Thursday, April 17, 2014

So tomorrow, April 18th, my little 5k ficlet about how Jory went out to get his daughter Easter Bunny ears will be at
The Novel Approach and the book I wrote with Cardeno, Control, will be released. Yeah! Excited, anxious, interested to know what you all think of Robert & Vy. And how cute are the keychains that Sirena Ung made for me:'s making different chibis as well that I'll have at GRL. I can't wait!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. Thank you for the Jory Easter ficlet! What a terrific Easter present. I always love catching up with Jory, Sam and family. The kids are adorable.

  2. *Happy Sigh*
    You both created a great story thank you! ;)
    I love shifter stories but are always leery about dealing with cross species hook ups...maybe I am just picky, but too many just do NOT work well( oh thank you both for not giving us a squirrel or bunny shifter!!!)
    I especially loved having the story told from both view points...again not all stories work doing that, but in this one it totally enriched it ;)
    I love Robert! His was a totally unique perspective as I haven't yet read too many shifters who have trouble embracing their animal(Ruslan comes to mind but he was a secondary character) We usually get the vanilla human perspective of freaking out,but it was totally understandable why Robert caged his bear.
    So many moments that made me laugh! Lou & her mate were pretty DO realize you guys have left sooooo much room for more yes? lol
    So thank you both for another satisfying read ;)

  3. Oh, I just got to read the Easter ficlet. It. Was. Awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE my (technically YOUR) Jory! Thanks Mary

  4. Control was great. Loved everything about it. The Easter short story was good too. One thing though in the last Jory/Sam book Kola was in 1st & B was in pre-school so how is it that now they are in 5th & 2nd? Otherwise any Jory/Sam book/novella is always great & appreciated.

  5. Hi!!!! I'm Lorna from italy. I've just come across your books- I' ve read all AQOT- and they are great!! I wanted to read the ficlets about Jory and Sam also, but the links don't work. -the other free reads do work, only these two don't...I'm so sad about it. I really want to read more about them. Could you please help me and restore them? or send me in pm, if that's not possible? Many many thanks and just keep on writing like that...Greatings from Italy