Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's the end of October, which means it's time for more Boooooo-yah Books!

It's Halloween y'all, so I hope every one has a wonderful and safe one. I'm happy to have the wonderful Lisa and her gang from The Novel Approach  back for another edition of Booyah Books.


It’s hard to believe we have another month behind us. October went by in a blur and has sped us way too quickly toward the coming winter months—although those are the best ones for curling up with a good book, so there are good things about that hibernation time too. J

So, without more unnecessary rambling, here are our Booyah Book! picks for the month of October:


First up is Lana’s choice, Rising Fenzy: Men of Myth, Book Two by Brandon Witt. Here’s what she had to say about the book:

Rising Frenzy is the story of Finn’s and Brett’s separate lives and their struggle to move on. Oh, and how upset I was when I realized that they were not getting back together!! Yet!! I hope!! There’s the set up for the next book and plots involving supporting characters but at its heart, its Brett and Finn’s story.

Only one word can describe the writing in this book: incredible! Mr. Witt is a great storyteller. His words create amazing visuals. The dialog was superb and flowed without any awkwardness. He needs to write a script and make these books into a movie.

Is it too obvious that I loved this book? Trust me, you will too! 5 stars, enough said!

Lana's full review can be found HERE


Next up is Tina, who has selected Rowan Speedwell’s Illumination as her top read for the month. Read on to see why:

During one last night on the town with his friend Evie, Adam takes some pills given to him by a band mate. Two men die that night because of those pills. Adam barely survives. He and Evie are both convinced to go to rehab for a couple of months. Adam will then move to an outpatient treatment facility.

Any more than this and I will be crossing the line into spoilerville, if I haven’t already. Seeing the improvement in Miles’s mental health was an amazing thing to behold. The courage Adam showed in his willingness to follow his dreams was admirable. Grace was hilarious. Evie, as the faux girlfriend was more of a friend to Adam than anyone else in his life. Reading the scene where Adam and his older brother are bickering in their mom’s kitchen and she sends Adam to his room brought back funny memories.

This was a great read. Strongly recommended.

Tina's full review can be found HERE


BJ’s choice for book-of-the-month comes from author Tom Mendicino, and his novel Probation, the story of a closeted man outed in the worst possible way. Here’s what BJ has to say about the book:

I read a lot of books. I read fantasy and crime. I read love and angst and triumph and failure. Usually it’s easy to tell which genre a book fits into. But Probation was a different story altogether, in more ways than just the obvious pun. As a reviewer I need to connect to a book, to feel the emotions, to envisage the scenes and dissect the motives. This book is not a standard m/m romance, and I didn’t know where it fit. One place it did fit, however, was in my heart.

It gives me great pleasure, and a warm and gooey feeling to offer this unexpected but totally appreciated addition to the world of gay literature a wonderful and well deserved 4.5 stars. You can check out Mendicino’s other work on Amazon and all other major retailer, at TLA, at the publishers own site over at Kensington Books or at his own website. He’s certainly worth the time, and then some.

BJ's full review can be found HERE


Next up is Lynn, with her choice of Allison Cassatta’s Relationships 101 (Dear Diary: Book Three) a coming-of-age story about trust and having faith in the love you share. Here’s what Lynn has to say about the book:

This is the third installment of the Dear Diary series, I highly recommend reading Dear Diary and Dear Diary: Pride first to follow Chris and Josh’s story from the beginning.

This is definitely a coming of age story. Chris is now at college along with his boyfriend Josh. They’ve been together for a year now and are ready to start the next chapter in their life.

With Chris and Josh this was a little turning point in their life. They are definitely in it for the long haul, and it’s been a pleasure being there with them while they go through this crazy journey called life.

Overall, this was such a great read. Life lessons are hard to learn but it’s much better to learn them with someone you love by your side.

Lynn's full review can be found HERE


Jackie’s selection this month comes from Cardeno C. and the book More Than Everything, a ménage story that has its share of both humor and heartbreak. Here’s what Jackie has to say about it:

This isn’t the average M/M/M story. In my opinion, this is a very unique take on the concept and it just works. There were moments where I loved the MCs and moments where I hated them. That is how I know a book was great for me, when I am emotionally invested in the outcome. I think this is one of Cardeno C.’s best works, and I have never laughed as hard as I did while reading the scene about the lentils. That was just brilliant!

If you have liked Cardeno’s work in the past, I think you will love this one. I know I did.

Jackie's full review can be found HERE


Garrett Leigh’s latest release, Slide, made a huge impact on Kim and became her hands-down choice for top pick of the month. Here’s why:

Ash took me for ride through his own personal hell, but he also showed me his strengths as well as his weaknesses. And how hard it was for him to fight his demons. I was with him as he took his baby steps with Pete. And it didn’t take me long to figure out that something horrendous had happen to him as a child to cause all this torment he’s going through. Damn! If this wasn’t the best description of what it’s like to suffer from PTSD from an insider’s POV I’ve ever read. Ooops, sorry, three years majoring in Psychology speaking here.

Slide is a beautiful, well written story, and I just love how it all fell together. There are parts that were heartbreaking, but it wouldn’t have been such a great romance without some angst.

I’m giving this one 5 full stars and highly recommended.

Kim's full review can be found HERE


My choice this month was a very difficult one, though only because I read several books that could very easily go into this month’s article. But, just like staring at a restaurant menu and not knowing what to choose until the waiter looks at you and waits for your order, now that it’s back-to-the-wall, choose-it-or-lose-it time, my selection for top read of the month goes to S.A. McAuley’s Someday It Will Be, a supernatural love story that defies all the rules of time and space, and delivers a romance that is at once heartbreaking and hopeful.

S.A. McAuley has written a full-circle story in which the end is only the beginning. It is a story of a love that is infinite because that love defies the rules of what is and what can be. It is romantic and evocative, heartbreaking and beautiful, filled with the impossible that comes true, and the promise that trust in the power of a soul-deep connection can give a man lifetimes in which to make amends for mistakes.

I love this book, so much so that I’ve read it three times and wished each and every time that it had ended with the promise of a “to be continued…” because in the place where Poe and Isaac exist, the continuation is certain to be one of the best parts.

My full review can be found HERE


And that wraps up another month of Booyah Books! Until November, happy reading! :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My GRL Post Game Wrap-Up

Amy Lane, Lisa Horan and me.
I am late. As reporting goes, I am a total fail but I just wanted to tell you all that GRL was awesome. I had the best time, and between the amazing authors, wonderful fans and the fantastic food, I can't wait to go again. I so enjoyed meeting everyone and hugging everyone and OMG, I did NOT (repeat not) barf on my shoes during my Q&A. Bonus! Me, Marie Sexton and Scotty Cade did our talks together and they were both so wonderful and supportive, I can't thank them enough. I'm not so great with public speaking and they both took turns holding my hand. I just adore them.
Ariel Tachna, Anne Regan and me
The writing workshops were very informative and I took lots of notes. I got to help set-up the DSP book table and scope out all the cool swag. I got all my books signed that I schlepped as well as buying 10 more. At the Meet The Author dinner, it was me and Ethan Day at the same table. I was so excited. He of course brought books and I just brought Jin & Logan cell phone charms (I failed swag) but since my husband was with me and there was an Ethan Day book in front of him...I got TWO! Woot! And Ethan signed them. It was heaven.
Poppy Dennison and me all dressed up

Next year GRL will be in Chicago and I certainly hope I get to go again. But I so wanted to thank everyone who made it a joy for me to be there. I have wonderful memories that I will always cherish.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally Fall

Oh its October, my most favorite month of the year, and I could not be more happy. I love the fall, just madly The crisp weather and the colors and I get to wear a hoodie again. Its the best. Things always look up this time of the year, it's like the summer slump goes away and I'm recharged. I look forward to October every year.

Okay so news: I'm going to my first ever GRL next week Tuesday and I am both completely excited and a touch worried. I am driving down to Atlanta with Nessa Warin and back with her and Poppy Dennison. That should be fun. I can't wait to see all my wonderful fans (this is the excited part), and I hope not to mess up at my Q&A (this is the worry part, public speaking and me....not so much). I also need to get the paperbacks I'm schlepping signed by all the amazing authors I plan to hit up. I pulled everything from my shelves so I could take them and its a big bloody bag. I realize now that driving, even though long, is my friend. I would have been out a crapton of money if I had to take everything with me on the plane. And we're not even counting swag. So it worked out for the best and I've driven it one way once before with Amy through what felt like a monsoon at the time but was really only a summer shower. This was what my husband told me but he wasn't in the car.  It was a deluge, I'm not even kidding. Amy and I were looking for Noah. But so that's where I'll be and I hope to see a lot of you in Atlanta. 

Also, I got a release-ish date for my new shifter book, Old Loyalty, New Love, it will be out the 1st week in December. My Christmas story, Where You Lead, will be out on Christmas Day, and Cardeno C. and I finished our co-write, also shifters, and submitted it. I will let you know if it's accepted. Currently I am working on contemporary that has a little bit of a murder/mystery in it, and then right to sequels. Nothing but sequels all day, all night. And even though I love writing new characters, there's something comforting about writing about old friends. That's it, I'll report the news once I get there. Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guest Blogger: Ellis Carrington

I’m so excited to announce the re-release of my Mayan mythology novella!! Originally titled Amor Prohibido in 2011, this was my first standalone gay romance release, and your first is always special. I reclaimed the rights to the story so I could update the cover art (I love this new cover so much I wanna cry, people) and clean up the editing. The book is now better, shinier, and cheaper than ever before.
I also changed the title to FORBIDDEN LOVE because while I thought the original title was lovely, it didn’t occur to me until after the book was already out how many people would think I write in Spanish. Which is awesome, I wish my Spanish was good enough to write a whole novella! But it so isn’t.
It's up on Amazon and B&N today, and it should be on most of the other major vendors shortly. Please do check it out if you haven't already, and I hope you enjoy. :)

About Forbidden Love: Get it at Amazon | B&NAdd to your Goodreads List

Jacob Freehan has no job, no man, and no motivation. In pain both from ending a long-term abusive relationship and a severe back injury, he escapes to the sunny seaside town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico for a little yoga, a little R&R, and possibly a place to quietly end his own life.
Pakal is a centuries-old immortal Mayan spirit guide who has been charged with getting Jacob on the path toward healing. Romantic involvement with a spirit charge is strictly forbidden, and it has never been a problem...until now. Pakal sees something special in Jacob, but failure to keep a rapidly growing attraction at bay could result in Jacob losing his life and Pakal being condemned to the Underworld forever...

They were plodding carefully through a large corridor of stalactites and stalagmites that gave the appearance of a giant shark’s mouth, when Jacob stepped absently and slipped. Pakal grabbed Jacob from behind, just narrowly preventing him from being impaled on the business end of a sharp, vertically jutting piece of rock. Many a tourist had landed at the nearby clinic for such accidents.
“I warned you to be careful where you stepped. It’s slippery in here.” Pakal’s breath was heavy, and he was panting right in Jacob’s ear. His heart thudded against the thinner man’s back. Their bodies vibrated together as if they shared the same skin. They were dangling over a great precipice just then, and for the life of him Pakal was too caught up in the thrill to truly care about the consequences. He tightened his grip around Jacob’s naked waist and his light slipped from his fingers into the water. It was stupid. It was dangerous.
It was too late.
The thought was interesting, but fleeting, as Pakal’s hand dipped inside of Jacob’s loose, surfer-style swim shorts.
“Holy Jesus. What are you doing?” The words held a note of obligatory protest, but even as he said them, Jacob’s ass pushed into Pakal’s crotch, and his forearm and head came to rest against the curve of the cave wall. Both men breathed heavily, totally in sync.
“Keep it down,” Pakal whispered. Gods, Jacob’s cock was smooth. Deliciously soft and hard at the same time. “You’re so tense. I’m helping you to loosen up.”
Jacob’s breath hitched. “Someone could come by here any minute.” Yet even as he said it, his hard length fucked faster into Pakal’s wet fist. His dick was perfect against Pakal’s skin; it was long and thin, with only a small amount of soft hair at the base. Pakal’s fingers strayed for a moment to roll Jacob’s weighty sac in his hand, and he longed to feel it inside of his mouth.
“Better be fast, then,” Pakal breathed.
Jacob’s skin was warm and salty, with a hint of sunscreen against Pakal’s tongue as it trailed a path from behind Jacob’s ear down the side of his neck. He paused for only the slightest moment when his lips brushed a silver necklace out of the way and found a small, puffy line of scar tissue underneath. He kissed the spot and moved on, sucking and biting over Jacob’s shoulder blade as he stroked harder and faster.
“Oh, God.” Jacob’s breathing sped up and got ragged and, thank the gods, the guy was close because distant voices and splashes from deep within the cave were slowly coming nearer, and Pakal couldn’t bring himself to stop. “Jesus, Pakal.”
“Better hurry,” he murmured, nipping at Jacob’s earlobe.