Sunday, September 7, 2014

All the news

Happy Sunday all. This is the gorgeous cover that the amazing Reese Dante made for me for my latest novella Blue Days. It will be out in November. Here's the blurb:

Falling for a coworker is rarely a good idea, especially for a man getting a last chance at salvaging his career. But from the moment Dwyer Knolls sees the beautiful but socially awkward Takeo Hiroyuki, he seems destined to make bad decisions.
Takeo’s life is a string of failed attempts to please his traditional Japanese father. Unfortunately, succeeding in business turns out to be just as difficult for Takeo as changing from gay to straight. In fact, the only thing Takeo seems to truly excel at is taking notice of Dwyer Knolls. 

When Dwyer and Takeo head to Mangrove, Florida on a real estate buying trip, their tentative friendship combusts and becomes much more. Is their sudden connection real enough to bank their futures on, or should they chalk the whole thing up to the daze inspired by the blue ocean breeze?

I'll be interested  to hear what you all think. In other news, I'll be at Yaoi-Con for two days this coming week. The event goes through Sunday, but I'll only be there for Friday and Saturday. So if you're in the Bay Area, please pop over and see me and Amy Lane. We'd love to visit with you and Amy will be there through Sunday. I hope everyone has an awesome new week.


  1. Awesome cover, and awesome blurb!

  2. I can wait. Really. I won't be happy, but I can dig deep into myself and find the patience to wait until November. Maybe.

  3. Jason I think you have all the patience in Toronto. .....but I'll try to keep my calm.

  4. This is really something to look forward to!

  5. This will be a Happy Birthday to me. Really looking forward to this. Have fun at Yaoi-Con.

  6. yes yes yes! Can it come out on Nov 1st? That's my birthday and what an awesome present that would be!