Saturday, March 14, 2015

News and Where I'll be

Lynn West. Jaime Samms and Amy Lane
Last weekend I went to the DSP Author Workshop in Orlando Florida. When I left home it was like 17 degrees and got there and it was 90. Not even kidding. It was so odd to look outside and see the green when at home we had just gotten 14 inches of snow. Crazy. And while I enjoyed being outside without my parka, I have to say that now I remember one of the reasons I was happy to leave Hawaii. The sticky, icky, humidity that makes my hair look like a Chia pet is just one of the reasons. I'm officially done with the tropics. It's like whenever I'm on Pinterest and I see pics of other people's dream vacations and it's all hammocks over the ocean or nature walks or cabanas in rain forests and I think, ugh, what are the bugs like there? It's one of the reason I love fall the most and then winter second. No bugs.

But I digress.

The workshop was awesome even though I had to sit on a panel. When I'm done with a panel and I did not throw up on my shoes, that's a considered a win. I got to hear Damon Suede speak and Tere Michaels and I always get so much from listening to them. It's time well spent. Poppy Dennison had an incredible marketing presentation that I learned a lot from as well. It's amazing to visit with all the wonderful DSP authors and staff and hopefully I can go next year as well.

For the rest of the year, I'll be at the Create Something Magical Conference, March 21-22 in New Jersey, then in September I'll be at Yaoi-Con, and in October, at GRL. So if any of you are around in those cities, please pop over to the events and say hello. Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

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