Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall needs to hurry up already

I can barely wait  for fall. Its no big secret that summer is just not my season. Its hot. My kids, (who I love and adore), are home and looking at me and asking me what we're going to do now. Next year there will be day camp of some kind. I hate to see them bored but really, underfoot is not helpful. Did I mention it's hot in summer? I would rather be cold. You can always put something else on but there's only so much you can take off. So hot and sticky with the bright sun. And the bugs? Lots of bugs and even fireflies freak me out. My husband's uncle is a font of information about what is in the back yard at their farm... chiggers, which are apparently bright orange and drill under your skin and make you itch. Charming. Wasps and bees and hybrid bee/wasps and cicadas and horse's just, whatever. You can have it. I am waiting for autumn.

We went to this apple orchard last year and got our pumpkin. It was awesome. Its cooler. There is a crisp feel to the air, places smell like cinnamon, the sun isn't so bright, and my favorite holiday happens, Thanksgiving. So all in all, I can't wait. Plus I like the colors of fall, the sepia tones, the burnt orange, the maroons. Some people have that condition where without sunlight, they get depressed. I'm the opposite. Too much sunshine and I need a break. My dad lives in Oregon now, we visited him and my step-mom over the summer and it rained and was overcast in June. In June! Oh dear place ever! I'm ready to move there now. And yes, for the first time in his life, my dad was Vitamin D deficient but that's what vitamins are for. And they have Powell Bookstore in Portland and Voo Doo Doughnuts, it was fabulous. Loved it! Women were wearing knee-high boots in June. Yes I know, I said "June" a lot but really, it can't be said enough. It was 64 degrees one day. Anyway, I will stop gushing over Portland but I'm ready to go.

So my new shifter story was accepted for publication, yeah! Supposed to be out in December, I will let you know when I have a firmer date. I also have a Christmas novella coming out, so I'm excited about that. GRL is getting closer and I hope to see a lot of you there, I realized how many paperbacks I have to schlep to have signed and it's more than I thought. I have to remember not to turn into a raving fangirl. I hope everyone has an awesome coming week. :)


  1. *sobs on Mary* Rain in June... you understaaaaaaannndddd...

  2. You need to move to Syracuse NY. Ranked snowiest city in America (including Alaska)with an average snowfall of 115in. Cool summers, beautiful falls and snowy winters that go from November to April :) A little long for my tastes but oh well! By the way, Love all your books. You made me a true fan of M/M romance