Thursday, August 29, 2013

Booyah! Books - The Dog Days of Summer Edition

Hi again, everyone, and welcome to another installment of Booyah! Books. August was a busy month at The Novel Approach: we added Lana to our review staff, have had some great guests and giveaways, and have read some really outstanding books. This month's selections were not easy to make, especially since we limited ourselves to just one pick apiece, but we're confident we're giving you our best! 

So now, on to our selections!

Bruce’s Top Pick:

It’s not often that I am surprised by romance novel and this was a very pleasant surprise, indeed. When Prince of Silk of Thorns came across for review, I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the cover- Cherries on a rope? What does that have to do with a Prince? The story being a mixture of historical fantasy was not my usual genre either. I have to admit that I reluctantly dove into the story and after about 10 pages couldn’t put the darn thing down!

This book is GREAT and is something that will stay with me for a very long time. Yes the language can be a bit flowery but beyond that, this book is wonderful. I look forward to reading much more from this author. Never judge a book by its cover!

You can buy Prince of Silk and Thorns HERE

Tina’s Top Pick:

A lot of novels tackle difficult subjects. Some are brave enough to take on one or two. In The Cost of Loving, Wade Kelly is ballsy enough to battle beaucoup painful topics and leave you smiling after all the crying is finished. Any writer who can pack homophobia, self-injuring, drug addiction, depression, dysfunctional parenting, “religion” (the quotes are mine, not hers), guilt and grief (I am probably forgetting some) into one emotionally moving yet satisfying-on-a-gut-level novel has huge cajones and the keyboard to back it up with. Vigorously, firmly recommended.

You can buy The Cost of Loving HERE

Lynn’s Top Pick:

I usually don’t comment on the sex scenes, but I have to tell you, Deanna Wadsworth can write a sex scene like nobody’s business. I felt the passion between Ryder and Snake. I felt the raw need, the patience Snake had with Ryder really showed me he cared so much. I felt as though I was an intruder reading their love making scene; and yes, I even blushed a bit. And it takes a lot to make me blush.

I loved going back in time and seeing how very different the world was towards gay men. I think the author did a great job in transporting the reader back to that era. The mid-seventies weren’t gay friendly. And a scene in the story brings the fear and the need to hide who they were to the surface.

Overall, this story is heartbreaking with sad circumstances but also of hope, love and finding your forever in the place you least expect it.

A must read for everyone, highly recommended.

You can buy Easy Ryder HERE

Jackie’s Top Pick:

The last few chapters of the book document the life of a man just going through the motions. A man barely existing. To see this vibrant, intelligent man living a half-life is heartbreaking. He has friends, he has family, he has a business, but he is missing his happiness. Thankfully the author gives us a glimmer of hope at the end of the book. Perhaps we could twist an arm or a leg to get another book to see the HEA I know I was hoping for.

I will say to you all, this is not your typical love story. There really is no HEA, but it also isn’t a sad ending. There is hope and at the end of the day, I think that is all any of us can wish for. I know I am being a little vague on the details, but I can’t give it all away now, can I?

In my opinion this is a must read book! If you miss this one, you are missing something special.

You can buy Memorizing You HERE

Lana’s Top Pick:

There is a murder mystery to solve, which is predictable, but the story is mainly about Tony and Jack finding each other, coming together and creating something lasting.

The supporting cast of characters where entertaining and I would not mind reading a story about Michael, a sex surrogate who works with Jack at the clinic.

Overall, the writing was very solid. The dialog between the characters was very natural and believable. It flowed without any awkwardness. The story had lots of humor. Particularly between the two leads, but the supporting characters also had a number of memorable lines. The story had just the right amount of sex and it was hot! From the first moment the two met, you knew when they got together it would be explosive.

You can buy The Trouble with Tony HERE 

Lisa’s Top Pick:

If you love epic fantasy, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. J Tullos Hennig’s writing is nothing less than eloquent, her storytelling nothing less than stellar. This is the sort of book that makes me fall in love with words and language all over again. It’s a story that drew me in from page one and didn’t cut me loose, even when there were no more words left to read.

The book ends in a cliffhanger, one that promises no small amount of pain and heartache to come. This long and winding journey has only just got underway, where it will take me next I can only guess, but one thing I do know for sure is that I will be right there along with Rob, Gamelyn, and Marion every step of the way.

You can buy Greenwode (The Wode #1) HERE

And this wraps up another installment of Booyah! Books. As always, many thanks to Mary for allowing us to invade her space, thanks for taking the time to peruse our picks, and Happy Reading!