Monday, February 9, 2015

Release day for Quiet Nights

 It's release day today as we are 40 minutes into Monday the 9th. I realize now that I should have said I'll blog every early Monday morning because Sunday sort of comes and goes without warning. But it's a special day for me because it's release day (yeah!) and Kelly and Coz are out. So here's a little excerpt of them chatting on the street.


Coz was mouthwatering. The long-sleeved navy shirt set off his dark hair and eyes, the black dress pants clung to his muscular thighs, and he’d worn the new monk strap ankle boots we’d bought the last time we were in Miami. He had his suit jacket draped over his arm and had pinned the shirtsleeve up, and even though I knew he thought his missing left arm was the first thing people noticed, it wasn’t true. Any connoisseur of beauty noticed Coz’s gorgeous black eyes first, then his broad, strong shoulders, long legs, and perfect ass. My throat closed up just looking at him.
“Wow, Kel, look at you,” Hutch said smoothly, reaching out to touch the collar of my pale blue dress shirt. “You clean up nice.”
I could, upon occasion, and would have added a tie if I was eating with Coz at Delarosa. It was in no way a casual restaurant, and I was wondering how Hutch was going to get a pass with his denim. Coz was dressed up so I had to wonder why Hutch was slumming.
“Did you tell him where you were eating?” I asked Coz.
He grunted the no.
“That was shitty,” I admonished my friend.
“Are you eating with us?” Hutch asked. “I mean, you’re certainly dressed for it.”
I was in my three-piece white suit—it was summer, after all—and the only thing missing on me was the tie. I even had a pocket square. I’d worn it to make a good impression on Emmett’s son and to get noticed and hopefully laid later.
“You’re on a date, aren’t you?” I said snidely.
“Well, yes, but—”
“What kind of stupid question is that, then? Am I joining you,” I retorted, trying not to snarl. “What the fuck?”
Hutch bristled; I could tell from the narrowed eyes and how quickly he crossed his arms. “What’s wrong with you?” he snapped.
Coz interrupted our rapidly disintegrating conversation. “I think I know. Look at me.”
Tilting my head back just a little to meet Coz’s gaze—with me at five eleven, he had those four inches on me—I couldn’t help grinning.
He squinted. “Are you stoned?”
“Just a little,” I confirmed, unable to stop a sigh from escaping.
“Since when do you—oh, your charming neighbors.”
I shrugged, shifting closer, unobtrusively inhaling his clean, masculine scent—soap and a trace of the cologne he wore, citrusy and smoky at the same time. “It’s fine.”
“It’s really not.”
“Why? I’m not driving or operating heavy machinery. I’m no threat to anyone.”
“Except yourself.”
The psh sound I made did not go over well.
“You should go home.”
“Fuck that,” I said dismissively. “After I charm the socks off of Emmett’s kid, I’m hittin’ Laredo.”
“To dance?” Hutch asked brightly.
“To pick somebody up,” Coz informed him.
My smile widened as I stared up at Coz, enjoying the proximity, the heat I could feel rolling off him, watching the muscles in his jaw clench and seeing the scowl darken. The man was truly just edible. Licking him all over crossed my mind.
“Mia called me, told me about what’s his name,” Coz continued.
“You don’t care?”
Trance broken, I shook my head and leaned back out of his personal space. “No, man, I don’t care. I already knew I’m forgettable.”
I turned to go, but he grabbed my upper arm, spun me around, and dragged me back to his side.
“You’re not forgettable,” he said, staring down into my eyes, his voice all quiet thunder. “That guy’s a fuckin’ idiot.”
I licked my lips, I couldn’t help it; the urge to taste him was almost overwhelming. The whimper from the back of my throat was unmistakable.


I hope you all enjoy them and hope you have a wonderful week. :)


  1. I almost forgot I pre- ordered this. Off to go download it now.

  2. Woo! I can't get to it until later in the week, and that's going to kill me, but I can't freaking wait!

  3. Got it. Hope it's as good as it sounds. :)

  4. I love the Mangrove stories. Thanks Mary this is another winner. Can't wait for the next book to be released.... Is it April yet