The sex in the book was wonderfully written and their feelings for each other were clear in every scene they shared. In the end Matt has a hard time expressing his emotions, but he gets a little help from Elton John and Aaron’s friends to get his feelings across. I highly recommend this book and I hope to see more from the author."

You can read the rest of Jackie's review and find buy links HERE

Her second choice for July is Jeff Erno's Forever Young:

"I hope that Jeff Erno makes this a series because there are so many wonderful plot lines, new characters introduced right at the end and some surprise reunions. There are minimal descriptive sexual situations in this book, but the love that is shared between the couples is tangible. The final battle scene is very violent and bloody, and I loved every second of it. There are no sparkly vampires brooding in this book, but it does have a great love story. There is a HEA, but I for one hope that it is To Be Continued……

This book is well written, the characters are well fleshed out and there are some very interesting plot twists to keep you on your toes. Highly recommend this book. It should be on everyone’s summer reading list if it isn’t already."

You can read the rest of Jackie's review and find buy links HERE

Next up is Bruce's pick, and Taylor V. Donovan's Disasterology 101:

"Cedric has to be one of the most memorable characters I have encountered in a very long time. In fact, just thinking about him makes me want to squeal like a 12 year old girl at a One Direction concert. He is handsome, quirky, and severely disabled. Yet, Cedric struggles to make himself better to be with the man that he loves. The palpable anxiety that Donavan is able to manufacture in this novel surrounding Cedric’s OCD is like nothing I’ve ever encountered before. The anxiety practically leaps from the page and as a reader I found myself struggling with Cedric to make himself better so he could live a more normal life in order to be with Kevin."

You can read the rest of Bruce's review and find buy links HERE

Tina's choices this month come from authors Brad Boney and Jamie Fessenden. First up is Brad's The Return:

"If you love music, if you love love, if you believe in the power of love to overcome anything put in its path, you will love this book. If you read and loved The Nothingness of Ben, you will love this book, if for no other reason than catching up with the first set of fascinating people Brad Boney introduced us to. I fiercely (thank you thesaurus for giving me a word even stronger than “highly”) recommend this book to everyone."

You can read the rest of Tina's review and find buy links HERE

And Jamie Fessenden's Billy's Bones

"Mr. Fessenden treated the subject matter and the victim so tenderly, almost lovingly, that it made me feeling some bad stuff not so bad. I think it took balls to take on a subject so difficult to write about. I don’t know Mr. Fessenden’s personal history, but if he hasn’t experienced childhood sexual trauma and it’s aftermath, he is a deeply insightful and empathetic human being. This book deserves well more than five stars. It IS an emotional read. It is also so satisfying.

Recommended in the highest way possible."

You can read the rest of Tina's review and find buy links HERE

And finally, my choices for this month include a sequel and a book that was recommended to me by Elisa Rolle. 

First comes Edmond Manning's King Mai, the second book in the Lost and Founds series: "King Mai is a celebration of the contextual, a flow of poetic imagery and wordsmithing abundant with emotion. It is metaphorical and it is literal, it is more than romance and no less than the text of a master alchemist who has spun a love story that defies labeling. Edmond Manning has done it again, delivered an unequivocal reading experience that has knitted itself into King Perry, though the whole cloth of the Lost and Founds is a work-in-progress that is looping and stitching itself together, one Found King at a time, one Vin revelation at a time"

You can read the rest of my review and find buy links HERE

And last, but certainly not least, is Elisa's recommendation Atom Heart John Beloved by Luke Hartwell (Along with a companion piece, Nathan's Story.)

"These are not books for the squeamish; they are books to be experienced as well as read. The parts and pieces of the story are sometimes disturbing, and sometimes the experience will leave you questioning the definition of love, but in the end, they will leave you with the belief that it can be found in the one who makes you feel at home.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these books wholeheartedly, if not for the content that some readers may find disturbing. I will say that every word on every page, as painful as they sometimes are, are one-hundred percent necessary to the story, never gratuitous, so my recommendation comes with that caveat. For me, it simply made the experience all the more rewarding."

You can read the rest of my review and find the buy links HERE

And that does it for the July edition of Booyah! Books. Until next month, happy reading!


  1. Great choices, all! Thanks Mary for giving us this opportunity.

  2. I agree with Tina, these are some great books here! Thanks Mary!

  3. And my TBR pile grows some more. Of course, several of these were already on the list.

  4. Wheeeee! The ever growing TBR pile. I know all about that addiction, Eden. =)

    And, Allison, I don't know that thanks are necessary! I'm sure Lynn would be thanking you for such a great book if she were here. ^_^