Sunday, January 31, 2016

More of my favorite things
Fave Freebie
It's Sunday again, hope you all had a fabulous week, and today is the day I share more of my favorite things. And it's everything I can think of so I apologize in advance if there's no rhyme or reason to it.

Okay so back in 2011 Casey Cox wrote one of my favorite stories about an older "boy" and his younger master. It's called Be My Boy and it's free, still, on ARE, and if you get a chance you should give it a read. I've re-read it more than once and always pick up something I missed from this nugget.
Fave new read
 So I along with everyone else has fallen under the spell of The Lightning-Struck Heart. It's funny and romantic and sweet and there's a great moral and seriously, if you haven't read it, you're missing out. Go scoop it up now. You can never go wrong with TJ Klune, but this one is special.
Fave guilty pleasure

One of my favorite things in the world is Hawaii Five-0. And no, I don't watch it for the plots because some of them, especially having been raised in Hawai'i, are the epitome of implausible. But if you can get over the plot-holes that you can drive logging trucks through, you will begin to enjoy the awesome chemistry between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. You have to start with season one and eat food that's terrible for you as you watch. There's also a drinking game that goes along with it. :)
Fave Movie for Vegging

If I am having the worst day imaginable, I turn to Pride & Prejudice, the movie with Kiera Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen to make everything better. I have never not sighed, deeply, at the end. It's my happy place and I own it on DVD (for when I travel) and on Amazon so I can access it at home whenever I want. It should be in one of those boxes, in case of emergency, break glass.

Fave thing to browse

Not gonna lie, I'm totally addicted to Joss & Main and all the sister sites. I went to Arhaus, another place I totally love, (but hello, can you say out of my budget, I think you can), but I found similar things at Joss & Main that are doable. It's a lot of fun to browse too. It's like ETSY. I am ADDICTED to ETSY, got all my Christmas presents there this past year. And every time I get the Sundance catalog, I find stuff I like and then go look it up on ETSY. I use the key-words and find things I love. We all need some retail-therapy once in a while.
Fave actor

And finally, Tom Hardy. He's one of my favorite things because well, he's both pretty and smart, he loves dogs, he's crazy talented and I modeled one of my favorite characters after him and he's just epic. I love reading whatever lists they do on Buzzfeed with him too.

That's it, see you all next time, have a great week. Remember let's be careful out there.


  1. Would that character be Ian Doyle? I could not help but ask. I was seeing Tom Hardy as I read. Chris Hemsworth was my Sam Cage. Last question: Is that blonde guy beside your name on your blog logo your vision for Jory? Golden skinned Blonde and beautiful

    1. Actually, Tom Harday is Miro, Alex O'Loughlin is Ian. And I have all my characters on my Pinterest board here:

      Well, not all. I have still never found a Logan Church, Duncan Stiel, Dixon Bain, etc. There are still a lot missing. But Jory is there. And no, my logo guy is in no way Jory. He is pretty though as you said, it's why I asked Reese Dante to make him into my logo. :)

  2. Oooohhh thanks so much! I will check the pinterest link. Alex O'Loughlin is another sigh worthy guy.