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2014 Begins With A Booyah Books Bang!

Greetings from The Novel Approach, and welcome to the first installment of Booyah Books! in 2014. We’re looking forward to another great year of reading, and are especially looking forward to sharing some of our favorite books with you for the next twelve months.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the month of January!


Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner: A title like that could come from the minds of only these two men—Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day—this little zombie tale made BJ’s choice for top read this month. Here’s a snippet from his 5 Star review:

               “The story was well paced, each event masterfully chronicled, and the building love between Chandler and Zane was a treat to read. I also loved the way the authors created the cure, to give our wayward lovers a chance at their HEA, which they got in the best possible way. It had drama, conflict, a hobbit-esque mission of redemption, and a love to make you laugh and cry simultaneously. The side effect of uncontrollable horniness was a perfect aside too, and gave the story that sexy edge we were expecting all along.”

BJ’s full review can be found HERE

Ghost of Bourbon Street: Sammy’s choice this month comes from author Rowan Speedwell, an author who seems never to fail to please. Here’s a snippet from her 5 Star review:

               “In her novella, Ghosts of Bourbon Street, author Rowan Speedwell creates characters that are both emotionally wounded and completely real.  They leap off the page and remind you that really good storytelling begins with fascinating people who capture your imagination immediately and never let it go.    Then this author delivers a compelling story rife with problems that are neither easily solved nor insurmountable.  Rather, she allows her characters to grapple with the day-to-day dilemmas and make hard choices that bring lasting consequences.”

Sammy’s full review can be found HERE

Sparks & Drops: Kim’s choice of top reads this month is a magical love story from author Susan Laine. Here’s a snippet from her 4.25 Star review:

               “Gus Goodwin came off as smart and adorable, with a dash of a temper when the mood suited him. And as a Wicca shop owner, I found him to be a very interesting character for a practicing witch, but his turning amateur sleuth….well…he needs some work. He tends to jump into situations head-first, and that’s where Niall Valentine comes in as his other half. Even though Niall was the one investigating the case of the missing girl, Joy, it didn’t take long for Gus to volunteer himself as soon as he figured out it was right up his Wiccan alley of expertise.”

Kim’s full review can be found HERE

In the Absense of Monsters: Jackie’s choice of books this month is a heart wrenching story told in only the way J.P. Barnaby knows how to tell it. Here’s a snippet from her 5 Star review:

               “This is a very emotional story from J.P. Barnaby. There is plenty of family drama, love, loss and self-destruction. As always, though, Ms. Barnaby takes these broken men, patches them up, and sets them back on their feet to carry on. This story is a journey for both Jayden and Ethan. They both have plenty of things they have to come to terms with. Ethan’s childhood, Jayden’s acceptance of his own submission, and these two men who believed they were straight have to try to come to terms with loving another man.”

Jackie’s full review can be found HERE

Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett: This month’s selection from Lana was penned by self-published author Mathew Ortiz. Here’s a snippet from her 5 Star review:

               “I was looking forward to reading Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett because I’ve read the Renovating Love series by Mathew Ortiz and found it enjoyable. I was expecting Love and Salvage to be on par. I was totally wrong. I was blown away by Love and Salvage! It was on a completely different level than the previous books. The writing, storytelling and overall feel of the book were so much richer. In fact, I had to re-read the book because I read it before going on vacation and had to refresh my memory. I think I loved it more the second time around.”

Lana’s full review can be found HERE

Hot Mess: Rowan McAllister made Lynn’s choice of memorable and outstanding reads this month. Here’s a snippet from her 5 Star review:

               “I really enjoyed the flow of the story. The author didn’t let these two get a quick fix. They both had to work out their feelings on their own. I believe the slow build up was done intentionally by the author so we would come to know and love these characters. It was done to perfection. I loved not knowing until the bitter end if Sam and Cameron were actually going to be together. It was a nice surprise.”

Lynn’s full review can be found HERE

Something Like Spring: Tina’s choice of great reads this month comes from the mind of author Jay Bell, who is inarguably one of her all-time favorite authors. Here’s a snippet from her 5 Star review:

               “I blame Jay for my abuse of over-the-counter pain medications and any potential damage to my liver caused by said abuse. I won’t hold it against him, though, because if he somehow managed to find a heretofore undiscovered fifth season and wrote a book about it, I would savor every word. I have learned that among the tears is so much beauty and love and joy and family that it is all worth it. To quote Jay Bell, ‘Love is worth the pain.’”

Tina’s full review can be found HERE

Collide: After hours of deliberation and reasoning this one out—it was a tossup between Amy Rae Durreson’s high fantasy novel Reawakening, Libby Drew’s sci-fi time travel thriller Paradox Lost and N.R. Walker’s Breaking Point—I chose Riley Hart’s friends-to-lovers romance, not because the other novels on my list aren't every bit as outstanding as Collide, but because overall I think its “out for you” theme is a particularly relatable struggle and Riley Hart translated it into an emotionally satisfying novel. Here’s a snippet from my 5 Star review:

               “Riley Hart plays out the sexual tension between the two men to perfection, as they begin to reconnect and they see each other not only through the filter of memories but with the eyes of the men they’ve become. The chemistry and attraction sizzles between Noah and Cooper, fairly leaping off the page, while Cooper’s confusion and jealousy and possessiveness all weigh perfectly against his desire to be much more than just Noah’s friend.

Collide is a story that challenges labels. What does it mean to be bi or gay, when all you truly know for sure is that you love someone for who that person is and how they make you feel rather than what they look like physically? Cooper and Noah have a history that transcends the ability to place a definition on how or why they evolved from loving each other to being in love with each other.”

My full review can be found HERE


And that does it for this month’s installment of Booyah Books! Until February, stay warm and happy reading!

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