Sunday, January 24, 2016

A few of my favorite things
Fave Historical
So with award season upon us, I started thinking about some of my own personal favorites and decided to make a list of random books (and movies and people and just stuff) and share them every Sunday. 

First off, The Gladiator's Master by Sutherland and Labbe is my favorite historical and I love it and I also love Lotus in the Wild by them (and the cover is some of Anne Cain's best work--like I would love to have it framed on my wall) but it's got some traces of magic in it that take away the firm historical foothold. In this one, there's no magic just the whole Spartacus vibe. And speaking of, the series, on Starz, is also one of my favorite things. I shipped Nagron very hard and have the whole series on DVD.
New fave trope
As a rule, I don't care for mpreg. I'm particular about my shifters to begin with and anyone who's been to  a GRL with me and had the misfortune of listening to me explain, I apologize that I get a bit ranty, but I like rules (cue Jin) and so mpreg normally makes me bananas. But then I read Cardeno's newest book Red River, and changed my mind. I really loved how it was handled and it made sense and it was just beautiful. I love being surprised and that was a good one.

Fave could have been

I never wanted to see Burnt so I was really surprised that I liked it so much. I mean I get why it didn't do super great at the box office. There's no HEA, no relationship really to speak of, and the main character is not fixed either. It's a life-in-progress kind of thing. Also, and I know everyone's gonna expect this from me, but this movie really would have functioned better as a gay romance. Wait-wait-wait, hear me out. See there's Tony, the guy who actually loves him and gives him a second chance and I would have written THAT relationship and there's also this other chef, Reece, who he goes to in his darkest hour, who takes care of him. That relationship could also have been written but I liked that one more as the brother thing that you never expect. So I would written that at the end, he kisses Tony, professes his love, but says he's not fixed enough to begin something. But once he's together, maybe they could be too. It would have been sweet and the relationship piece didn't need to effect the rest of the story. I mean, ZAM once said at RT where I heard her speak, that the story belongs to the person who changes most. It's still a movie all about Adam, (Bradley Cooper), and his journey back to the top and sobriety, but I think adding in that maybe what added to his descent was the fact that he couldn't own up to his feelings for Tony back in the day, but now he can, but not overnight, slowly, THAT would make the movie perfection. I think I'm loving this movie for it's potential. I'd love to write it, it would make a great book. Sadly, I can't, but it's that source material that you wish you'd come up with first. If you watch it, let me know if you think I'm right.
Fave mob book
 I love books about the mob and Under The Skin, is my favorite. The Russian mobster and the Chicago police detective has been a constant reread for me. And the sex is super hot in it, yes, but more importantly, the connection between the two men and the way it all turns out in the end make me smile every single time.
Fave PI series

It's no secret that Cole McGinnis, Dirty Heart series, is my favorite PI. He's a bit chewed up, but not broken and in March the last book comes out and we get to know why. I'm very excited.
Fave web artist

I love Cris-Art, have for a long time and I support her on Patreon every month. I've loved watching her talent grow and though some of her illustrations are sexy, most are sweet and loving and make me smile.

Okay so that does it for this week, I'll have more next Sunday and in the meantime, in the words Sgt. Phil Esterhaus, (I'm so dating myself), let's be careful out there. :)

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  1. Nice picks for your favs. I didn't like the blurb I read about Burnt or the sneak peeks I saw, so I'm passing on that one. I was on the fence about Red River even though I've liked most of Cardeno's books that I've read. Your endorsement tipped me over to the shall read side. As for Dirty Heart, I think everyone who has read any of Rhys' books are looking forward to reading it.