Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eleventh month

So November is sort of a transition month. Its not quite the awesomeness of October where it's windy and crisp, and it's not cold winter like December is. Its the middle and so it's to be endured until Thanksgiving which is when it finally gets good right before it ends. What's even weirder is how fast this year has gone. 2013 has been a strange one for me. I feel like I never really got going, like yesterday it was May and then the summer dragged on for like six months and then October showed up and now it's almost December. Amazing. I expect to wake up tomorrow and it will be January first. 
I finished my contemporary novel, Floodgates and submitted it. Hopefully it will be accepted. Right now I am working on a novella before I get back to Glenn's book. Its weird, I have the romance part figured out it's the rest that's fuzzy and normally it's the other way around. Leave it to Glenn to be backwards. I hope everyone has a terrific rest of the week. :)


  1. I agree about time flying and weather changes but not the Nov not being awesome like Oct. I was born Nov 20th on my grandmother's 60th birthday & I just celebrated my 43rd birthday. Nov will always be awesome to me & many others.

    1. Oh that's so sweet about you and your grandmother. My bday is the 19th, a day before you. I know a lot of people that like November and now I can add you to the list. :)