Friday, October 30, 2015

Welcome to the October Edition of Boooooyah Books!

Hi, everyone, welcome back to the October installment of Booyah Books, our Book of the Month picks from The Novel Approach Reviews. We're so excited to share these ten fantastic titles with you, and would also love to give you the chance to win TWO e-titles from the list. Just click on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

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Sammy – King John by Edmond Manning – “This was perhaps the most gut wrenching King novel to date. In previous books, we had been privy to Vin’s great moments of self-doubt and frantic worry that he was not going to do right by his Lost King—that he would be the thing to prevent a king from crossing over due to his fumbling, heavy handed acts that were meant to aid his king rather than hinder. This was the Vin we had grown used to—the one that we would shout at again and again to stop berating himself, stop worrying, stop running away from his own destiny. In this novel, author Edmond Manning has done the unthinkable—he has lulled us into this false sense of security. He’s come along side us and, with a nudge and a wink, assured us that Vin was just doing that “Vin stuff” he does and all would work out in the end. Till now. Till King John. Till an ending so shocking that I actually dropped my Kindle. No, say it is not so, Mr. Manning—say it is all just another elaborate clue that will lead to a happy-ever-after for our Vin–our Lost King who surely will get found.”

Kathie – Falling Awake by Kage Alan – “Where does Falling Awake fit into the M/M genre? It’s a true romance built over many lifetimes. It’s a paranormal fantasy story about the travelers Daniel encounters and the “voice” he hears in his head.  It’s a story about comfort food and how that plays such a role in our lives, served by Martha—I would like to think that we all have had a Martha in our lives, knowing just what to get us to make us feel better.
True romance, fantasy, and comfort food all packed into eighty-four pages makes for the perfect combination and a great story!”

Jules – How to Be a Normal Person by TJ Klune – “There were so many layers to this story; it was equal parts hilarious, touching, informative (heh), and romantic. I’m sure there will be some out there who will say, “There’s no sex.  How can there be romance?” There is TONS of romance. It may be even more romantic because there is no sex. Casey and Gus are completely swoon-worthy.

I don’t know how TJ Klune ever got through this manuscript. I know some authors go through the same emotions while writing that we go through while reading – in this case: hysterical laughter, eye rolling, swooning, and tears, to name just a handful – which must have made writing this one an adventure and a joy. I know reading it sure was. I love so hard that this book exists.”

Maryann – Dark Economy by M. Keedwell – “Blaine Breton is a policeman, staunch in his belief that Cadell is grave-robbing criminal. They both have different opinions on grave robbing, and of each other, which causes hostility between the two. At almost every turn, Blaine is there to just make Cadell as miserable as possible. In fact, they are driving each other crazy! But, Blaine also has a soft side, and even though he tries to be tough, there’s also a shy side to him. Blaine is still a little bit of a mystery to me.

When tragedy strikes, the first person Blaine runs to is Cadell. That’s when the emotions and respect between them start to come through. After Cadell spends some time with Blaine, he decides to share information he has about the possible crimes and murders that have been happening. Blaine and Cadell team up with other fellow policemen to go after the suspects and try to solve this complicated murder mystery.

M. Keedwell’s Dark Economy is a jolly good story. This is my first time reading this author, and I was very impressed.”

Karen – Lost in the Fire by Draven St. James – “I was so happy to get Wren and Aaron’s story, and it definitely took a different turn than I was expecting. They were so sweet together, but I think you get a little bit of everything with this book. It’s not only sweet but sexy, angsty, happy and sad—it pretty much took me across the board. I thought there were some situations in the book that maybe weren’t the most realistic scenarios, but honestly, unless it’s crazy-over-the-top (and even sometimes then), it is a book, and I am usually using it to escape reality.  So, as long as it flows with the story, I am alright with it, and in this case, until I saw other comments it didn’t really even cross my mind.
The only issue I really did have with any of the books in this series, including this one, is that I wish they were longer…not because the story isn’t complete, but I just want more…so, not really an issue with the book. I’m greedy and love the series that much!”

Carrie – Submitting to the Darkness by K.C. Wells – “K.C. Wells gives us our HEA—she just puts her characters through hell to get there—but that’s what makes it so good.  This is not a light, fluffy romance; it is a book with substance and a heavy subject matter which the author tackles beautifully.  The situations with Adam’s blindness are neither contrived nor drawn out, which make the book not so much about the situation the men are in but about the men themselves and how the circumstances bring them together to make a whole. There is a BDSM element in this book, but it is secondary to the storyline, and it adds a bit of spice without being the focus. When these two men finally get together the sparks fly, and yeah, it gets hot…

I loved this book and would highly recommend it and all the Island Tales series.”

Lana – Bare for You by Lexxie Couper – “Bare for You is a hot tale of a rough-around-the-edges outback pilot and a prim-and-proper government official who clash in the best of ways. You just know that innuendos will fly and feathers ruffle.

I really enjoyed this book! Even with the subject matter of a closeted politician wanting to keep his sexuality under wraps, the book stayed light and airy—maybe because all of the hot sex and a really sappy HEA, and that’s all right with me!

Bare for You is an entertaining story of love in the outback. If you have a need for a sexy Aussie cowboy hooking up with a “straight” laced politician, with hot sex and witty banter thrown in, then this story will hit the spot.”

Lynn – Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C. – “What I loved most about this story was its simplicity. Right to the point, no angst, no miscommunication. Just two people finding love and companionship for all the right reasons. I thought I would have a problem with the age difference between the characters, but the author did such a great job with making them equals that age was never an issue.

Being in Tanner’s head throughout the entire story was a real treat. His humor, insecurities and overall amazement about actually being in a relationship with Steve was hilarious, especially when they are intimate for the first time. Tanner’s inner ramblings will stay with me for a long time. Too funny! And since there was so much dialogue between the two characters, I never felt as though I was missing the other person’s perspective.

As I’m reading this story and loving everything about it, there’s a huge announcement at the end that made my heart melt. It made me love this story even more. Again, no spoilers. You’ll just have to read it yourself and find out. I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.”

Angel – Keys by Amber Kell – “Kell has created a fascinating world that is similar to our own with just a touch more. It grabs you with its metal arms, embracing you and taking you deep into the City of Keys where you get lost to the magic of this author’s brilliant creation. I am still suffering a bit of a book hangover because I didn’t want it to end. Never fear, though, as this is a complete story with promises for more adventures coming later. Thanks for that, Madame Author!

I loved the characters, all of them; human, magical and clockwork. They are full of life and passion, and that includes the bad guys as well. The city itself is a major character too, and I wanted to know more about the legends and prophesy that drove the story. Oss is a fantastic narrator and I loved him immediately. While I was a bit mistrustful of Thorne, he slowly won me over by the end of the book. Marbrey, the Duke Lear, and Affie round out a stunning cast. Amalia, too. She better make a reappearance, just saying.”

Lisa – The Rascal by Eric Arvin – “For Jeff and Chloe, who are adventure tour guides, it’s the greatest irony that Death is the one journey for which they could never have prepared. Life is the one adventure they may not survive.

In the end, when love has been tested, faith has been broken, hatred has been simmering so close to the surface that one need only stare into the abyss to see that misery stares back, it’s how much one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of an estranged husband, and, for Ethan, an estranged brother, which brings this story’s evil to its conclusion. I love this book. I yelled at it, cursed at it, I shuddered at every single visual Arvin paints into an atmosphere that’s permeated by dread. There are things that go bump in the night. Then there are things that want you to suffer unimaginable horrors. That’s the rascal. He is the symbol of lost innocence, of evil, of insanity, of retribution. The rascal wants his pound of flesh in a most literal and chilling way.

And Eric Arvin delivers.”


And that does it for the month of October. Until November, happy reading!



  1. So many amazing would someone pick!

  2. These books sound good. Can't think of the last new book I got with my new baby & everything.

    Deborah H

  3. I just "read" or really listened to Among the Living by Jordan Castillo Price. It was amazing!

  4. Oooh! I've read Jesse's Diner and Keys, but I'll be adding others to my wishlist!

  5. Really looks like an amazing list! I've read TJ's HTBANP and loved it :)

  6. I read Jesse’s Diner and loved it!