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And Now, The September Books We Fell For In A Big Way

The lovely Lisa from The Novel Approach is here with another installment, so without any further ado....

Booyah Books! has marked yet another month off the reading calendar, and we've worked to come up with a few titles for September that we thought were exceptionally good reads. Trust me when I say it's sometimes very hard to narrow the choices down to only a couple of books, let alone to just one apiece, but we've done our best and here's what we have to offer.

If you've already read them, I hope you enjoyed. If you haven't read any of them yet, I hope you'll give them a go and will love these books as much as we did.


Tina's pick this month is Jeremy Pack's To Touch the Stars, a contemporary/historical? (not sure what we call books nowadays that are set in the 1960s). Here's a brief excerpt from her review: "The main characters were so well-developed, I actually felt like I was growing up with them. Jeremy Pack made them fly off the page and into my brain and heart and bloodstream. There’s a scene in the book where Nick is bailing out of a crashing helicopter and he shapes his body, as much as he is able, into a missile to propel himself as far away from the copter as possible. That is how I picture Tait and Nick coming out of my Kindle and into me.

The supporting characters were crafted so sublimely that it is clear the main characters would never have become who they were without their support (sometimes not so supportive, but you know what I mean). Ok, maybe influence would be a better word choice than support. Maybe from now on we should refer to supporting characters as influencing characters?"

Tina's full review can be read HERE

Lana's top choice this month is James Lear's The Hardest Thing, the story of a tough ex-marine turned bouncer, turned body guard who gets himself wrapped up in an action packed mystery. Here's a brief excerpt from her review: "I knew as soon as I finished reading The Hardest Thing that it was going to be really hard for me to review this book. I’m not a writer so how can I possibly put into words how much I enjoyed this book? How to describe how much I laughed and cringed? How much I didn’t want this crazy story to end?

The Hardest Thing is a tightly wound mystery novel."

Lana's full review can be read HERE

Lynn's number one pick this month is Kim Fielding's The Tin Box, a contemporary story that tells of a heartbreaking past glimpsed through letters written by a man named Bill. Here's a brief excerpt of her review: "I have never read a story in which one of the most heartbreaking characters wasn’t even physically there. The letters William found in that tin box were devastating and so sad. The realization of what those letters meant was gut wrenching to say the least. For William, I believe it was kind of a wakeup call for him. He had a choice on how he wanted to live his life, he had his freedom. Bill, the man who wrote those letters, never had a choice. He had his freedom taken away simply because he loved another man. I believe that voice from the past made William stronger in ways he never thought possible. It shows in the letter William writes to Bill at the end of this story. Wow, I had to swallow back tears as I read it, so beautiful."

Lynn's full review can be read HERE

Jackie's selection for top September read goes to Eden Winters' Corruption, the continuing saga of Lucky Lucklighter and Bo Schollenberger as they continue to make their way through the ups and downs of not only their relationship but the drug business too. Here's an excerpt from her review: "We are introduced to some new agents in this book and some restructuring that is sure to bring some wonderful drama to the next book in the series. Close to the end there is one character introduced that will knock your socks off. When I read it I had a true “What the……” moment!

I loved this installment of the Diversion series, and it set us up perfectly for the fourth book. This is one story that is not to be missed. If you haven’t read the first two books, you could read this one and enjoy it but to get the full effect, I recommend reading the entire series. You will not be disappointed."

Jackie's full review can be read HERE

And finally, my choice for top book of the month goes to the historical/paranormal mystery The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles. Filled with plenty of goose-bumpy moments and an enemies-to-lovers romance, not to mention a briskly paced and "visually" compelling plot, I loved it and can't wait for book two in the series: "Fans of gothic horror, historical fiction, gripping mystery, tight prose, rich plots and multi-dimensional characters are in for a solidly entertaining read in The Magpie Lord. I’m tempted to add many exclamation points here because I’m so excited about the first book in this series!!! There. Done.

This is a book of lust in so many ways: the lust for power and the lust for sex and the lust to be connected to someone, and the final outcome of all that desire is sex magick and a blood bond and a link which forms an unbreakable tether between two men that I can’t wait to see expanded in the coming installments in this series. Evil has escaped, after all. When that happens, there’s always more to come."

The rest of my review can be found HERE


And that does it for another month of Booyah Books! Until October, happy reading! 

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