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Booyah Books: March Madness Giveaway!

Thanks so much to Mary, as always, for allowing The Novel Approach to come take over her blog with another edition of Booyah Books!

We've come up with eight great titles this month, ones we felt were the best of the best, and I'd love to give one reader the chance to win TWO of the titles we're featuring from March.

To enter, just click on the Rafflecopter widget and follow the instructions. One winner will be selected at random at the end of the contest and notified by email for prize delivery.

Good luck!

LanaThe Protector by Cooper West – “The Protector is not your typical shifter story. It was something new that brought a fresh spin on shifters and I enjoyed every word of it. And you know I love my shifters!

The story is set in an alternate reality where dog shifters are common and have been around since the beginning of the human race. The shifters are known as Protectors, and their bonded mates are the Handlers. Both manifest their traits at puberty and then are nurtured and valued by society. The world building with a shifter twist, and references to our history, was very cleverly done.”

Read Lana’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

SammyCronin’s Key by N.R. Walker – “The way in which author N.R. Walker intelligently handles this need for an insta-love effect in the story was nothing short of brilliant. Alec is written as a sharp, determined man whose last thought would be to fall instantly in love. And yet, the immediate bond between he and Cronin is a physical and emotional reality; but Alec questions it and his emotions constantly, all the while falling more deeply for the taciturn vamp. The growing relationship, coupled with sweet banter and humorous interchanges, make for a delicious adventure that is peppered with wit and smoldering attraction.

All in all, the first book in this new series, by an author who has firmly placed herself on my auto buy list, is just delightful! I highly recommend Cronin’s Key. This is a series destined to make even the most wary paranormal readers stand up and cheer.”

Read Sammy’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

ChrisThe Family We Make by Kaje Harper – “I really fell in love with Rick and Travis as they were finding their way, and when the last thing hit them, well, it even got me sniffling. It was like, “just how much more can these boys handle at their age?” but handle it they did, and with the grace and strength of someone twice their ages might. Sam and all the secondary characters really filled out the storyline, giving that extra depth and support to Rick and Travis. It also showed how building their new family affected all of them individually, as well as together as a whole.

I recommend this book for all of us who’ve ever struggled to feel accepted, and those who’ve had to forge their own bonds of family. Kaje Harper really got everything in this book perfectly right, at least for this reader.”

Read Chris’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

JulesYES by Brad Boney – “My reviews on Brad’s books are always more about the reading experience than the actual story because to give things away would spoil it. One needs to experience all the ‘gasps’ and ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ for him or herself, and, as with his other books, YES has plenty of those moments. Boney is able to invoke so many feelings by bringing everything and everyone together. There are so many subtleties from the other books, so many little touches…a re-read should almost be mandatory in order to pick up on everything.The style is so easygoing and readable, yet there’s nothing ‘simple’ about it. YES is a beautifully complex and moving adventure you do not want to miss out on. This is the kind of stuff that favorite books are made of.”

Read Jules’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

KathieShawn’s Law by Renae Kaye (with an honorable mention to Loving Jay – Audiobook) – “Renae Kaye seems to not want you, as the reader, to get too comfortable in thinking this is a boy-meets-boy, boy-falls-in-love story. And while it is a love story between Shawn and Harley, it is also a love story between Shawn and his mother and Lisa, his sister; and Harley and his Dad. I think the core of this story is learning to trust and grow in the love you have found. Harley puts it very well, “Like all relationships, Shawn and I require a lot of work, a lot of talk, a lot of compromise and heck of a lot of sex.” As the reader, we get to go along for the ride, and it’s a great ride. Every time “Shawn’s Law” happens, you can’t help but laugh, giggle and feel just a little ashamed of yourself for laughing at someone’s misfortune. But it’s so funny!”

Read Kathie’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

JanetVulnerable by Amy Lane – “As an opening book in a series, there are a lot of details being layered into the background of the story, but I never felt a lack of connection to the characters due to this. They were always clearly identified in whatever they were doing, either as a narrator of a chapter or as the actors in the scene taking place on the page. Amy Lane introduces us to many of the characters we will see in future books, but she still managed to kill off a few in Vulnerable, which just about killed me too. Who does this? Makes me love a character, then promptly kills him? I can’t wait for the next book, sincerely can’t wait.

The only other thing I can add is I strongly recommend you read this book, as I would hope it would please you as much as it did me. It will give you hours of enjoyment, and there is the promise of more as the rest of the series unfolds.”

Read Janet’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

JenniferThe Fear of Surrender by Morticia Knight – “Okay, so book four. I’m hoping there will be a book four, and my prediction is Ned and Evan. I hope so, at least! Although, I really, REALLY want to read more about Francesco and Theodore. Francesco is just so different from the other subs. He loves being disobedient and every time he’s on the page, I end up laughing.

In this series, there really is a different type of character for everyone’s tastes, and I’m finding that’s part of what I love about the series so much. Not one character is too much like another, despite there being quite a few so far. Each one has his idiosyncrasies, and his partner complements him to make the book balanced. It takes skill to maintain that level of consistency throughout a series, and so far there’s not a slip in sight.”

Read Jennifer’s Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

Lisa(Watch Me) Unmask You (Run This Town: Book Three) by Avril Ashton – “There are surprise alliances that, as these stories unfold, reveal the true measure of these men who are criminals, yes, but criminals who will give their lives willingly for the sake of those they hold dear. There should be a contrast in the way they deal in both death and intimacy, but there isn’t because they are both approached with a passion born in protecting the part of their lives that make them whole and better men.

Unmask You is easily the most sentimental of the three books so far in the Run This Town series, simply because of what Lucky and Elias had built together–a marriage, a home, a family–before their house of cards came crashing down around them. Lucky and Elias’s relationship is poignant, their longing for each other palpable, their love for each other tangible, and the pain that comes from the revelation of Elias’s secrets is bitter. It all blends together to make for an emotional and consuming read, and another win for the author and this series and, as a result, its readers.”

Read My Full Review and Find Buy Links HERE

And that does it for this month. Until next time, happy reading! 

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