Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coming Soon!

So excited! My new novella, Lay It Down, is on the coming soon page at DSP and will be out on March 16th! I hope you all enjoy reading about Hudson as much as I enjoyed writing about him.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

...sigh...it's Valentine's Day. Everyone have a lovely, loving, restful, peaceful, day. ((hugs))

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Faves

Fave oldie
It's Sunday and so I'm again talking about some of my favorite things which are random and run the gambit in terms of category.

First off is What Love Means To You People by Nancy Kay Shapiro. I read this back in 2007 when it first came out and my hardback book has been well loved but the dust jacket is still in pristine condition. It's a very real book and though I would say still a gay romance at heart, it also has those huge life and death moments that make it a hard won happy at the end. Poor Seth, the main character, is put through hell and back, and the story is told in equal parts between the two main characters. I love it because you really live with the characters but it's so not for the faint of heart.

Fave writing music
Melody Gardot is one of my favorite singers. Nina Simone would have to be my "most" favorite but I love Melody Gardot too as does Jory. My favorite album of hers is My One And Only Thrill though my favorite song, Worrisome Heart, which I listened to on a continual loop when I wrote Sinnerman, (along with Sinnerman by Nina Simone--the Felix da Housecat Heavenly House Mix), isn't on that one but is on it's own album of the same title. When my nerves are frayed, I turn to quiet jazz to clear my head and her voice, with it's smoky sound, soothes me. All the songs are about lost loves and retrospection and I love them. Being in a quiet place, with the heater going, keeping me toasty warm, with a candle on is heavenly. And speaking of candles...

Fave candle
The Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle is carried by Anthropologie and it comes in several scents. The one I love though is Volcano. And though the word "volcano" doesn't immediately conjure soothing, relaxing thoughts, when you smell the candle, you'll understand. It's amazing. I've gifted this candle a million times and no one has ever said I can't stand it or its giving me a headache. The smells in it, per the website are "tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens". I want this job, writing what candles and lotion smell like because reading those words tell you nothing unless you're extremely familiar with exotic mountain greens. And what are those exactly? But what does help to know is that while it is a bit flowery, its more fresh but not heavy and you just want to suck the smell into your lungs.  the mercury glass is awesome too because once it burns down a bit, the flickering is visible and makes the whole thing look like a twinkling orb. You can't go wrong.

Fave happy read
Take my Picture was written by Giselle Ellis back in 2010 and after I read it I looked for everything of hers and only found the one. Immediately when I finished, I decided to stop writing because I could never write anything as good. At this point, I have several books in our genre that I could say that about but none of that changes the fact that this novella is practically perfect in every way. Banter? Yep, it's in there. Friends to lovers? Check that box too. Almost too late and the fix isn't easy but real and human? Yep, yep, no doubt, that's there as well. Two characters that you love completely? Again, that's a go. It's like a jar of Prego, it's in there. I've read it about a billion times and I wish she'd write more but even if she never does, it's okay. This one is a winner.

Fave picture
This painting is called Carnavale Venezia  and it was painted by Jane Whiting Chrzanoska, born in Germantown, Philadelphia in 1948. I first saw this print in the window of a mall when I was 22. I bought it and I've had it now--not telling how long I already feel old--forever. My husband is not a fan of the bird mask on the woman, it freaks him out, but something about it has always appealed to me. I used to be afraid of heights so perhaps that she's up high, sitting alone in the dark is something I admire. It's also Venice, somewhere I'm dying to go, and at the time I'd just finished Cry To Heaven by Anne Rice which was set there. All those things, I'm sure, conspired to get me to buy the print but it's like a living history in my house of who I was and who I still am.

Fave Yaoi
My favorite manga has got to be Wild Rock by Kazusa Takashima. I've read it a gazillion times and I love the story, even the sad one after the main one, and the artwork and the fact that everyone in it, men and women, are beautiful beyond words. Also, a lot of Yaoi has non-con in it and this one does not at all. I also love Love Control (Volumes 1 &2) by Ai Hasukawa which also has no non-con in it but that one is modern and this one, Wild Rock, is set in prehistoric times. It's oodles of fun and again, the art is stunning. I love how romantic it is and everything gets addressed with nothing left up to chance. A lot of Yaoi ends funny or cutesy and you're supposed to assume the HEA. With this one, there's no guessing, it's there all spelled out. It's why I love it so.

Okay, that's it, everyone have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next Sunday. :)