Thursday, January 14, 2016

News and the New Year

So this is the my new favorite thing, the cover for my long novella that the ever amazing Reese Dante made me for Lay It Down which will be out in March. Here's the blurb:

Paradise is Hell.

Most people wouldn’t think being stranded in the villa of Spanish shipping magnate Miguel Garcia Arquero on the beautiful isle of Ibiza was such a bad deal but Hudson Barber isn’t one of them. To him, finding himself stuck without a passport in a foreign country far from home, is a nightmare, only made worse by the fact that the person who did the stranding is his twin brother who had selfish motives, not sinister ones.

Now, abandoned by his flighty twin and unwilling to turn his brother into the authorities for identity theft, Hudson decides to take over Miguel’s failing local businesses—enterprises Miguel left to Dalvon’s inexperienced care. With two semesters from getting his MBA, Miguel’s flagging ventures are a badly wrapped gift from Heaven. If Hudson can make turn them around, he might be able to leverage the experience to achieve his degree.

When Miguel returns to Ibiza, instead of finding the boy-toy he left, he finds his brash but vulnerable twin making his villa into a home. For Miguel, his path is clear but he’ll have to convince Hudson to lay down his defenses and let Miguel in.

I hope you all like it, I had fun writing it. :)

The rest of my year is shaping up to look like this:

Chevalier (sequel to Romanus) will be out in May The title used to be, Heart of the Leon, but I realized I have a whole lot of titles with "heart" in them. Too many I think. This is why I'm not allowed to name things myself anymore. Both Lay It Down and Chevalier are from Rhys Ford and the others, since Old Loyalty New Love, are from Lynn West. I mean, when I named things myself we got things like Frog for heaven's sake. Small wonder I'm banned. 

Okay so:
Lay It Down (March)
Chevalier (May)
Conrad's book (July)
Marshals Book 3 (September)
Glenn's Book (November)
Chosen Pride (December)
Warders Wrap-Up (April 2016)

I have a story banging around in my head that I am working on between everything else. Not sure yet if it's long or short but hopefully I can get it out this year too so if that happens, we'll have one more. I'd love to be able to write as fast as my brain thinks up stuff but sadly, that's not the case. 

I had signed up to go to Coastal Magic this year but unfortunately, real life has intervened and I'll be staying home this year. My plan is to attend next year for sure. My travel is going to be pretty tight this year, but hopefully I'll see some of you at Yaoi-Con in the fall.

Thank you all so much for your love and support and I hope we all have an awesome year. :)



  1. My heart was in my throat when I saw the title, thinking it was more of Miro and Ian, but this works too! Super excited! And that cover is TO DIE FOR. Thumbs up Reese.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic year for us readers! Can't wait, and the blurb for Lay It Down sounds awesome!

  3. Sounds like a great story. I look forward to it.

    Looking forward to this year's coming releases particularly marshals 3 and CONRAD!!!!!!

    I just reread Romanus and had forgotten how interesting that book is- definitely looking forward to more of that world.

  4. I totally did a happy dance as I read your release schedule. Love all your books. Just started and finished listening to What Can Be today. I love your books. Thanks.

  5. Don't knock "Frog". I love that book and the title evokes the beginning for me. And dang it, now that you mentioned "Frog" I have to re-read it despite the huge backlog of "to be read" books on my Kindle! :)

  6. Are you you want to release Lay it Down in March? Wouldn't tomorrow work better for us... ermm I mean you? Please?? March is sooo far away!!! And I need something to keep me sane while I try to figure out what my profs are trying to teach me when it comes to programming and codes T_T.

    I'm loving what I see in your schedule even though I'd want to read them all like today xD.

    Fingers crossed for your new story. All the best =D

  7. Hey! don't pick on Frog it is one of my favorite books of yours. It is one of my favorite rereads period, and at least I can always remember the title:) Glad to hear about all the releases this year, looking forward to them.

  8. So excited for the new releases! After I finished reading both your A Matter of Time series and your A Change of Heart series I have been going through obsession withdrawal. Even I still miss Jory and Sam and Domin and Yuri (my favorites) I am extremely excited to read more about Ian, Miro, and all your new characters.

  9. Frog is also one of my favorite rereads, but I think the eyeroll was for the title :-) which I adore, it's so simple. May I also just say....CONRAD HAS A BOOK!!! CONRAD HAS A BOOKK!!!

  10. That is an incredibly ambitious schedule, and I am excited for it all. Really love all your series but at the risk of overwhelming you....any plans to do Jon's story from the L'ange series or is that a done deal, just curious.

  11. Love that you gave us a list of what to look for and when. Good luck in your reading.

  12. Was wondering if you was going to do another story in the L'Ange? I was heartbroken on how Tucker was treated. In fighting instinct

  13. Thank you, Thank you for doing Glenn's book. I have been waiting for you to revisit that series. Timing is my favorite book.

  14. Is Chosen Pride Jon's book? THAT is the one I want. And very happy that there will be a third Marshals book - love Ian and Miro (I'm currently re-reading Fit to be Tied).