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We Sprung Into Spring With Some Great April Reads!

Hi again, everyone, and welcome back to another installment of Booyah Books!

Once again we at The Novel Approach have compiled a short list of our most memorable reading experiences for the month of April and are bringing them to you to make sure you don’t miss out. The selection process is never easy, and we, all of us, almost always have more than a few books that could make the list for any number of reasons, but these are the books that made the final cut:


Jackie’s selection this month is K.A. Mitchell’s Bad Influence:

“There are so many books out there that talk about growth and learning from our mistakes, but very few, if any, have made it real like K.A. Mitchell does in this book. We get to see Jordan/Silver grow from an impetuous sixteen year old to a man with goals and commitments that he actually keeps. Zeb also experiences growth in this book. He realizes that he has to forgive himself before any offered forgiveness will matter.

As a couple, these two men start out a hot mess, but they end up just plain old HOT. This is the fourth book in the series, and I believe any of these could be read as standalone titles, but really, you need to read all of these books. Ms. Mitchell has created some wonderful characters, and the way they interact and overlap is wonderful. I couldn’t recommend this book any more if I tried.”

You can buy Bad Influence HERE

Lynn read and loved Kol Anderson’s The Escape:

“Wow, Kol Anderson has done it again. What a phenomenal ride this author has taken me on, and I’ve enjoyed every bump, twist and turn. This is the final episode of the Broken series. I suggest reading the first two installments for this one to make any sense.

I went into this with high expectations, and Mr. Anderson certainly delivered. This author has a way of grabbing your attention with engaging words and never letting go. Although this isn’t quite as dark as the previous books in the series, it has dark elements. Aaron’s drug addiction, thanks to Vincent, night terrors, fear of going outside, fear of touch; he’s left with damaging scars, emotionally and physically. Seeing Aaron struggle through the aftermath was heartbreaking but so necessary.”

You can buy The Escape HERE

Tina was completely infected by Amelia C. Gormley’s Strain:

“Amelia C. Gormley artfully creates a cast of supporting characters to guide Rhys and Darius in the right direction. Sometimes they provide a gentle nudge, other times a swift kick in the ass. The way the soldiers all come together to protect and care for Rhys helps them find hope themselves. The way Rhys and Darius come together foretells a future for mankind. If these two men can find their way to one another, anything is possible.

I’m so glad I chose to read Strain to rediscover my love of science fiction. I recommend that you infect yourselves immediately.”

You can buy Strain HERE

Ruslana loved AR Moler’s Personal Protection:

“I love reading about tough, alpha male, ex-military, no-nonsense bodyguards protecting a sexy scientist, actor or witness. This formula is pretty standard, with the inevitable happening: crazy sexual tension and then the bodyguard falling for his charge.

Personal Protection is a solid short story that may not hold many surprises, but was hot, entertaining, and will leave you wanting more. I did.”

You can buy Personal Protection HERE

Kim doesn’t hesitate to recommend Cat Grant and LA Witt’s The Only One Who Matters:

“Warning: Do not read books out of order, because after reading The Only One Who Matters, I wanted MORE! Luckily for me, I was able to scoop up the first one, The Only One Who Knows, right after I’d finished reading The Only One Who Matters. Cat Grant and L.A. Witt make a fantastic writing team!
In spite of the fact that I started off with the second one in this series, my interest and heart was soon captured and won over by the two very alpha type MCs, David and Josh. But out of the two, David stood out the most. Damn, I love a strong man! Because whether David realized it or not, he’s a survivor even with all the obstacles that had been placed in his way.”

You can buy The Only One Who Matters HERE

Sammy sings praises to Shira Anthony’s Blue Notes:

“Trust me when I say that my two-paragraph synopsis barely touches the many facets of this novel. Blue Notes by Shira Anthony is a lyrical song of finding faith in oneself and allowing love to blossom for the first time. While this novel could be categorized as a gay-for-you trope, one would be so mistaken to pass it off as just another common story. There is such intensity about these characters from the very start. Jules is such a mixture of light and shadow. His wide-eyed enthusiasm for every adventure is contagious, and you simply want to wrap him up in your arms and hug him close. His back-story of abuse and abandonment tears at the reader’s heart and makes this young man not only genuinely vulnerable but also compelling to read about.”

You can buy Blue Notes HERE

My choice is the unforgettable Jordan Castillo Price’s Mnevermind: Forget Me Not:

“Jordan Castillo Price has created a world in which subjective and objective reality collide, a world in which it’s not always clear what’s truly happening and what’s being manufactured in a mnem, that alternate reality landscape which allows people to manipulate fact into fiction for their entertainment. What she has done so brilliantly up to this point in the series has caused the reader to question every single scene and to wonder if everything that’s happened has happened as a fact of existence within the construct of this world, or if it’s all a figment of the imagination—not the authors imagination but that of the characters she has created. In short, this series is one hell of a mindbender, and it’s brilliant in the telling.”

You can buy Forget Me Not HERE


And that does it for the month of April. Until next time, happy reading!

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