Sunday, November 30, 2014

Books We Were Thankful For In The Month Of November!

Cheers, everyone, and thanks so much for dropping in to see what books we felt were the best of the best for the month of November.

I think we've come up with another great list for you, and TNA is giving you the chance to win an e-copy of any TWO books on the list, winner's choice. Just do what the image says, and click on the Rafflecopter image to enter for your chance to win.

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Lynn: When Ryan Came Back by Devon McCormack – “As with any YA story, there is a lot of self discovery, growing pains, and harsh realities come to light in a character’s life. With Steven it was even more so. He is a typical teenager who is full of self doubt, especially at the beginning of the book. As the story moved along, we saw him become more confident and mature, with a better understanding of how the world works, be it for the good or bad.
I didn’t give away what I thought to be spoilers but know this; the ending is really bittersweet, but I finished the book with a smile on my face. I’m sure you will too.

A highly recommended read.”

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Chris: Hook, Line, & Sinker by Piper Vaughn – “Piper Vaughn has always had the ability to make me fall in love with her characters; no matter what book, what setting, or back-story they have, her skills slay me dead. Every. Single. Time. This book was absolutely no different. The further I got into the story, the more I was cheering Blake and Cas on, the more I wanted to see them overcome their issues and make it for the long run. Then, of course, we have a few secondary characters that slipped in, and I wanted more of them, too. Riley and Gavin kind of snuck in, and I’m hoping to see them get a story, either together or separately, in the near future.

All in all Hook, Line, & Sinker is one of those well written comfort reads that I’ll pull out again and again because the characters are so perfect for the story.”

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Sammy: Going the Distance by John Goode – “Danny, Nate, Sam, Cory, these boys are not some carbon copy wannabes in a happy go lucky coming-of-age novel. No, not by a long shot. Nor are they the angsty, angry, near buffoonish type bad boys of teen literature. In fact, what they are is incredibly realistic creations of a keen and witty mind that allows us to see just a glimpse of what it is really like to grow up knowing you are different—knowing you won’t ever be what the world likes to call “normal”. John Goode creates people and wraps a story around them that is so beautifully written, so palpably painful and yet so hopeful that you cannot help but be in awe of the book he has written for you.

I wish my review could give you some small idea of how gifted this author is—give you just a glimpse at how much you are going to love meeting Danny. But, alas, I am just a reviewer with few and simple words. Go buy this book.”

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Jules: Sleigh Ride by Heidi Cullinan – “Sleigh Ride is wonderful. The secondary characters are great – I couldn’t possibly write this review without mentioning how completely adorable and fantastic Arthur’s nephew, Thomas, is – the story flows perfectly, and the ending is utterly fabulous. I giggled many times…I cried twice…I highly recommend it. I could go on and on about the myriad of wonderful qualities to this book, but I’ll just leave it at this…whether you love Christmas stories or not, you should definitely jump on the ride.”

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Lana: Faith & Fidelity by Tere Michaels – “Everything in this book was total perfection, from the guys initial meeting to consummating their relationship, which was amazing; from Evan’s magazine cover model partner with a sarcastic personality, to Matt’s one night stand. And let’s not forget Evan’s kids and how they seamlessly took Matt into their hearts like he belonged there from the start. I’m usually not a huge fan of too much kid action in a book, but these kids stole my heart, and I absolutely loved them.

Faith & Fidelity is a must read for anyone who loves to see two hot cops find each other, find love and find their happily ever after. A heartwarming story of love and life!”

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Taz: The Demon’s Door by Ari McKay – “Along with great world building and strong characters, the plot line moved at a steady pace, amping up to a raging crescendo and ending with a satisfying conclusion that leaves the door open for a sequel (please?), but wraps up this particular story perfectly.

My only complaint is that the story wasn’t longer. There was so much depth to the characters, the plot, and the world that I think another twenty to thirty thousand words would have fleshed everything out. There could have been more ebb and flow to the relationship. The action plot (including the background histories of the two main characters) could have been developed a bit more. Side characters could have played a bigger role in the story. All of this because I just simply wanted more.

That said, the story was absolutely wonderful. I’ll definitely be reading other books by this author.”

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Jackie: rock by Anyta Sunday – “Anyta Sunday did a fabulous job of setting the stage for Jace and Cooper to grow from friends to lovers in this book, and she made it totally believable. I found myself crying like a da’gum baby more than once while reading this book. 
I was completely invested in Cooper and Jace finding a way to get to their HEA. They eventually did, but man the road was a rough one, and there were some pretty hefty prices paid along the way.

I don’t say it often, but I believe this is a MUST READ book. So get your tissues, settle in with your drink of choice, and take this journey with Jace and Cooper.”

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Kim: Unwrapping Hank by Eli Easton – Damn, this was a fun read, especially when Sloan gets ditched by his own parents and ends up spending Christmas with Micah and Hank’s family. One could tell that Hank was fighting with himself, trying to decide just how straight he really is when it comes to Sloan. One highlight of the story is the barn scene. I loved it and sure as heck didn’t guess how that one would play out, what with Hank being such a tough guy. ~sighs~
Unwrapping Hank is a strong 5 Star rating and a highly recommend holiday read, especially if you enjoyed this author’s Blame It On the Mistletoe.

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Lisa: There’s Something About Ari by L.B. Gregg – “The heart of There’s Something About Ari is the pain of the wasted years that came between Ari Valentine and Buck Ellis, the two men who met as kids and parted as teenagers because life and fate are sometimes cruel mistresses. The soul of the book is the way L.B. Gregg brings these two men back together again after five years of longing and healing, and the way she manages, in ninety-five short pages, to make the reader care about how they parted, why, and then makes us cheer them on to their happy ending.”
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm excited, the sequel to Old Loyalty, New Love is on the coming soon page at DSP. This is Arman's book, releasing on Dec. 8th, and he's definitely an anti-hero. I'll be very interested to hear what you all think of him. I had beautiful swag made and you can see it here:
on my website. Arman and Linus both look amazing., Blue Days released on the 5th of this month and is the first in my new Mangrove series. I hope you all enjoy the first one and will check out the second that will release in either late February or early March. I'm working on the third one now along with the last Change of Heart book.

Its sad to see October go, as it is my absolute favorite month of the year, but I'm looking forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a great weekend. :)