Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Great Reads to Fall in Love With - Booyah Books! The September Edition

Cheers, fellow bookworms, and welcome to the September installment of The Novel Approach's favorite books! I hope you found your fair share of wonderful reads over the past 30 or so days, we sure did, and I'm here to share a few of our picks with you.

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KarenSloe Ride by Rhys Ford – “Quinn and Rafe’s relationship, compared to the others in the series, seemed to flow and develop much more smoothly, more sweetly. I love how Rafe handles Quinn’s quirks, and even finds them adorable. Throughout the story you still get doses of the rest of the guys you already love, along with watching Quinn and Rafe get together. Having the little snippets of the others seemed to give this book that little edge we are used to in the series, while keeping Quinn and Rafe’s story sweet.”

SadonnaCronin’s Key III by N.R. Walker – “I have to say that I for one am sad to see this series end, and I’m hoping we at least get some little visits along the way with Alec and Cronin – and their friends – because they are a great couple and I will miss them. The way the author has woven history and mythology together throughout the series, along with creating such an interesting cast of characters in these vampires (with a couple of humans thrown in), it has been really fascinating. I still think these would make great movies, with Alex O’Loughlin playing Alec. :)

Once again, well done and highly recommended for a guaranteed great time reading a fun, interesting and exciting story.”

AngelTerror by Moonlight by Hank Edwards – “Hank Edwards is a new to me author, and I loved my first go round with him. I opened up Terror by Moonlight and then couldn’t put it down, reading the entire novel in one sitting. The fast paced story revolves around two men, who are best friends, and the new business they have just started.

Cody Bowers is fun loving and out of control, and Demetrius is his gay best friend. I loved the snark between the two, and the UST (unresolved sexual tension) is so thick it permeated the pages. These two attract more trouble just trying to do their job than seems humanly possible. I loved how the supernatural was just accepted as if it was an everyday occurrence—very little disbelief among the characters, and it was great.”

JulesVespertine by Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn – “This book blew me away. Blew. Me. Away. It was surprising in the best way. I don’t know why I was surprised, really…I’m a big fan of Leta Blake’s books; and Indra Vaughn, though I hadn’t read her work previously, definitely has some popular titles, but I had no idea this one would be this good. The blurb intrigued me; I just didn’t know how the authors were going to pull it off. I mean, he’s a priest, you guys. Ha! But, pull it off they did. Vespertine is beautiful, emotional, raw at times, funny at times, definitely sexy, and just a gorgeous, gorgeous love story.”

LanaThe Carpenter by Serena Yates – “The Carpenter is a sweet, workplace romance between two men who find love where they least expect it.

The story follows the usual formula of a carpenter, Tom, who gets a remodeling job that he needs in order to keep his business running. His client, Matt, needs the house he’s inherited renovated so he can sell it and move on. I’ve read countless stories with this plot line, but I still like it, and this one delivered. I like the dynamic between a blue collar, rough around the edges guy, being with a polished professional.”

MaryannThe Articles of Release by BA Tortuga – “BA Tortuga brings humor, caring, love and a special friendship between all the characters to The Articles of Release. I love this author’s writing style, and this book, with its simple truths, is relaxed and really gives a nice feel to the Release series.

It was such a pleasure to have Win and Sage from The Terms of Release included in this installment of the series. They play a big part in Eric and Troy’s story and bring a nice camaraderie to it. I thought they gave Eric a real eye opener, especially Sage. There is nobody like Sage; he’s just so down to earth. I hope that BA Tortuga continues with the Release series and shares more of Troy and Eric’s life with us, along with Win and Sage’s.”

CarrieFeat of Clay by Susan Mac Nicol – “Let me start by saying I love Susan Mac Nicol, and I have read and recommended all the books in the Men of London series. These books are so well written, and I didn’t think she could do better than Suit Yourself, book three, but yeah, she proved me wrong and I am so glad she did.

Tate is broken, part of Clay is broken also. How do two alpha males overcome a disease that is all in Tate’s head? Feat of Clay takes you on their rocky journey to their HEA. I couldn’t put this book down because I couldn’t leave Tate there – in that place – trying so hard to be strong for Clay while Clay is trying so hard to be strong for Tate. You will love these men, together as a couple, and individually, as they each fight their demons and come out stronger and more in love than they thought possible.”

KimThe Tin Box by Kim Fielding – “I’m a bit biased when it comes to mental asylums, since I’ve had a family member who’s been in and out of them since he was seventeen. He’s now sixty-two and is residing in one, in their dementia and brain trauma unit. Mental hospitals have come a long way since I first visited him in one when I was eleven years old, and yes, there are some abuses that still occur with patients if family or advocates are not on their toes and looking out for them.

I was so impressed by the way William used Bill’s letters to motivate him into leaving his comfort zone and become more confidant as a gay man. Colby was such a tease as he flirted with William, and I loved how these two interacted with each other.”

LisaDangerous Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk – “I’ve probably uttered the words, “Oh my god, this is my favorite Jordan L. Hawk book. Evarrrr!” every single time I’ve finished reading a Jordan L. Hawk book. That sort of redundancy is an occupational hazard of which I never tire. And, once again, it’s entirely true.

Putting my finger on the pulse of my love for Dangerous Spirits is simple—the paranormal plot elements in this story are exceptional. How exceptional are they? I was so frustrated by my inability to read fast enough that I kept skipping down the page to see what would happen next, and then going back to read the parts I’d skipped just so I wouldn’t bust a vein from the tension and suspense woven into those scenes. If you’re a fan of horror—the vivid prose and chilling metaphysical story elements that not only get the adrenaline pumping but the goose bumps popping at the deadly visitations from beyond the grave—then this book will scratch every single one of your horror-loving itches.”


And that does it for another month of Booyah Books! Until next month, happy reading!

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  1. I love this blog post! Every one of these books is fantastic!

  2. I read Unearthing Cole and Understanding Jeremy by AM Arthur and they were very good :)

  3. I think my favorites this last month (read, but not published) were Dirty Deeds by Rhys Ford and Breaking Cover by Kaje Harper.

  4. Oooh! These look great!

  5. I have read some of these books and loved them but in the month of September I loved Fit to be Tied and can't wait for more of Miro and Ian.

  6. They all look great. My favorite titles from the last 30 days are: Fit to Be Tied, Charmed and Dangerous Anthology, and Bred for Love series by Revella Hawthorne.