Friday, December 4, 2015

Guest Blogger: Lee James
I'm very excited to have Lee James on my blog today. Lee and I have been friends for years and I was ridiculously excited when he told me about his re-release with DSP Publications. He stopped by to chat with me about it and I was just so thrilled to have him.

M: So...tell me all about the book.
L: Well, available December eighth, the new novel is titled, Icarus Ascending, which is the second edition of Errors and Omissions. In Icarus Ascending, the main characters and basic plot remain the same, but it’s about ten-thousand words lighter than the first edition, has new scenes, and a drastically different ending. Icarus Ascending’s tag line is, LA Private Detectives, Book One.

M: Ooooh, so, you’re considering a Kirk MacGregor series then?
L: A series, yes, but the second novel in the series, Threads, has a private detective named Mike Hauser. Threads’ epigraph is “Sic volvere Parcas,” or “So spin the Fates.” The books will be connected by the city the characters live in as well as their jobs, but there will be a different main character in each book.

M: Am I hearing a Greek-Roman mythology undertone in Icarus Ascending and Threads?
L: Yes, but set in modern-day Los Angeles. As you know, the Icarus myth teaches the dangers of hubris and complacency. To escape war-torn Crete, Icarus’ father builds wings made of wax and feathers. He warns Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, for the heat will melt the wax. Ignoring his father, Icarus flies too high, the wings melt, and he drops into the sea. End of story—no HEA. 

M: So do we get the happy this time around?
L:You'll have to read and find out.      

M: Well you know I'm going to snap it up but tell me, why the move from DSP to DSP Publications? 
L: Originally, Errors and Omissions was marketed as a romance novel but the thing is, I write crime noir novels with a backdrop of M/M and M/F relationships. I am not now, and have never been a romance writer. There are loving relationships in my books, but the focus is the mystery. For those unfamiliar with Dreamspinner Press Publications, I believe the imprint’s tag line says it all: “Off the beaten path. Worth the journey.” I'm excited to now have the book exactly where it belongs.

M: I have to tell you, I love the new cover.
L: I do too, I think it represents the book really well and it has the feel I wanted.

M: Well, I look forward to reading Icarus Ascending and the next book in the series. I love your mysteries and all the details that go along with them. Thank you so much for dropping by.
L:Thank you, Mary. And hey, who loves ya?

Icarus Ascending blurb: 
Kirk MacGregor loves to win—whether through his critically-acclaimed paintings in oils, or on the job as the resident detective of his father's
prestigious law firm.

In the most perplexing investigation of his career, MacGregor searches for
the truth behind the death of rock star Brent Hunter. But a phone
call convinces Austin Hunter that his brother is alive and safe in a
wilderness hideout. Or is it all an elaborate, deadly confidence game?

MacGregor's investigation takes him down a twisting trail of dead-end leads, lethal lies, and a string of homicides. Sparks crackle as Kirk and Austin take a wild ride into the City of Angels's underbelly where nothing ever seems too strange or horrendous. As the death count rises, MacGregor is running out of time in finding a cunning contract killer, and the person who hired him.

Kirk MacGregor seldom loses. But there are dangers—and costs—in flying too
close to the sun.

About the Author:
Lee James was born and reared on his family’s Indiana farm. At the age of twelve, he rode his bicycle past an outdoor convention of the KKK—all in full white-sheet drag. When one of the participant’s eyes directly met Lee’s, he began to understand bigotry and hatred. After graduating from a parochial high school, he attended a Western university, where he majored in the humanities, and then studied law.
He’s worked for and in civil rights issues, bills and law for over thirty years, in both the public and private sectors—his brush with the Klan left a lifelong impression. He moonlights as a writer.    
Lee enjoys listening to classic rock, blues and jazz, reading, gardening, and working on his next crime noir mystery-thriller. Unless pushed, he avoids discussing politics with anyone driven bat shit crazy by ultraconservative network news.
Lee and his spouse reside in a Twin Cities’ suburb, where they are owned by their three cats. He enjoys hearing from his readers. Contact him at:

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